C0ntact Gaming Buys CR4ZY CSGO Roster

by in CS:GO | Jan, 15th 2020

Yesterday, we revealed that CR4ZY would be selling its CSGO roster. The mysterious owner has been announced as C0ntact Gaming LLC, owners of the Paris Eternal OWL and Paris Legion CDL teams.

According to a report from NeL, the team was purchased by the corporation for somewhere between $1.5-$2 million. The roster may be an insane price, but the price also includes their Rio Major spot and a place in the new North American franchise league.

C0ntact Gaming LLC

C0ntact Gaming is a name most will likely not be familiar with in the CSGO scene. The org only existed since picking up the Paris OWL spot before the 2019 season. It has so far only existed inside the Activision-Blizzard esports ecosystem.

Frank and Drew McCourt run the company, a father-son pair of real estate billionaires, the older of which previously owned the LA Dodgers and currently own French football (soccer) club Olympique de Marseille, along with the rights to the LA Marathon.

While the Dodgers were rather successful under Franks ownership from 2004-2011, the team struggled to pay their players by the end. Inversely, his ownership of Olympique has seen the team return to their top form.

Isaac’s Take: Good Spots, Meh Team

While that price tag is sure to be eyewatering for many, an already secured spot at a Major and in a franchise league is worth all that extra cash.

The problem is whether the CR4ZY CSGO roster itself is worth the purchase price. While the team is rated in the top 20 close to C9’s ATK roster pick-up, the squad has had a downward trajectory lately. They struggled to perform well at B-Tier events and loss to some low-tier squads.

Perhaps having better backing will lead to marked improvement and growth for the squad. But. until then, question marks will be surrounding this team and its purchase.


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