Call of Duty League Championship Dates Potentially Leak

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 13th 2020

Call of Duty League fans are eagerly awaiting any news regarding the upcoming championship weekend. The first season of the league will culminate in the championship where a champion will be crowned and it looks like the Call of Duty League Championship dates might have leaked.

Call of Duty League Championship Dates Leaked

This past weekend was the New York Subliners Home Series Weekend, the first of the final three main events during the season before the Call of Duty League Championship dates. With such a major event happening, it would have made sense to announce the championship dates officially.

However, it looks like Activision inadvertently revealed the schedule earlier than planned. During the Home Series tournament, the live stream revealed what looks to be the official dates for the event.

During the broadcast, the commentators were noting that the championships are coming up soon. While discussing this, the Twitter user Nicholasp822 caught a picture of the information shown for all users watching the event.

On the screen, the Call of Duty League showed the dates for the upcoming championship event, which is going to be Aug. 29-30. Since these Call of Duty League Championship dates haven’t been confirmed, it is considered a rumor and leak.

Activision Hasn’t Confirmed the Dates Yet

Despite that, though, these dates are rather convincing and likely to be the actual dates. After all, they appeared during the official live stream of the Home Series Weekend, so it seems that you can certainly take this one at face value.

More than likely, this is a case of someone at Activision either pulling the plug on the onscreen banner a little too early or just not knowing that it wasn’t supposed to show yet. Regardless, these dates look real to us, so we take this leak to be more believable.

Activision has yet to confirm the championship dates when writing this post. Given this leak, the league organizers may expedite the official announcement and not keep us waiting much longer.

After all, it is a little strange that we know about the championship event and the general month in which it will happen, but we don’t know the exact dates. What makes this weirder is that the inaugural season of the league comes to an end soon.

Championship Dates Seem a Bit Short

With the New York Subliners Home Series Weekend event over, there are only two main events left in the normal season. They will conclude in the next two weeks. So, there isn’t much time left for Activision to hype up the championship next month.

It would make more sense to announce the dates of that season-ending event and have players hyped for it while enjoying the final two Home Series tournaments left this season. So, we do fully expect an official announcement soon.

The only problem with these dates is that the event would only last for two days in total. Past Home Series Weekend tournaments have been three days. It would seem odd to have the final event be only two days instead of three.

This is especially the case when you consider that all 12 teams will be participating in the championship event. This is a first for the league since the launch weekend. There are only usually eight teams from the roster that compete in each Home Series Weekend.

A Few More Events Left in the Normal Season

Plus, there is the fact that there will be a lot of matches. Those two days are possible for this event, but they would be jam-packed with back-to-back matches throughout both days to have everything happen. After all, Activision isn’t going to divide the audience by having multiple matches happen simultaneously.

These dates may be correct, though. They are Saturday and Sunday, but we could also see Friday, Aug. 28 added to that schedule, to allow for more time and rounds of the tournament. This would make the championship the last weekend in August.

This doesn’t contradict anything that we know thus far as Activision already confirmed that it would happen in August. Before that can happen, though, there are the Challenger and other Call of Duty League final events that must happen.

Given that they take up the first bit of August, it makes sense that the best is last, and the championship will happen a couple of weeks later at the end of the month. Until then, we still have the London Royal Ravens Home Series Weekend and one more to go.

This past weekend was the third-to-last event with the New York Subliners Home Series Weekend. This event went mostly to our predictions but shifted to see the two giants of Atlanta FaZe and Chicago Huntsmen fall, with New York Subliners taking the win of its Home Series tournament.

New York and other teams only have one more event left to prove their worth before the championship. So, the final two events are sure to be the most important ones yet. Stay tuned for more on the London Royal Ravens Home Series Weekend later this week.


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