Call of Duty League Control Changes Announced for Stage 3

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 21st 2021

The Call of Duty League is nearing the midway point of the current 2021 season, and it looks like it is time for some new gameplay and rule changes for the esports league. Activision has officially announced some major changes, specifically for the Call of Duty League Control mode. 

Call of Duty League Control Changes Announced

The Call of Duty League Control is but one of three main game modes used to determine the best teams and players in the entire world, and it is getting some much-needed revisions this week. Activision revealed two main changes are coming soon. 

The first of these, and perhaps the most important one, has to do with the Call of Duty League Control game mode’s way of handling overtime. When you are in a Control match, it is certain to be one of the most difficult game modes that a player can participate in. 

This is due to the structure of the game mode. How it works is that there is an attacking and defending team, with the attacking team required to capture both points on the map before the time is up or take out all of the defending team’s lives to win the match. 

For the defending team, they either need to make sure that the time in the round runs out before the opposing team can capture all of the points or, again, take out all of the enemy team’s lives first. The rules are pretty simple, playing like a mix of Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, and Domination, but it is much more complicated in practice. 

How Control Overtime Has Worked Thus Far

What we have found most of the time is that the defending team has the advantage when it comes to the Call of Duty League Control game mode. This affects the League Play ranked mode as well, making it so that teams will want to have the defending side most of the time. 

But how it works is that teams need to win three rounds out of five to win the entire game. With teams switching sides each round, this leaves the fifth round in close matches as a toss-up. Instead of being randomly chosen, the system calculates which team is in the lead. 

The team that currently has the slight advantage over the other one, even with the tied two to two score, will be the one to get the defending side. This gives them a slight advantage much of the time and can lead to them winning just because they are the team with the usually easier objectives. 

This has proven controversial in the CDL, as many players are not happy with the game mode and how it works, especially with the overtime fifth round. Before, the team that has the defending side in the fifth and final round is determined by the overall number of kills that they were able to get. 

Overtime Rules Will Now Be Based on Captures

As each team has only 30 lives in every round, the team that could take out the most lives and, therefore, not lose as many lives themselves will be the one with the defending side advantage in the final round. However, this was pretty controversial for many pro teams. 

This meant that the Call of Duty League Control game mode was focused more on the lives and kills you could get rather than the two objectives you are meant to capture. This is problematic in a game mode where the two capture points are important to the overall rules. 

This is something that Activision has acknowledged, and it has listened to players and teams by changing the Call of Duty League Control rules. The overtime rules will be determined by the number of captures that the two teams have for the first four rounds. 

This means that the defending team in the fifth round will get the most captures. In the four rounds, each team will have been the attacker twice, and they will need to have the most captures to have the defending side. 

From what we can tell, it seems that the ticks on each of the two capture points will count as captures for the overtime rules, so even if you don’t get the full point, the progress will matter. This should change the meta to make the points matter much more for the CDL than before. 

We will still likely see those spawn kills as teams try to trap the enemy team and make them unable to reach the capture points, but it will also mean that teams will prioritize capturing more than they did before. This is great news for the overall meta. 

What Else Is Changing With Stage 3

Unfortunately, it does look like the CDL will not follow suit after the League Play ranked mode in Black Ops Cold War and have the various ticks to add more time to the round. This will only happen for the pro teams by completely capturing the objective. 

The other major change for the Call of Duty League is to update the list of restricted items to match what the teams currently have agreed to have restricted at this time. This is pretty much what it was before, so there is not much to see here. 

These changes come to the CDL on the precipice of the start of the third stage of competition this season. The 2021 season has five stages, and the third is about to begin, marking near the midway point of the season. The two new stage groups will compete in their set of matches later this week; stay tuned for more info on that soon. 


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