Brawl Stars Meg Update Brings New Brawler Changes

by in Fighting Game News | Sep, 30th 2021

Recently, we previewed the new Meg update for Brawl Stars which saw the release of a new Brawler, skins, and some quality of life updates to the game. The Brawl Stars team published release notes for the new Meg update and included some interesting Brawler changes that may affect your favorite Brawlers. 

This update is small, as most of the update focuses on Meg, new skins, visual improvements, and the Return to Retropolis seasonal event. If you want to get a full rundown on those changes, we highly encourage you to look at the release notes published on the Brawl Stars official blog. We’ll be discussing changes to Brawlers that were released with the new Meg update and how this could influence the game. As a reminder, most of what you’ll read here is an opinion derived from personal experience and contrasting that opinion with community sentiment. That being said, let’s get into it!

Brawler Changes in the New Meg Update: New Brawler – Meg

When discussing Brawler changes, it’s always important to look at new characters and see how they’ll fit into the game and its meta. That being said, let’s look at Meg’s kit and see how she fits into the world of Brawl Stars. 

Legendary Brawler – Meg

Initially, we considered Meg to be more of a tempo character that would engage in medium-range fights to build supercharge, then transition to a tanky frontliner that can initiate for her team and stack damage. The truth is that Meg charges her super quickly, and when her mech is destroyed, she returns to her normal mode with full ammo. If you combine this with her Force Field Star Power, then you can keep up the aggression with a 35% shield allowing you to trade safely against enemy Brawlers and charge your super again.

That being said, Meg should be played to cycle her super as much as possible. Take advantage of your mech form’s tankiness and damage output to put the opponent on the defensive and open up objectives for your team. Don’t worry about getting killed in the middle of your Super animation, as you’ll respawn with full super ability charge as of the writing of this article. Even when you pop out, try to keep fighting in your opponents’ faces to charge your second super usage quickly.

Right now, there’s little reason to choose the self-destruction star power as the force field allows Meg to engage in trades that allow her to jump back in her mech quickly. Always prioritize landing hits while in her Normal form as most of Meg’s damage output comes from her mech. Her melee attack can chunk opponents for more than half their health, so try to land hits with the mech’s primary attack before utilizing her melee swipe.

Overall, Meg seems overpowered, but players are still learning how to adjust to her as she’s just released. The cycling of her super and the fact you retain your super while getting killed mid-animation seems too much. 

Brawler Balance Changes in Brawl Stars’ New Meg Update

Only four Brawlers received significant changes. Edgar’s fisticuffs star power did receive a bug fix that should see a minor decrease in the timer of the movement speed boost received after jumping. Let’s take a look at some of these Brawler changes.


In this update, Brock’s main attack damage, bonus damage from his Rocket Fuel Star Power, and attack range decreased. However, he received a 50% increase in his attack’s explosion radius. We mentioned how Brock’s main attack buff during the ‘Once Upon a Brawl’ update gave him incredible long-range duel potential and allowed him to easily 2HKO most Brawlers. 

While his damage is lower than before the update, increasing his explosion radius should allow him to stack damage more consistently on grouped-up opponents. However, due to low damage potential, Brock didn’t see much play before the ‘Once Upon a Brawl’ update, so Brock may see his recent popularity decline.


Belle’s main attack damage and bounce damage are now weaker than they were before, which should offset her great reload speed and super. Belle’s super and its uptime honestly define the character, and she could easily execute enemies from a safe range without having to worry too much about approaches. Nerfs to Belle’s damage should make it less of a death sentence when you’re marked by her and give you a chance to try and outplay her.


Jacky’s super got some quality of life changes as there’s no delay on her super activation and Jacky can move and attack sooner once her super activates. Jacky needed these changes as it felt like her super had little impact in games and couldn’t effectively play her role well. These changes to her super should see her increase a little in popularity.


Changes to Heat Ejector should make playing against Carl more tricky. The change makes either gadget viable and players will have to decide whether he’s looking to reposition or drop fire in the direction of his attack. It may not be enough to land him at the top of the current meta, but it should give Carl mains more options for playing the psychological game against opponents.

Overall, the patch looks to balance things out before the Brawl Stars World Finals in November while not making any super drastic changes. At this time, Meg needs some tweaking before she’s tournament-ready and probably should be kept away from any sanctioned competitive event. The Brawler changes in the Meg update are welcome as it looks like the Brawl Stars team wants to offer players as much variety as possible. 


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