Former C9 White Keiti Blackmail Scandal Explains Sudden Dismissal

by in Valorant | Apr, 16th 2021

Something struck fans as odd about the situation surrounding the dismissal of Kaitlin “Keiti” Boop, a rising female Valorant player that joined up with C9 White in the run-up to Riot’s Game Changers event. She was part of a six-woman roster that competed in the event. Keiti was also a part of the roster for the VCT Stage 2 Challengers 1 Qualifiers, too. It seems that these concerns ended up being valid. While C9 did not give a reason for her dismissal at the time, a Valorant observer known as Melanie_mhs has come forward with allegations that a member of our team confirmed via a recorded discord call – that Keiti blackmailed this observer with releasing lewd photos that were obtained through a mutual friend. 

The Allegations of Keiti’s Blackmail

Strap in, because this is a wild ride. 

I thought that was extremely nice of her to do, especially because I never really knew Keiti personally, never interacted with her,” she continued. “I kept talking to her in the DMs, when it finally clicked to me. Two years ago, she was in the Siege community, and I found out she was friends with M. I started asking her about that time, because I was curious, not knowing that’s where the leaked nudes happened.

Apparently, this conversation continued, until now-former C9 ace Keiti confessed that she was the one who made the burner account used to engage in blackmail over a Discord call (which Esports Talk has independently verified.) The reason? She said that she ‘wanted to be friends with” Mel, something that likely could have been achieved through means far easier than blackmail – especially given that both of them were participating in the same scene and likely could have been introduced if they really wanted to.

The same day that night, she kept messaging me. She wanted to talk to me about something important. I joined a voice call with her when she confessed. She confessed to me that she was behind the burner account, threatening to leak my nudes,” she concluded. “Her reasoning to me didn’t seem malicious, but many of my friends told me she was trying to manipulate me. I’m not very well with reading my own emotions, I was quite honestly in shock. She threatened to leak my nudes to me, because she wanted a reason to reach out to me on her main account. She wanted to be friends with me. She’s said many things in the recording which made me almost forgive her. But, I shouldn’t have to go through the stress and frustration just because someone wants to be friends with me. She did say she would seek help. And I really hope she does.

This led to the Cloud9 situation. Melanie says that she wanted the reason for all of this to be kept quiet, but did want C9 to know that a member of their team, Keiti, was involved in the blackmail of a member of the community. This is why Cloud9 kept the situation quiet, according to her. However, it seems that the community’s support for this person scarred her greatly, but that she most of all feels guilty for the other players on Cloud9.White, who weren’t able to participate in Valorant Champion Tour qualifiers. 

The overwhelming support of the community for someone that has traumatized me greatly, still hurts me deeply,” she said. “I’ve been struggling with dark thoughts in the past, and since I’ve joined VALORANT. I haven’t had that problem in a while, except for last week. And it scared me. I didn’t want to tell my parents or my siblings again that I was suicidal. I didn’t want to be a failure to them. Seeing everyone speculating about what happened to C9W was an immensely triggering experience for me. All I feel is guilty. Guilty they’re not able to play in the VCT Quals. Guilty there’s so many disapproving eyes on them. Guilty Cloud9 got a lot of flake for something that wasn’t their fault.

Esports Talk reached out to Keiti for comment on the situation but did not receive a reply before press time. 


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