Call of Duty League Challengers Finals Event Announced

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 29th 2020

Hot off of one of the latest competitions for the Call of Duty League Challengers division, Activision and the league organizers have announced the latest plans for the first season. These plans include finishing off the season with the Call of Duty League Challengers Finals event.

Post-Season 1 Details Announced for Call of Duty League Challengers

The Call of Duty League Challengers Finals event was announced this past weekend as Activision revealed the Challengers division’s future. This division is where the semi-pro, amateur, and hopeful players compete to earn some prizes and recognition.

It is the premier place for pro players to compete if they wish to join the big leagues and secure a spot on the roster of one of the 12 main Call of Duty League franchise teams. It has gained popularity lately for being the place for newcomers and veterans alike to show off their skill.

Thus far, though, we have only known about the normal Challengers competitions that would take place this season. These typically coincide with the main event Home Series Weekend tournaments held every couple of weeks or so with the main 12 teams.

But that has all changed now. We now know about the Call of Duty League Challengers Finals event and much more. Activision is making sure that players and fans alike have something special to look forward to later this summer to cap off the inaugural season of the league.

Season 1 Will Culminate in the Call of Duty League Challengers Finals

The first season of the Call of Duty League Challengers event will now culminate in the grand finals event. This tournament will see the very best teams and players from around the world who aren’t part of the main league already competing to see who is best of the rest.

As such, any player and team who is looking to leap at the Call of Duty League next year and season will want to be there and show their best efforts for a chance to earn a spot on fan-favorite pro teams like Atlanta FaZe, Florida Mutineers, Dallas Empire, and so on.

In addition to revealing the newly announced Call of Duty League Challengers Finals event, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier tournament that has been recently revealed this past weekend. It will take place before the main finals event.

Like other esports leagues, the Last Chance Qualifier event will be the chance for teams who haven’t qualified for the grand finals to earn a chance to do so. As such, it is likely going to be a huge event filled with tons of teams vying for a chance at the finals tournament and its massive prize pool.

Challengers Finals Details: Regions, Prize Pool

For now, some of the details regarding the Call of Duty League Challengers Finals event are scarce as it is more than a month away. But what we do know at this time is that it will likely take place sometime in August this summer and that it will be after the Last Chance Qualifiers tournament.

The finals event will split into three different tournaments that will happen in three regions around the world. The three regions are the Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe locations, and will encompass the players and teams currently living in those spots.

All three regions will have their own separate finals event where they will compete to see who is the best from that region and earn some prizes in the process. All three tournaments will divide the prizes between them, with a massive pool of $500,000 across all three of the events.

That leaves a healthy sum of money for each region, to be divided between the participating teams there based on how well they do in the finals. North America will have $250,000 dedicated to its tournament, Europe will have $200,000, and APAC will have $50,000. The entire event will be streamed online for players to watch as it happens, instead of being held in person, with everything going on in the world.

How to Watch the Challengers Finals Online

If you are interested in checking out the Call of Duty League Challengers Finals event live as it happens, or the Last Chance Qualifiers, too, there is one main way you can do so. Your best bet is to head to the official Call of Duty League website while it is happening.

You can find the Challengers section and watch much of the action happening around the world live as it happens through the official YouTube channel. There is also the Call of Duty mobile app on Android and iOS devices, where you can check it out on the go.

Given that this is the Last Chance Qualifiers and the grand finals for the entire first season, it will be streamed live for your viewing. If you are unable to watch it live as it happens, though, for whatever reason, you can watch it on-demand on the Call of Duty League website afterward.

The unfortunate thing about the Call of Duty League Challengers Finals event is that we don’t have the dates for it. This is likely because it is more than a month away. Some more events will happen between now and then, so be sure to stay tuned for the date announcement in the future.

How Teams Will Qualify for the Finals Event

When it comes to the finals tournament, there are a couple of different ways that a team can qualify for the event. The first is by already being one of the best teams in the world when it comes to the Challengers division’s first season in the Call of Duty League.

How it will work is that the league organizers will look at the top-scoring teams with the most points on the leaderboard. They will automatically qualify for the finals event at the end of the normal season without having to do anything else to secure a spot.

The season will conclude later this month with the final weekend event where teams will have their last chance to earn some points in their respective region. After the final Toronto Home Series Weekend event, the leaderboard will be set into place for the finals.

The top 24 teams from both the North America and Europe regions will automatically earn an invitation to the finals event this summer. For the Asia-Pacific region, it will only be the top 12 teams with the most points at the end of the season after the final normal event.

Last Change Qualifiers Details and Dates

That is only the first way of qualifying. The second way has to do with the Last Chance Qualifiers, also recently announced alongside the finals. This event is aimed at those teams who don’t have the most points or may come in late to the party but still want a shot at the grand prize.

They will be able to compete in this event in early August and fight to join the finals event alongside the already invited top-performing teams around the world. Like the previous events in the Challengers league, this one will be open to everyone eligible to participate.

So, even if they are in last place currently on the leaderboard for whatever reason, they can jump in and join in on the open format. The signups for the event will likely open up soon, so anyone is interested and eligible to participate should look forward to that.

The Last Chance Qualifiers will happen the first weekend of August, beginning on Saturday, August 1 and ending on Sunday, August 2. Given the open nature of this event, it is likely that there will be a lot of teams and players from each of the three regions participating.

All three regions will have their qualifying event for the teams located there. The Challengers will compete in this event to earn a spot in the finals and, while there will likely be a lot of teams, only a handful will make it to the grand finals tournament.

The top eight teams from the North America and Europe regions each will earn a spot in the finals tournament while the top four teams from the APAC region will make it to the grand event. This means that there will be 32 teams in total at the North America and Europe finals, while there will only be 16 at the grand finals for the Asia-Pacific region.

You will likely be able to watch this Last Chance Qualifier event live and on-demand, just like the other Call of Duty League Challengers tournaments. With the open nature, we could see some not as great teams show up with their best performances ever and make it to the finals, so it looks to be an exciting competition.

Challengers Finals Will Likely Happen Around Call of Duty League Championship

While we don’t know the dates of the Call of Duty League Challengers Finals tournament, it will likely happen in August. Given the dates for the Last Chance Qualifiers, we can infer that the finals will be sometime within a few weeks of it.

This would put it around the time of the Call of Duty League Season 1 Championship for the main league, which also makes sense. Both divisions had their competitions around the same time for much of the first season of the league. They could end around the same time, too.

At the time of writing this post, we don’t have a date for when the Call of Duty League Championship tournament will happen. But we do know that it is scheduled for sometime in August, matching it up for right around the same time as the Challengers finals.

It would seem weird to put both on the same weekend, as that would then have the community’s focus and fans divided between the two events, so we don’t think that it will happen on the same dates. But they will likely happen on consecutive weekends, perhaps, back-to-back.

It is possible, then, that we could see the Last Chance Qualifiers one weekend, the finals for the Challengers division the next weekend, and then the Call of Duty League Championships on the one after that. This would make a lot of sense and give teams just the right amount of rest before the next one, while fans have a lot of content to look forward to that month.

Here’s hoping that the Challengers finals will lead to more teams and players getting recognized so that they can join the main Call of Duty League next season and be part of that Championship.

The first season’s upcoming Championship tournament will feature all 12 city-based teams in the main league competing in a rather complex event with both an upper and lower bracket available right at the start, with spots determined by the team’s final leaderboard rankings after the final event later this month.


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