Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend Results: Who Is the All-Star?

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 14th 2020

Activision hosted the Call of Duty League’s final event for the 2020 inaugural season this past weekend. Known as the All-Star Weekend event, this one focused less on the 12 league teams but the actual players. With it now over, we now know the All-Star Weekend results for the event.

Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend Explained

For those who don’t know, the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend was the final event for only some of the players in the 2020 season. About half of the main starting players participated and showed their skill against one another in duels to the end.

Unlike the usual tournaments in the Call of Duty League, like the Home Series Weekend and the postseason playoffs, this event was focused entirely on the players themselves. It was less about teamwork and more about the pure Call of Duty skill that each of them has.

The Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend results prove this by showing us that some players might work well as a team but not as well when they are on their own against another player. On the other hand, some players do exceptionally well on their own even if they didn’t contribute as much to their team during the season.

The actual matches were all played through Gunfight mode in Modern Warfare since these are solo matches rather than the usual team ones. And because of that, they were one on one Gunfight matches, instead of the usual two on two duos style.

The matches were also best two out of three rounds, so the first player to get two points won it all. This made for rather quick matches throughout the weekend, hence why there were so many matches across only two days of competition rather than three like the Home Series Weekend events.

Who Were the Participants in the Event?

As mentioned, 32 players turned out for this event online and remotely to compete. There are 12 teams with five starting players per team (at least in the 2020 season; this will change in 2021), making for about 60 starting players in total.

About half of them participated in this event, except one particular player who is technically not even a starting one. So, without a doubt, there was a bit of skewing in the direction of certain teams that had a lot of players representing them compared to the others.

Such was the case with teams like Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire, and even OpTic Gaming LA that had more players than teams like Atlanta FaZe, who came in second place during the postseason and first place during the normal season of the league this year.

Here are the 32 players who competed this weekend during the All-Star event plus the teams they were representing. Though these are the teams they represented for the weekend, we already know that many will no longer be part of those teams in the upcoming second season.

  • aBeZy and Cellium: Atlanta FaZe
  • Envoy, Arcitys, Formal, and Scump: Chicago Huntsmen
  • Clayster, Huke, Shotzzy, and iLLeY: Dallas Empire
  • Skyz, Fero, and Owakening: Florida Mutineers
  • Wuskin and Seany: London Royal Ravens
  • Vivid and Blazt: Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • GodRx and Silly: Minnesota Rokkr
  • Attach, ZooMaa, and Mack: New York Subliners
  • Dashy, Kuavo, and SlasheR: OpTic Gaming LA
  • Kismet and Denz: Paris Legion
  • Apathy and Enable: Seattle Surge
  • Methodz, CleanX, and Cammy: Toronto Ultra

Fans Could Predict the Winners, How to Watch

Those 32 players who competed participated in one on one duels in a single elimination bracket where one loss meant leaving the competition. The short-fire matches were quick and didn’t last very long, making for a lengthy but still fast-paced tournament this past weekend.

Fans in the community were able to create their bracket and determine which players would win each match up until the finals. Doing so would allow them to win certain rewards if they accurately predicted who would win each of the matches.

While the prize wasn’t actual money like during the postseason, players could win 15 minutes of double XP for Modern Warfare and/or Call of Duty Warzone for every single match that they were correct about. With so many matches happening, you could easily win hours and hours of double experience.

Though the time for predictions is now over, you can still enjoy the matches if you don’t want to see the actual Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend results just yet. The matches were streamed live for anyone who was able to watch this weekend but they are now available for on-demand viewing on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel.

So, if you missed out on the matches this past weekend as they happened live, you can still tune in and see your favorites battle it out and find out who was the best among them. But if you would like to see who won each match, we have the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend results below from both days, including the lone player who won the entire event and is now regarded as one of the best in the business.

Day 1 Results: Only a Few Surprises

Kicking off the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend results was the first match between iLLeY and GodRx from Dallas Empire and Minnesota Rokkr, respectively. We know that many fans out there love GodRx, but our prediction was set on iLLeY winning this match rather easily.

Such was the case as iLLeY won this first match of the entire event without much competition at all, two rounds to none. This was followed by Skyz versus Envoy from Florida Mutineers and Chicago Huntsmen, respectively. This was one match that I did expect to be a little more heated, but the end result was the same.

In the end, Envoy showed that he was the better solo player and won this match two rounds to nothing. So far, the matches had been pretty boring, but the next one was a little bit more competitive. It was between Denz of Paris Legion and Silly of Minnesota Rokkr.

