British Esports Association and Hitmarker Are Helping Young People Find Esports Jobs

by in General | Aug, 27th 2020

It’s not always easy for young people to get into esports, and for many, it’s a dream job. To be able to get into the world of competitive gaming, whether as a player or a behind the scenes talent, it can be daunting. However, the British Esports Association and Hitmarker are teaming up to make this far more viable of a possibility. The two have overhauled the British Esports careers hub, and a future in esports is more plausible than ever!

Choose Your Own (Esports) Adventure

These two organizations will work together to help young people, students, and more find the career advice they need to enter the competitive world of esports. It’s certainly not easy to do, but it could certainly be a possibility with the British Esports careers hub. This hub will have advice and information on a variety of esports roles. Whether you want to cast, produce, stream, enter marketing, or something else entirely, it sounds like they have your needs met.

British Esports will have one of the top LEC casters on stream live on Twitch. This goes down on Aug. 31. Aaron’ Medic’ Chamberlain will be on the air at 4 p.m. BST, offer advice on getting into casting, and discuss how he got into the field in the first. Whether casting is your ideal job or not, you would do well to check it out and learn more from a very educated man in the casting system.

“Hitmarker is the go-to esports jobs site, so we’re naturally thrilled to be partnering with the team,” said Chester King, founder and CEO of the British Esports Association. “We look forward to producing a host of content to help people find the right advice and information they need, in order to make informed choices on pursuing a career in esports.”

The British Esports site will also have Hitmarker jobs feeds on the site, offering those seeking a job the most relevant positions possible, and a highlighted UK job per week. If you want a job, but don’t have all the information you need, there will be plenty of articles that spotlight various jobs, and help find the role that’s right for them.

This isn’t just information for gamers, either. This info has been prepared with parents, teachers, media, and policymakers in mind to help spread awareness of careers in esports, which is fantastic. We need to normalize getting into esports as a career.

British Esports will be taking a small commission from referrals to the Hitmarker site, which helps fund operations. The money will undoubtedly help running the British Esports Championships in schools/colleges.

Another part of this arrangement will have British Esports and Hitmarker exchanging information with one another, and to work side-by-side to promote job prospects in gaming and esports. They will also collaborate on different content pieces over the coming months, including a mixture of career spotlights, interviews, Women in Esports content and general advice around finding jobs.

If you’re in the UK and seek a future in the esports world, why not give their website a try?


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