Bronny James, LeBron’s Son, Joins Esports Org FaZe Clan

by in Entertainment | Aug, 31st 2020

FaZe Clan continues to make incredible moves in esports, as they recruit Bronny James to the organization. That name might sound mighty familiar. That’s because Bronny James is LeBron James Jr, son of the Los Angeles Lakers star. Bronny James, No. 24 on ESPN’s 2023 recruiting rankings, is also very active in the gaming scene; what a killer move from FaZe!

FaZe Clan has been in the news a lot lately, from a Cinematic Universe to a settlement with Tfue. However, this is pretty positive news for the org.

The Prince Joins FaZe

After all, LeBron James is the king of basketball now. Look, they can’t all be winners. This announcement was made on Sunday with tweets from FaZe Clan. The first was a hype video, showing off Bronny James’ basketball skills and some highlights from Fortnite and Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Bronny James has played with some FaZe Clan members in the past, so this move isn’t exactly a huge surprise.

FaZe Clan picked up a few other basketball stars lately, leading us to wonder if they will be diving deep into the NBA 2K esports scene. Miami Heat’s Meyers Leonard (FaZe Hammer) and Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers (FaZe Simmo) were also recently recruited. This may not be an esports move, perhaps more of a content creation move. Bronny James will have a huge name value attached to him, especially if his father, LeBron James, decides to push and advertise the work of his son. Why wouldn’t he, either?

This will give Bronny James some interesting contacts across several sports and the world of online gaming. The world is this kid’s oyster if he wants it to be. We’re very excited to see what sorts of events or streams he has cooked up with FaZe on his side.

FaZe Clan is getting more of a name as an organization with cool, hip, modern people hovering around. Lil Yachty, Ugly God, and Offset from Migos are all affiliated in some way or another with FaZe Clan, after all. There’s no telling what the future holds for Bronny James, but if he’s looking to combine esports/gaming with basketball, this move into the FaZe Clan org that’s a smart look. It will help his brand, which could also lead to offers with NBA teams as Bronny James grows older.


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