Call of Duty League Florida Mutineers 2021 Team Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 8th 2020

The Call of Duty League is inching ever closer to the 2021 competitive season, otherwise known as the second season. Though this point has confirmed most teams, there are still a few missing links that haven’t been announced, like the Florida Mutineers 2021 team.

Florida Mutineers 2021 Team Revealed

Thankfully, the Florida Mutineers 2021 team has finally been confirmed for the next season of the Call of Duty League. Understandably, this team is not going to be too different from the previous season, but there is one significant addition that will change things up enough. 

The official Twitter account for the Mutineers posted about the new team roster and the four players featured on it. Three of the players are ones you already know about and are likely fans of from the league’s 2020 inaugural season. 

Those three players are Skyz, Havok, and Owakening. All three of them were part of the final Mutineers team during the 2020 season and were starters on there, so their inclusion this season is no surprise. But the announcement of the team roster is joined by one new face.

That new player is none other than Slacked, who might be the most surprising addition to a Call of Duty League team to date. Slacked is part of the 2020 season but either left or dropped from his previous team and will now join Florida next season. 

Slacked Joins as the Only New Player

The three returning players from the Florida team’s previous iteration are joined by a player who was one of their opponents during the inaugural season. Slacked was part of the Seattle Surge for the 2020 season, in which he wasn’t able to show his skills truly. 

The Surge were one of the most anticipated teams in the entire Call of Duty League before it started with greats like the potential greatest of all time himself, Karma, but it didn’t pan out in the end. In the end, they were one of the worst teams in the league from pretty much start to finish. 

They didn’t start that strong and never really got better from there on out. There were a couple of moments of decent comebacks in the middle of the season after the switch to an online format, but they were fleeting and never really stuck for the Seattle team.

In the end, they were the only other team besides Los Angeles Guerrillas who were unable to earn any prize money during the playoffs postseason tournament. We would argue that the Guerrillas did a little bit better than them since they were at least able to put up a decent fight against their rivals OpTic Gaming LA (now LA 100 Thieves) before losing. 

Slacked Has History With One Florida Player

That said, Slacked isn’t a bad player on his own and could do quite well on the new Florida Mutineers 2021 team, especially since he does have some history with one of the teammates that he will be playing alongside. At least one of these new teammates for Slacked isn’t so new after all. 

During the 2019 season in which the game being used for the pro Call of Duty competitions was Black Ops 4, Slacked and Skyz were actually on the same team playing together for Luminosity. This preexisting history between the two players means that some chemistry might already be there.

It will be interesting to see how Slacked does on the Florida Mutineers 2021 team as the organization is one of the most popular and most talented around in the entire league. With the switch to a four-player format for the next season, this meant that every team, including them, had to let go of one player, at the very least. 

Such was the case with the Mutineers in that the team had to part ways with someone. It seems that that player was Frosty. It is uncertain if Frosty left on his own accord or dropped by the organization, but he has since returned to playing Halo professionally in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t likely that Slacked would be the fourth and final starting member of the Florida Mutineers. He could be signed as a substitute or something to the team already, but this likely wasn’t the scenario that Florida was gunning for initially for the 2021 season.

Slacked Could Be Taking Fero’s Place

Initially, it seemed that the team was already set in stone with four players returning from the previous team but that all changed with the passing of Fero. The Mutineers paid tribute to Fero in the announcement by noting that his “spirit lives on with the Mutineers.”

His contract extended from what we know. He would have been the fourth starter on the team. Slacked will have the tough job of filling his shoes in the upcoming league season and keeping his legacy going in one of the strongest teams.

The Florida Mutineers was an interesting team during the 2020 season, being almost consistently one of the top five teams around and one to watch out for. They were constantly fluctuating in quality, though, which made them do excellent at times and then not-so-great at other times.

At the end of the season, they were very clearly one of the best around and predicted to win the championship or make it to the finals. But the playoffs came and went with the Florida Mutineers underperforming considerably overall. 

They were only one of the top eight teams in the league for the playoffs tournament in which the formerly known OpTic Gaming LA eliminated them. Here’s hoping that Florida can recover from this last-minute disappointment and have a much better start in the upcoming season. 


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