Bobby Kotick Will Consider Leaving Activision If He Can’t Fix Problems

by in General | Nov, 23rd 2021

After a series of internal Town Hall meetings at Activision, Bobby Kotick allegedly said to the senior management he’d consider leaving. That is if he can’t fix the internal problems at Activision Blizzard. Right now, it sounds like the entire world has turned against the company, now that the allegations about Bobby Kotick came out through the Washington Post. Whether this is true or not, or whether it will happen, that remains to be seen. 

Not a Promise, Not a Guarantee

Company after company has stood up against Bobby Kotick and the allegations against him, so leaving Activision may become a possibility. That said, the board of directors stand behind him 100%. That’s because he has made them an incredible amount of money over the near three decades he’s been with the company. Or at least he’s been in charge while massive profits have been made. 

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, they discussed the possibility of Bobby Kotick leaving Activision. “Mr. Kotick, who has led Activision for three decades, stopped short of saying he would step down in a Friday meeting with executives of the company’s Blizzard Entertainment unit, but left the possibility open if misconduct issues across the company weren’t fixed “with speed,” these people said. Activision’s board of directors is considering creating a “workplace excellence committee” to oversee the implementation of steps the company is taking to improve its culture but hasn’t taken steps to separately investigate Mr. Kotick, according to people with knowledge of the plans.”

Nothing about this is a promise, but could it happen? Kotick has been at the head of Blizzard during its greatest successes, but after the lawsuits and allegations came out, the stock has dipped. Bobby Kotick outlined a variety of plans to fix the problems at the company, but it doesn’t seem like anything is being done. It’s all up in the air what will happen, but more and more people are standing up to say that this form of behavior is unacceptable. 

The idea that Bobby Kotick allegedly has been not only aware of misconduct at his company but has also been the perpetrator of misdeeds cannot bode well for him. It has ended partnerships like “Girls Who Code,” both Xbox and PlayStation’s bosses also condemn his actions. So, according to this report, Bobby Kotick has admitted that he might leave Activision behind if he can’t fix things. Only time will tell if that’s true or not. We will continue to track this story as it develops, and if there is any news on Bobby Kotick leaving Activision or not, we’ll keep you in the loop.


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