Borderlands 3 Adding Cross-Play Support, Except for PlayStation

by in General | May, 27th 2021

Borderlands 3 is an extremely fun game, with players going out and about shooting, looting, and all that the previous games in the series have to offer. However, an update coming to Borderlands 3 will enable cross-play with Xbox, PC, and Stadia players, all that’s missing is PlayStation. According to Randy Pitchford, that choice to leave out PlayStation was entirely intentional.

Good News, Bad News

Randy posted a tweet onto his Twitter page, revealing that their exemption of Sony’s console was intentional. “Good news or bad news first? Good news: An update for Borderlands 3 has been prepared for release that includes full cross-play support across all platforms. Bad news: For certification, we have been required by the publisher to remove cross-play support for PlayStation consoles.”

While it hasn’t outright been said that the decision not to allow cross-play support for PS4/PS5 versions of Borderlands 3 was due to Sony’s intervention, many fans have already made it known that they them for the decision. However, any player of Borderlands 3 that is not playing on a PlayStation will be able to enjoy the world of the game with their friends regardless of what console they own, just as long as it’s not a PlayStation.


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