Silly made up for GodRx’s loss in one of the earlier matches and was able to win this close Gunfight match two rounds to one. This was followed by Formal of Chicago Huntsmen and Cammy of Toronto Ultra. We gave this to Formal, who we consider one of the best players in our predictions.

But it does seem that Formal may be one of the best players when it comes to working as a team as the first upset happened with Cammy narrowly winning this match two rounds to one. This was followed by another Toronto Ultra player, CleanX versus Vivid of the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Though we thought that newer player Vivid could show his strength here against CleanX, that wasn’t the case at all as CleanX dominated this easy win for him two rounds to nothing. Yet another Toronto Ultra player showed up in the following match between Methodz and Seany of the London Royal Ravens.

We had our predictions on Methodz, but Seany did come through in the end in this close Gunfight duel to win it two rounds to nothing. This was followed by Cellium from the Atlanta FaZe and Mack of the New York Subliners. This was one that we thought an upset might happen but ultimately went with Cellium.

That was the smart choice, but it was a close match nonetheless, with Cellium barely winning it two to one. This was followed by Enable of the Seattle Surge and Attach from the New York Subliners. This match was no problem for Attach, who won it easily two rounds to nothing.

Then it was time for Kismet from the Paris Legion versus Apathy of the Seattle Surge. We were hopeful for Apathy here. However, in the end, Kismet had no problem dominating this match two to nothing. Then it was time for a heated matchup of Scump from Chicago and Fero from Florida.

Fero tried. It was a close one, but Scump took the win two rounds to one as we expected. Then it was time for ZooMaa of the New York Subliners and Wuskin of the Royal Ravens. It was no problem for ZooMaa to win this match two rounds to zero.

The next match was Kuavo of OpTic Gaming LA and Shotzzy of the Dallas Empire. Shotzzy reminded everyone why he is a world champion by easily winning two to nothing. Then it was time for Dashy of OpTic (who is technically a benched player) versus Huke of Dallas.

Dashy reminded everyone why he is still relevant to the competition by winning this match, unmatched two to nothing. Then it was time for SlasheR from OpTic versus ABeZy of Atlanta FaZe. We did have this one for SlasheR. He almost won but ultimately lost two to one.

Then it was time for Clayster of the Dallas Empire versus Blazt of the Guerrillas. This was a little closer than we expected, but Clayster still won two to one. And last but not least, for the first day, it was newcomer Owakening from Florida versus Arcitys of Chicago.

Fortunately, we placed our predictions on Owakening, who did not let us down, winning this one easily two to nothing.

Day 2 Results: Interesting Upsets

Then it was time for the second day of competition where the rest of the other rounds and matches would happen, and a winner would be crowned in the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend results. The first match of the second round was iLLeY versus Envoy. It was a close one, but Envoy won this two to one.

Then it was time for Cammy versus Silly where Cammy easily won this duel two to nothing, followed by CleanX and Seany, where Seany continued his surprising run, winning two to one. This was followed by Attach and Cellium, where we originally predicted Attach would get the upset.

It was indeed a close one, but Cellium came out on top here and showed his strength, winning two to one. This was followed by Kismet and Scump, where Scump had an easy time winning this match two to nothing. This was followed by ZooMaa and Shotzzy, where Shotzzy didn’t win like we thought, losing this close match two to one.

Then it was time for Dashy and ABeZy where Dashy was able to avenge his teammate by winning this close duel two to one. And then it was time for Clayster versus Owakening, where Owakening did give it his all but couldn’t win against the might of a world champion like Clayster in a two to one match.

Then we came to the next round where Envoy took on Cammy and easily won this simple match two to nothing. Then it was time for Cellium and Seany where Cellium understandably dominated this match two to nothing.

Then it was time for ZooMaa and Scump where we would have easily thought Scump would win this one, but the close two to one match went to ZooMaa. Then there was Dashy and Clayster, where Dashy’s run came to an end in a close two to one duel against Clayster.

We came to Envoy and Cellium, where it was yet another close match, but Cellium won two to one. And then the other semifinals match was Clayster versus ZooMaa, who made it a little farther than we expected, but Clayster still won this two to nothing easily.

This led to a finals match with Clayster as we expected but Cellium on the other side instead. It wasn’t an exciting match as Cellium dominated it and won the entire tournament by beating the current world champion two to nothing. Cellium took his place as the champion of the All-Stars weekend. It would be interesting to know how different this would have been if other players like Crimsix and Simp were there.


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