Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Snipers Will Be Balanced Before Beta Test

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 21st 2020

The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War alpha test was held exclusively for PS4 players this past weekend. Players on that platform had the chance to check out the game for free ahead of the beta test but not without issues. One particular problem was the overpowered Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles.

Black Ops Cold War Sniper Rifles Were Too Powerful in the Alpha

The Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles were seemingly too strong during the alpha testing this past weekend. It didn’t take long for the community to begin posting about it online. Players were complaining about how strong the sniper rifles were and how they quickly became a significant part of the game.

This was the case for this author online during the alpha test as we found that many players were using the Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles since they were so strong. Most of them could take out a player in one shot no matter their health and how far away they were on the map.

And with the relatively large maps in modes like the new Combined Arms Domination game mode, it was easy to snipe players from afar with little to no resistance. If you tried to fire back at them from too far, it was nearly impossible to aim at them. Shooting at them did little to stop the snipers.

It was an unfortunate situation where even the light to notify the player that someone is aiming at them with a sniper rifle did little to help in these situations except for just running away unless you, too, had a sniper rifle. But it seems that this weapon category will be changing soon.

Sniper Rifles Will Be Balanced in the Beta

One of the developers on the game, Tony Flame, who works for Treyarch responded to the community regarding the issue and noted that changes are coming for the sniper rifles. Flame, one of the game designers at Treyarch, opened up the conversation about sniper rifles.

Flame stated that the team buffed the Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles in the alpha test to see how their performance would be during the online multiplayer matches. The specifics of why they were boosted weren’t made clear, but there are a couple of possibilities.

Perhaps Treyarch wanted to see if the Black Ops Cold War sniper rifles needed to be more powerful or if they were already perfect. Regardless, they were buffed. That was likely a huge reason why they were so popular and powerful this past weekend.

That said, changes are coming for the sniper rifles. You won’t have to wait too long to see those changes implemented. Flame went on to note that the entire sniper rifle catalog will be balanced and changed ahead of the upcoming beta test in October.

How the Sniper Rifles Could Be Fixed

These changes will be implemented based on the data that the developer gathered from this past weekend. Though the changes aren’t detailed about what they will be, one can presume that they will balance the sniper rifles not to be as powerful as they were during the alpha.

Perhaps the team will ensure that sniper rifles aren’t able to one shot, one kill everywhere on the player’s body, or only be able to with headshots. There are a few ways to change the sniper rifles and, hopefully, that will address the problems that many players had with them.

They could even make it so that it is easier to shoot back at snipers on the map, even with an assault rifle as that was very difficult to do and make a difference in the process during the alpha. Many of the play of the games that I saw this past weekend was mostly snipers.

Hopefully, this issue is addressed adequately in the beta so that Black Ops Cold War does not have a problem with snipers in the way that Modern Warfare had an issue with SMGs for the longest time. SMGs are still pretty strong in Black Ops Cold War, but they do feel fairly balanced compared to Modern Warfare at this time.

Crossplay Is Still Coming Soon

But Tony Flame also went over the prospect of crossplay in this tweet. He noted that crossplay is coming to Black Ops Cold War, but the team knew that it wouldn’t be able to implement in the alpha test. He didn’t detail crossplay any further, but it does make us wonder when it will release.

Bringing it up now makes it seems like crossplay will potentially be available during the open beta that will be on all three platforms instead of just PS4 like the alpha test this past weekend. However, that isn’t confirmed at this time, so it could very well just wait until the game’s full release in November.

We know about crossplay because Black Ops Cold War will have full cross-platform play across all systems and generations. So, not only will the PS4, Xbox One, and PC be able to play together, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will be included in that crossplay group as well.

As for the beta test, players who missed out on the alpha won’t have to wait too long to try out Black Ops Cold War for themselves as it will begin next month with early access for those who have preordered on Oct. 8-9, followed by the open beta Oct. 10-12.

Then Xbox and PC will join the fray alongside PS4 Oct. 15-16 with early access, and then everyone will be able to check it out on all platforms Oct. 17-19.


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