Call of Duty 2021 Esports Scene Will Be “Dead” Without Anti-Cheat, Says World Champion

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 11th 2021

The Call of Duty League hasn’t even started its 2021 season yet with the latest game in the series, Black Ops Cold War, and some players are already looking ahead to the future. Such is the case with one world champion who recently gave his thoughts on the CoD 2021 esports scene and it’s need for anti-cheat software.

Crimsix Expresses Concerns for the Call of Duty 2021 Esports Scene

Not necessarily to do with the actual 2021 season but with the next game in the franchise that is going to release this year, the current world champion Ian “Crimsix” Porter, or C6 as he likes to be called these days, spoke pretty harshly about what could happen this year.

He recently went on Twitter to express his concerns for the upcoming Call of Duty League season that will be there for the next mainline game in the series after Black Ops Cold War. He noted that in 2021, Activision needs to start investing money into creating an anti-cheat system for the CoD franchise as a whole starting in.

Call of Duty 2021 Esports Scene Will Be “Dead” According to C6

In fact, C6 went so far as to state that the Call of Duty 2021 esports scene will be “dead” on arrival when the release of the new game happens this year if these features are not in place. That is a harsh statement and one that he seems to stand behind without a doubt.

The sudden statement from C6 could be because of one of the biggest changes that happened this year with the Call of Duty 2021 season. Though the season hasn’t started yet, we already know the gist of the rules that are in place for the competitive season this year.

One of the most important changes and rules is that the official competitive season created by Activision will be using the PC platform for playing the game, rather than a console like in previous years. For instance, last year’s Modern Warfare season used the PS4 as its main platform.

This was likely due to the fact that Sony and Activision had some deals in place already with exclusivity rights and such, that it made sense to also make the PS4 the exclusive competitive platform for the Call of Duty League and other aspects of the franchise.

Problems With Switching to PC

But this year, it is switching to PC but the catch is that players will be using a controller to play the matches in the league. The controller will actually likely be the new Dualsense from the PlayStation 5 but this switch is an interesting one that brings with it some benefits and problems.

The benefits of the PC version is that players will potentially have better connection to the servers and have a more balanced situation overall. Not to mention the fact that being on PC will make it a whole lot easier to share gameplay footage with the officials and fans online.

But it also brings with it the issue of PC gaming in general. The PC platform is typically more vulnerable to cheating and hackers in not just Call of Duty but every online game out there since the system is much more open compared to the more closed-off and restricted consoles.

This isn’t too much of a problem for the pro players in the Call of Duty League like Crimsix since he will be competing only against one another and, hopefully, no player or team in that league would resort to cheating for any reason but it does affect everyone else, hence his tweet.

With the Call of Duty League Challengers division and other amateur parts of the esports scene for this year, if they use the PC platform, too, they will be the more vulnerable players. The Challengers and other events are more open to everyone, letting someone like a cheater potentially get in pretty easily.

A theater mode would help with this potentially since players could have readily available access to all recent matches and be able to identify the cheaters who they played with. But Treyarch is likely not the developer for the Call of Duty 2021 game so this might not be the case.

Switch to PC Could Have Been to Save Money

All signs and rumors are pointing towards Sledgehammer taking over the developer duties for the next Call of Duty game, following up on its WW2 title previously. If theater mode and anti-cheat software aren’t there, the current world champion may not be wrong about the CoD 2021 esports community.

Furthermore, it looks like C6 believes that the switch to the PC platform for the upcoming season was likely due to money. Since the Call of Duty League was on the PlayStation platform, it is likely that a cut of the revenue from the league was given to Sony in exchange for the promotion.

With the Call of Duty League on PC, it no longer has to worry about paying Sony, or Microsoft if it were to switch to Xbox again, for hosting the pro matches there. The world champion even elaborated, noting that rumors are that the platform cut was between 33%-50% for Sony, which is insane.


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