Boston Uprising’s Parent Company Reportedly Set to Buy Final CDL Spot

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 14th 2021

It looks like we finally might know who the final team in the Call of Duty League 2022 season will be. Sources state that it will be a CDL Boston Uprising-like team due to the final slot being purchased by the Kraft Sports Group, which will create the final team in the league. 

Kraft Sports Group Reportedly Buying the Final CDL Spot

News of this comes from Sports Business Journal who recently posted a rumor that they have reportedly heard about. Though they do not mention their sources or how they know this information to be accurate, it is believed that the Kraft Sports Group will be buying out the final Call of Duty League slot.

What is notable about the Kraft Sports Group is that this is the same group that Robert Kraft owns, otherwise known as the owner of the New England Patriots. This would be an interesting purchase for the Kraft Sports Group as it would represent yet another foray into the esports scene from the Patriots owner. 

However, this is far from the first time that the Kraft Sports Group has entered esports, which only helps to lend some credence to the possibility of us getting a CDL Boston Uprising-like team. This is since the same group also owns the Boston Uprising.

Boston Uprising, a popular Overwatch League team, is currently owned by Kraft and, as such, already shows an existing relationship between the Kraft Sports Group and Activision. It would not be too far-fetched to see this extend then from not only the Overwatch League but also the Call of Duty League. 

This Would Likely Add a Boston Team to the CDL

If this rumor is indeed true, this would likely mean that we will get a CDL Boston Uprising team of some kind soon. Given that Kraft is very much involved in the New England area, it would be shocking if the team was not a Boston-based team in the end. 

As for what the team’s name would be, that is something that we will have to wait and see for now. The name of the rumored team could be anything at this point, as the rumor does not state what it would be called. 

However, we know about this rumored CDL Boston Uprising-like team that the Kraft Group will be partnering with Oxygen Esports to run the new Call of Duty League team for it. What is fascinating about this part is that soon after this rumor came out, the Oxygen Esports Twitter account posted something interesting. 

It could have been technically unrelated, but the timing is quite interesting. Oxygen Esports noted on Twitter that if you “shoot your shot, you never know what will happen.” This led to many comments of people shooting their shots and getting rewarded in the process. 

Oxygen Esports Will Reportedly Run the Team

However, if you could also take it to mean that the esports organization notes that it took a shot recently and something came out of it. It would certainly align with what we hear about Oxygen Esports running the final Call of Duty League team for the Kraft Sports Group. 

It also helps that Oxygen Esports is based out of the New England area and quite literally is based inside Patriot Place owned by, you guessed it, the Kraft Sports Group. It helps, too, that the esports organization is already engaged in some Activision Blizzard games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. 

Beyond this, the rumor of the CDL Boston Uprising team ends there. We do not know who the coaches for the team or who the players would be. If this is true, this is likely a hot rumor that just happened, and, in which case, we may have to wait and see who the players will be. 

Here’s hoping that it is true since it would mean that the 12th and final slot of the Call of Duty League will finally be filled; it was not looking good for a while now. The final slot is owned by Team Envy, who would be signing it off to the Kraft Sports Group. 

The Final Spot in the CDL Has Been Troubled So Far

The slot was left open in the wake of the monumental merger between Team Envy’s Dallas Empire and OpTic Gaming’s OpTic Chicago to make the new OpTic Texas team. There had been rumors of other teams taking up the position, but they fell through in the end. 

The biggest rumor was that another Overwatch League team, the Washington Justice, would be taking it over. We even had an entire roster that was supposed to happen for it. It collapsed in the end and one of the lead players on that rumored roster, Vivid, has already found a home. 

As such, it is uncertain and possibly very unlikely that we would get a similar roster for this new CDL Boston Uprising-like team. Regardless, if this is true, it will need to be announced very soon or else they will likely have to wait until the new year to announce the team. 

So if this is true, here’s hoping that the team is announced either this week or early next week in time for the holidays and the start of the new season early next year. If that happens, they are pushing it way too close to the start of the Call of Duty League 2022 season. After all, the new season will either begin in January or February, which is way too close already. Stay tuned for the (hopefully) full announcement of this rumor soon. 


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