Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Reveal: Everything We Know So Far

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 9th 2020

Treyarch has revealed the long-awaited Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War multiplayer. After months of rumors, leaks, and teases, we now have a pretty good idea of how the new multiplayer suite will look and feel. Overall, the initial Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal was pretty significant.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Reveal Is Here

Activision and Treyarch finally held the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal today after already showing off the game in general and deeper dives into its singleplayer story campaign. While the campaign looks great and is a welcome change of pace, the multiplayer is truly where it’s at.

The campaign is being developed separately from the multiplayer by Raven Software mainly and not be Treyarch, as you might expect. While it does seem like the campaign will be a solid addition that will more than make up for the lack of one in Black Ops 4, the multiplayer portion is what most players will continue to play long past beating the story.

As such, the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal was highly anticipated and doubly so because many players were burned out by the multiplayer that was offered in Modern Warfare last year. Though it is fine, the metagame was something that pros and fans alike weren’t all fans of.

The Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal showed us a general look at what the online multiplayer will be like when it releases on Nov. 13. It looks so far like it will be a grounded, standard Call of Duty experience.

There seems to be a lot of variation in the maps and the game modes offered. Here’s what we were able to find out in the initial Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal.

What We Know: New Game Modes

First off, there are the new game modes offered in Black Ops Cold War that, so far, seem to be unique experiences we’ve never seen before or twists on some of the other fan-favorite modes. The first is one that we found out about a while back: VIP Escort.

This particular game mode will feature six players against six, which seems to be keeping the six on six format that Modern Warfare had last year even though the Call of Duty League will be switching to a four on four multiplayer format once more with its 2021 season.

It is similar to Search and Destroy in that you have the attacking and defending teams, but there are some twists to help it stand out on its own. As you might expect from the name VIP Escort, a valuable person is going to be at the center of the game mode.

The VIP is a player on the attacking side of the match. That player needs to get to either one of two randomly chosen extraction points extracted from the match and win the round. How it works is that there are three main ways that you can win (or lose) a round in VIP Escort.

If the VIP player can extract, the attacking team will win that round, but the defending team will win the round if the defenders take them out. The last and final option for winning in the game is for the attacking team to entirely take out the defending team.

From there, the next round will happen, and the teams will switch sides, similar to Search and Destroy. The first team to win four rounds in the match will win the whole thing. Scorestreaks are unavailable in this mode as expected, while the VIP player will be severely limited.

They will only have a pistol and some grenades to use, meaning that we hope you are great with a pistol. They have a spy streak that they can use once per round to get an advantage on the enemies trying to hunt them down. But, for the most part, it seems the team will need to stick with the VIP.

The second new game mode revealed is called Combined Arms and has 24 players in any given round. There are five or so capture points that teams can take control of for points, similar to Domination and Ground War in Modern Warfare.

The first team that can get 400 points will win the match. If you’re a fan of Ground War, this will likely be a favorite of yours in Black Ops Cold War as it is very similar to that game mode and what the Battlefield series has been doing with its games.

Speaking of the Battlefield series, the third and final game mode newly announced in the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal was Fireteam. While Combined Arms is a bit smaller than Ground War, this new game mode is the massive team mode for players to check out.

Here in Fireteam, there will be 40 players in total that will make up these matches on huge maps. What is interesting is that there will be 10 teams of four players each that will be competing on the map. It sounds like Battlefield in that there will be all three types of vehicles: land, sea, and air ones.

The respawn system is largely similar to what we have seen from Battlefield games in the past as well, with the player able to spawn on a teammate who isn’t fighting currently, jump right into a squad member’s vehicle, or parachute down to the map below.

There will be different game modes in Fireteam, but we only know of Dirty Bomb currently. Even still, details regarding these massive game modes are scarce at this time, but it seems that they will offer an open and free take on multiplayer with several options of vehicles.

Weapon and Create-a-Class Changes

When it comes to weapons, the new Call of Duty 2020 title will take key weapons from the 1980s during that exact time of the Cold War’s height and have them be the focal points of the multiplayer. Despite this, the multiplayer suite will technically take place after the story campaign.

Players will be able to select their specific operator character to use in combat and create-a-class per usual for a Black Ops game. That said, there are some notable changes and distinctions that will make Cold War interesting.

The loadout that you select will now be slot-based to be less about the Pick Ten system or anything like that. You will have the primary weapon, secondary, lethal grenades, tactical ones, a field upgrade, and a set of perks that you will be able to equip.

Field upgrades are a brand new item for the loadout that you will use in online multiplayer. These items will give you the chance to help your squad out or hinder your enemies, and they will only be earned based on the time that you have been in the game with a cool down.

Wildcards are returning to Black Ops Cold War with the ability to change up your loadout entirely and truly make it your own. Some wildcards include the ability to have eight attachments for your primary weapon, carry up to six perks, carry perks from any category, etc.

The Gunsmith will be part of the Cold War experience, allowing players to customize their primary weapons, using up to 54 different attachments and at least six different options per point. You will be able to unlock attachments as you go through the progression system.

New Vehicles and General Multiplayer Changes

Many new vehicles will launch with the game, allowing you plenty of options on the massive maps in certain game modes. There will be options for land, sea, and air so that you will be able to conquer the land, water, and sky areas of the maps.

There are new vehicles like snowmobiles, dirt bikes, gunboats, buggies, special attack helicopters, and tanks. These will be great for not just traversing across the map but using them to demolish the enemies as you attempt to conquer points and complete various objectives.

There will be a more standard minimap once again in Black Ops Cold War, which should please the long-running fans who have missed it. Treyarch has made other general changes like adjusting the time to kill so that the game will require great skill when it comes to gunplay.

There will be unlimited sprint so that you can focus on just running around (or not) and not deal with any unnecessary added elements. This goes for health, too, that will automatically regenerate. There will be a health bar now across everyone’s heads so that you can see how close you are to taking someone out.

New map features like the ability to zipline from one area of a map to another or even rappel straight up to get to a higher position. When it comes to scorestreaks, they will now retain their points for you even after you die to keep going and earn more streaks to use.

Maps and Warzone Implementation

The maps in Black Ops Cold War will feature various locations around the world, including some that will be likely familiar to those who play the singleplayer campaign. Players will be taken to several maps, five of which were unveiled during the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal.

The first of these is Armada, set in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean where players will deal with a ship to ship-based map style that will take place right above the waters in classic Call of Duty fashion. Players will be able to zip from ship to ship as well as use gunboats here.

Then some Crossroads takes place deep in Uzbekistan where a frozen wilderness is the backdrop for this zone. Players will have access to tanks and snowmobiles here to get around the map and decimate enemies with some devastating weaponry.

The third map is one that we have heard about before, known as Miami. Taking place in the popular coastal Florida town, this map will have players battling it out in one of gorgeous maps that we have ever seen as it has neon lights and beautiful sights to see.

The fourth map is Moscow, where players will go directly to the USSR’s heart and fight across the various city streets here. Finally, the fifth and final area that we know about is Satellite, which takes place in the deserts of Angola in central Africa.

These are only some of the maps available at launch, so definitely expect more than just these five. Of course, Black Ops Cold War will connect with Warzone as the main two games on PC and console moving forward, though specific details have yet to be shared at this time.

What we do know now, though, is that Black Ops Cold War will have cross-play across all platforms as well as cross-progression so that you can pick up and play wherever you like. This is especially great as it will be cross-generation so that PS4 and PS5 players can compete together. Black Ops Cold War will launch on Nov. 13 with a beta next month.


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