Call of Duty 2020 Reveal Reportedly Set for August

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 22nd 2020

Here we are in June of 2020, and we know nothing about the next Call of Duty game. Sure, we have seen some potentially leaked footage from very early in development, other rumors, and so on, but none of this has been officially confirmed or announced in a Call of Duty 2020 reveal.

Call of Duty 2020 Reveal Will Reportedly Happen in August

The actual Call of Duty 2020 reveal that should have happened by now will reportedly occur in August later this summer. Players will have to wait a good while longer to find out more about this game that we thought we would have heard about by now.

The rumor that the Call of Duty 2020 reveal will happen in August comes from the Twitter user Tom Henderson. Henderson has revealed information and leaks via Twitter, but we have to be honest that this is unconfirmed and potentially untrue, so take this with some salt.

The Call of Duty leaker posted on Twitter recently about the Call of Duty 2020 reveal, noting that they are “continuing with the bad news.” They have supposedly gotten word from someone but failed to mention who or how they know this, but the announcement will happen in August.

That is potentially up to two months from now, if not longer than that. And that is only if the new Call of Duty game is revealed in August. It could be pushed back yet again to a later date than that. However, we would be shocked if the game was announced later than August.

This Is Possible Given Everything Happening in the World

In all honesty, it would be quite shocking if the new Call of Duty game was revealed in August as that is pretty far away, too. For a high-profile game that is supposed to come out this year as always, it seems a little short notice to show it off within only a few months of launching.

That leaves for little to no time for marketing and other information to come out about the game, let alone things like beta testing and the like that have typically happened leading up to the launch of the next Call of Duty game. But the one thing that could lead to this being true is the world right now.

There is so much happening in the world. Much of the United States is starting to open up the gates for life to begin to go back to being “normal.” With that happening, it is now becoming possible for some game developers to start working in person again.

While this is great news for game development, it could be why we haven’t officially heard anything about the new Call of Duty game and what it will be. It could be that getting together everything needed for a reveal event, as well as development in general, has been hindered until now.

What We Know About Call of Duty 2020

This is likely the case, especially since we know that the development of the new Call of Duty game has been troubled, even before all of the pandemic stuff began in the world. Reportedly called Call of Duty: Black Ops or potentially Black Ops Cold War, this will likely be a soft reboot.

Similar to Modern Warfare 2019, the new Black Ops game will supposedly take the series back to its roots and reintroduce the player to the characters that you know and love while going back to the Cold War setting for its story, gameplay, and setting.

If it seems strange to get a Black Ops game only two years after the last one, you wouldn’t be alone to think that. The only reason this is likely the case is because of issues with the previous 2020 game in development by Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games.

It seems that Treyarch has taken over and will now make it a Black Ops game, but footage we recently saw seems to hint it is still early on. This is troubling, though, as we haven’t heard about the game even though we usually see the new game in the series in May.

A Reveal in August Is Problematic

We are in June and Activision has yet to tease when the new game will be revealed. It is still possible that it could happen this month or next, but even events like the PS5 reveal event have come and gone. It wasn’t there, even though that would have been a great place.

If it is okay for me to interject with my opinion, this leaves us with two possible scenarios at this point. The first is that this reported leak isn’t true and that the game will be revealed soon, leading to its launch this fall on current consoles and the next gen systems.

If that’s the case, I would expect an announcement by the end of July, even that is cutting it close. However, if this leak is true and we do have our reveal in August, that does make me think that it is unlikely that we will see this game release this year.

That would be unprecedented for the annualized franchise, but it is possible given everything that has happened this year. August is just too close to launch to show off the game for the first time and problematic for the community and for its success.

If the game is truly in that much trouble, then it is likely something that isn’t worth playing or releasing. At that point, it would be best just to wait until it is more ready for launch. Modern Warfare’s meta proved to be controversial. Activision doesn’t need another blow like that to happen, especially one that looks much worse.


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