Call of Duty League Could Get a Union for Players With Scump Now Onboard

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 16th 2020

The Call of Duty League has been under fire, specifically some of the teams in the league, for many of the questionable decisions and moves in regards to the players this year. But it looks like this could be potentially resolved through a Call of Duty League union that might happen. 

Call of Duty League Could Get a Players Union

The Call of Duty League union is being hinted at by none other than one of the star players in the entire league: Scump. The popular OpTic Chicago player was streaming recently on his personal Twitch channel when he began discussing the future of the league as a whole. 

Notably, he mentioned that there is the chance that we could see a Call of Duty League union appear in time for the next season of the league. A union would possibly form to protect and represent the players in the league and help with any type of negotiations and deals that need to happen. 

What is interesting about this whole situation is that it seems that Scump is more open to the idea of a Call of Duty League union than he was before when the actual talks of it happening were first starting. In fact, earlier this year in the inaugural season of the league, there was a chance for one to form.

The players in the league were able to sign a petition to form a player union for the esports league and that it only needed 60 players to sign the petition to get things moving forward. However, at the time of the original signing, there were only 59 players who actually signed for it to happen. 

Scump Has Seemingly Changed His Stance on the Matter

That left one player out who didn’t sign and, while we technically didn’t know who that player was, it seems likely now that Scump was the only player out of the 60 involved who didn’t actually sign it. It seems that in the time since then, his opinion regarding the matter has changed. 

Originally, Scump’s reason for not signing the petition was that he simply did not know enough about the union for players and how it would all work for him and others in the league. But since that time has passed, he now has found out more about the issues going on and seems to be in agreement with the players union now. 

Details about how the Call of Duty League union for players would work are unknown at this time since this is still probably in the early stages and nothing has been set in stone just yet. There are a lot of legal details that have to be worked out before this can even happen so it could be some time before we know more.

However, it seems that if a Call of Duty League players union is to be formed that it would happen in time for the 2021 season. This is especially important since there are a lot of contracts and agreements that players must make between now and then, if they haven’t already. 

Scump Was Recently Fined by the League

This is where a union could be really helpful for the league as a whole as it could potentially protect players and help them to solidify details regarding their pay, workload, and other major details across the board. It could even help to prevent situations like the ones that happened this past season.

In the case of Scump, in particular, he was likely persuaded to be more on the side of forming a union for the players in the league after the issues that he recently went through. In a recent stream that he did on his personal channel and in his own free time, he was actually reportedly fined.

The Call of Duty League sent him a fine, according to Scump, for hosting a stream that was sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends, the popular mobile game that you have likely heard of many times before in ads. This is something that the Call of Duty League itself has not commented on at all

But what we do know is that he was fined reportedly because of the fact that he accepted a sponsored stream from another game that isn’t Call of Duty. It wasn’t necessarily for playing another game live on his stream but for the fact that he accepted money from another game company.

How the Union Could Help Call of Duty League Players

It is a strange move, indeed, as Raid Shadow Legends is a mobile RPG game that doesn’t compete at all with the audience that Call of Duty and even its mobile iteration aim for. So, in many ways, it isn’t like he is promoting a direct competitor of Activision and its games, which is strange.

It is also uncertain if this is something that is in his contract since he didn’t reveal details on that but it would definitely be very wrong for the league to fine him if there is nothing in his contract that says he can’t stream or be sponsored by other game companies in his personal time. 

Speaking of contracts, Scump further explained that he was forced to sign his contract for the inaugural season without his lawyer present at the beginning of the season or else he wouldn’t be able to participate in an event that happened around the same time. 

That is very messed up and something that a union could potentially help with. If a player union would prevent situations like this and other ones where players were not paid as they should have been, simply because they weren’t living in the place the team wanted them to like in the case of Toronto Ultra


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