Breaking News: LG, Gen.G, and Reciprocity Not in 2020 Call of Duty League

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 29th 2019

Today, Dot Esports revealed Gen.G and Luminosity Gaming (LG) have been denied spots in the upcoming Call of Duty League (formerly CWL, now CDL).

The two teams applied for spots in the soon-to-be franchised league but were denied entrance into the 2020 CDL.

Team Reciprocity also announced they wouldn’t be participating in the league next year. Whether that was due to failing to make it through the application phase or if they didn’t apply at all is currently unknown.

Loss of a Legacy

While the loss of these orgs has come as a shock to many fans, these teams had been incredibly popular and have feared it will lose its identity and character with venture capitalists (VCs) coming in, the move isn’t as surprising if you’ve been following the business side of the scene for a while.

GenG, an org with a very heavy Korean presence with the Overwatch League (OWL) Seoul Dynasty spot and a team in the Korean League of Legends scene, had recently built an office in the LA area that presumably was meant for their CoD team to operate out of.

With both LA Overwatch League teams invoking their first dibs rights to the LA CDL spots, Gen.G was left with nowhere to go except Korea, which has a nonexistent scene.

LG also already owns the Vancouver Titan OWL spot. This means either Activision doesn’t want to put an initial team in the area or they wanted to move to a different city than where Activision wanted them. Activision does get the final say on where teams end up going.

Either way, the loss of so many historic orgs for CoD has called into question the viability of the league and whether fans will want to watch one that cast aside their old favorites for faceless VCs.

Their loss has also sparked concern that other big-name CoD orgs, such as FaZe Clan, may not be able to make it or be unwilling to even apply for the CDL.

Coupled with OpTic’s buyout and gutting by Immortals earlier this year.

It’s too early to tell how the league will do, with almost four months until the start of the new year, but things aren’t looking too bright for long-time fans of the pro scene.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as more on teams staying or leaving as the 2020 CDL ramps up.


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