Call of Duty 2021 Game Rumored to Be WWII Sequel

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 17th 2021

We are in a new year, so it was only a matter of time until the first set of rumors popped up about the next Call of Duty game. If there is one thing that we know to be true, there will be another entry in the series this year, and it seems that it could be a WWII sequel. 

Call of Duty WWII Sequel Rumored for This Year

The rumor this time around comes from VictorZ (via CharlieIntel), where it seems that the Twitter user has potentially leaked some information about the upcoming Call of Duty 2021 game. We are sure that a game is coming this year. Even Activision has recently confirmed that much. 

Interestingly, the leaker posted about the Call of Duty WWII sequel rumor on Twitter, only posting an image of some of the key art of the original WWII game from 2017 along with a hammer emote in the caption for the tweet. 

The user didn’t specify further in the initial tweet, merely starting with that little teaser there. It was a teaser on its own. The user technically didn’t even say anything about the game itself, just putting that little image there. Of course, given their track record, the community took it and ran with it. 

But, without a doubt, it’s clear that Victor was trying to tease the community with some rumored details about the next Call of Duty game. The image of the original WWII game and the emote seem to be pointing towards the fact that we are looking at a Call of Duty WWII sequel this year. 

How the Tweet Hints at the Next Call of Duty Game

For starters, there is the image itself that points to WWII, which is the fourth-to-last Call of Duty game that we got before Black Ops Cold War that is the current game in the series, Modern Warfare that released in 2019, and then Black Ops 4 that came out in 2018. 

Then there is the emote that is of a hammer. This points to one thing in particular: the Activision-owned development studio known as Sledgehammer Games. This developer is one of the main three Call of Duty developers — well, maybe four now with Raven Software heading up Warzone — and someone who hasn’t released a game in a while. 

It was rumored a year ago that Sledgehammer was making the 2020 game along with Raven but ran into some issues along the way with each other that led to Treyarch stepping in and making it the Black Ops Cold War title

This would mean that Sledgehammer Games was taken off of that project or just moved it to this year. Regardless, even though Treyarch was somehow miraculously able to release Black Ops Cold War last year amidst these issues and the global pandemic, I don’t think that could happen again with Infinity Ward. 

It Seems to Be Set in World War 2 Rather Than Anywhere Else

Coming off of Modern Warfare in 2019, it is unlikely that we will see a new game from that studio until 2022 at the earliest, though stranger things have certainly happened in the past. This would leave us with Sledgehammer, poised to release its third game after Advanced Warfare and WWII. 

We imagine that this rumor could have some credibility and that Sledgehammer Games might be working on a direct Call of Duty WWII sequel scheduled to come out this year. It has been a while since the studio released a game, so it is definitely about time. 

While Victor didn’t share more in the initial tweet, they did respond to one of the many comments on the post, giving us a general idea about what could be coming towards the end of this year. A user commented on the post, asking if the game is going to be WW3. 

That is an interesting assumption. It definitely could be a possibility if the studio were going for a direct sequel that tied into the fictional Third World War sometime in the future or in an alternate universe. But that seems that isn’t the case at all, at least according to the leaker Victor. 

We Won’t Find Out Officially About Call of Duty 2021 for Some Time

The leaker responded to the person and just said WW2, letting us know that this is likely just a direct Call of Duty WWII sequel after all or something in the original vein. This will be great news for those who loved the gritty, grounded version of warfare that the 2017 Call of Duty game had. 

It makes sense to release a Call of Duty WWII sequel since that game did well and was well-received by much of the community, especially those who loved the original first three games as well as World at War. 

This could likely mean that there will be more focus on smaller maps, potentially slower and more methodical movement, more historical and slower guns, and a story on the level of that of WWII, which is one of the features that the game was known for. 

But, for now, we won’t know too much more about the rumored Call of Duty WWII sequel for the foreseeable future as Activision typically waits until around May to unveil the next game. And if it is anything like last year was, we may be waiting until later in the summer to find out more. 


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