Call of Duty League Championship Will Be the First Online Finals in History of the Series

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 6th 2020

Activision has revealed more details regarding the Call of Duty League Championship and how it will be handled, ahead of its start date next month. These details are here to reassure the players and the fans that the integrity of the series will be held, despite some major changes.

Call of Duty League Championship Will Only Be Online

The blog post on the Call of Duty League website revealed that there is one major change to how the championship tournament will be held. The Call of Duty League Championship 2020 will be the first one in the history of the Call of Duty games and its associated esports to be only held online.

Unlike past events in the last several years that always had a major LAN event that capped off the season of World League and Call of Duty competitions, this upcoming championship will be the first one to only be held remotely and not at all in person.

This massive move is a significant change from the previous championships in history, but it is also one that is, admittedly, expected. Given the state of the world and the current circumstances, it is no surprise that the viability of an in-person LAN event is just not suitable this season.

After all, the majority of the first season of the Call of Duty League has been mostly held remotely and online at this point anyways. To address these changes, Activision has worked with the 12 teams and players regarding the playoffs section of the season.

Players Will Have Cameras Watching Them at All Times

With the continuing health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus on protecting the safety of the players, staff, teams, and personnel is still at the forefront of the season. As such, the highly anticipated event will be held online like much of the first season has been.

But this decision isn’t being made lightly, either. Even though it is an expected move, Activision and the league organizers are making sure that the Call of Duty League Championship will be the most honest online event possible, keeping the competitive integrity at its core.

The first measure being put into place to ensure this is that all competitors are provided the same universal camera setup that will be active throughout all matches and at all times while competing. These cameras will allow the tournament organizers to easily see the player’s console, controller, and monitor during a live match.

When it comes time for a match to start, every player will need to be seated and on camera for the league organizers to watch. This is something that will be great, as it will allow them to see every movement and decision that the player makes so that no cheating or other illegal moves can happen.

Server Veto Options Will Change

This will affect the Call of Duty League Championship, but it will start very soon with the remainder of the current normal season. It will begin with the New York Subliners Home Series scheduled to begin this upcoming weekend.

One of the more complicated parts of hosting an online event is that every team is in different parts of the world and, therefore, requires differing server needs. This is a problem and one that has partially remedied by offering a server veto option.

Since the two teams that will compete in each match will share the same server and have teams from across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, the two teams can veto servers they don’t like. Generally, thus far, the teams have been offered three different servers (out of nine total).

They are then able to test out those servers and then veto the servers that they don’t want to use. This is one way for the teams to find a middle ground between them where it is, hopefully, the most even so that no team has an advantage over the other one.

More Staff Are Going to Help With the Championship

But this is going to change slightly for the championship even where the veto server options will increase to five, instead of three, for each match. This will allow the teams to more easily find common ground between the two of them and more options for any unforeseen circumstances where a new server is required.

The final measure to help with the upcoming playoffs, Activision is bulking up its production, technical, and officiating staff teams with more personnel. This will allow more people to watch over the event and deal with any issues that might come up during the tournament.

Like with the camera changes, we will begin to see some of these updated features in the upcoming New York Subliners Home Series Weekend. While we don’t have a date for the championship yet that will happen in August, we do have this event and a couple more until then.

The New York Subliners tournament is happening this weekend, Friday, July 10 through Sunday, July 12 and will feature eight of the 12 teams competing in the first of three final events in the normal season. Some of the top teams in the league, like Atlanta FaZe and Chicago Huntsmen, will aim for the most points possible as the season winds down.

That event will be followed by the final two events, hosted by London and Toronto, respectively. They will conclude the season at the end of this month before making way for the championship and playoffs weekend in August. We should have more info about that tournament in the coming weeks.


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