Battle for Los Angeles: Call of Duty League Franchise Spots

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 26th 2019

Things are heating up in the fight for the final Los Angeles Call of Duty League franchise spots. As one of the largest markets in the country, there’s no end to the number of teams who’d love to be a representative for the city, and competition for the spot will be fierce.

While the exact orgs bidding for the spot is currently unknown, we can take a nice guess based upon the circumstances surrounding possible teams for the spot and what they bring to the table.

100 Thieves

First up would be 100 Thieves, the LA-based org founded by famed former-CoD pro Nadeshot in late 2017 for the League of Legends pro league spot they had acquired. They’ve got the benefit of being run by a former pro and having two CoD titles under their belt, in addition to their $130 million estimated valuation.

The one downside for the org is that they only have their LCS franchise spot in established esports leagues, but the creation of their brand new 15,000 square foot headquarters in LA will likely help out with that.

They can make a solid pitch for becoming a part of the Call of Duty League franchise, but do they hold up against the competition?


Famed for their team’s historic success in League of Legends, which won Worlds twice under the Samsung Galaxy banner, Gen.G also has a strong presence already in the Overwatch League with their Korean team Seoul Dynasty.

The team also recently revealed it’s own LA headquarters, though it isn’t quite the size of 100 Thieves. It does, however, include a cafeteria, streaming rooms, several scrim areas, player pods, a basketball court, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Being apart of OWL also gives them early access to picking up a slot in the Call of Duty League franchise, so they likely have priority over 100 Thieves in getting one of the slots.

FaZe Clan

One of the most historic orgs in the history of Call of Duty, FaZe Clan is a juggernaut of an organization, with strong competitive teams in CoD, CS:GO, and Fortnite. An FPS team to its core, FaZe Clan has one of the largest and most vocal fanbases in esports with its LA-street style and image.

The orgs one downside? They don’t have a franchise spot in any other league yet, meaning they’ll likely be last in line for consideration for the spot. Their owner, FaZe Banks, has also expressed concern over the longevity of the league, likely ruffling feathers back at Activision that could cost them any consideration.

Kroenke Sports

A silent, possible consideration for the last spot, Kroenke Sports has been making big moves in the world of esports as of late. Already the owner of the LA Gladiator spot in the Overwatch League, the organization just the other day was leaked to be attempting to buy Echo Fox’s LCS spot. The organization also owns the Los Angeles Ram’s NFL team, giving them a huge leg up in being able to connect with the Los Angeles market.

Their one downside, however, is that they’re still growing their esports pedigree and they don’t have a gaming headquarters in this region yet.

Final Thoughts

Rating the team’s chances in order of likelihood they’d get the spot, we’d have to go: Gen.G, Kroenke Sports, 100 Thieves, and in last FaZe Clan. Whether any of these teams will actually go for the final LA spot still remains to be seen, but based upon the strong points most of them have going in their favor, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear one of them gets the spot in the coming weeks.


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