Call of Duty League Caster Momo Fired by Activision After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 6th 2020

Ready for another blow to the heartstrings? Activision has officially fired Philip “Momo” Whitfield from casting Call of Duty League matches. This is amid sexual misconduct allegations that have come to light. Though it is important to note Momo was fired on June 30, neither party could make a statement until the official announcement. That occurred this 4th of July weekend.

Rumor to Allegation

There were rumors that Momo would be terminated by the Call of Duty League and Activision. Once members of the community brought to light what Momo had done, Activision likely had no choice. Momo was sending inappropriate messages to several female members of the Call of Duty community, which is not okay by any metric.

“The generic nature of the complaints is that my messages made the recipients feel uncomfortable,” Momo said. “To put it bluntly, in my messages, I was ‘trying my luck’ with women who hadn’t invited my attention, and I was being forward when I shouldn’t have been. Some of the exchanges contained sexual content from both sides. I did not believe at the time that I was making the recipients uncomfortable. Had I known this I would not have continued conversing in this way.”

There’s a difference in “trying your luck” and “being a creep.” He went on to say more in his official statement.

“I take full ownership for my misjudgements and would stress how sorry I am for my conduct. I’m sorry for my immaturity, I’m sorry for any explicit content or graphic language I used, I’m sorry for any tasteless humour, and I’m sorry to anybody who I’ve caused offense to or who has suffered in any way as a result of my actions.”

We have not seen any of the allegations ourselves nor have any idea what he messaged these girls. All we can speculate on is that they were undoubtedly inappropriate if they led to Momo being fired. These allegations stem from “long ago” but were recently brought to Activision’s attention.

There are places to try and find a date or someone to send sexual messages to – bars, dating apps/websites, but not Twitch, Twitter, Instagram. Have people found love on Twitch? Of course! But I doubt any of those started with forward, suggestive, sexual messages or dick pics. It’s repulsive, and we can only hope that people will learn from their behavior and stop being so predatory.


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