Blue Box Games Tweeted Out a Teaser for Abandoned, Fans Still Think it’s Kojima in Disguise

by in General | Jul, 29th 2021

Abandoned is coming out for the PS5 as an exclusive, a first-person horror title, and its reveal is going to be a playable teaser on the PS5 storefront. Sounds Familiar? This is exactly what Hideo Kojima did when he announced the now-canceled Silent Hills, a game that would have featured the likes of Norman Reedus, Guillermo Del Toro, and Junji Ito. And would have continued the Silent Hill series into the future. However, as Kojima left Konami, things seemed to falter, and the project was canceled, however, all 4 of the people included in Silent Hills would be seen again, now sharing roles in the Kojima title Death Stranding. 

However, Blue Box games have made it known that they’re working on a horror title of their own, and this specific line of marketing has fans wondering if Abandoned is actually going to be a Kojima title instead of a game made by a new set of Developers. Thus prompting a massive conspiracy about what’s to come for Blue Box Games, and Blue Box isn’t doing much to dispel the rumors. 

The Conspiracy So Far

This conspiracy about the game has been going on for quite a long time, but to understand why a random ps5 game is being linked to Kojima, it’s imperative that we look back on how this all began. All of the information of the conspiracy theory has been put into a post on the subreddit r/theblueboxconspiracy, where many of the fans join to see if they can decipher the mystery of the company. Put on the Tin Foil hats, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

The Beginning

Sony posts a blog post showing off an announcement for a new game Abandoned for the PS5 which is coming from a small indie developer in the Netherlands. No information about the game aside from screenshots and a voiceover trailer is released. Blue Box says the game is about a man who is lost in the woods, avoiding a cult. Many fans are wondering what this is going to be about, and the rumors start when Blue box announces a Playable Teaser for the game. This has fans starting to connect the dots to Kojima, as Silent Hills was marketed the same way. Shortly after this blog post, Geoff Keighley, a close friend of Kojima tweets “interesting” with some information related to the game.

Blue Box Continues to fan the flames by stating that their game “Starts with an S and ends with an L” Blue Box also mentions that the game isn’t going to look anything like “Abandoned” and will look completely different from what has already been shown. As many fans noticed that PlayStation is working with independent developers who made what is essentially an Asset Flip, as the assets used in the screenshots were found. Costing $35 in total.

Blue Box Posts a tweet of their own, stating that they have no connection to Silent Hill or Kojima Productions. They also tweet some features that will be available in the game, one of which is “snowflakes of blood” which fans interpret as a reference to a television show called The Expanse which is a favorite show of Kojima’s.

Blue Box Mentions that they’re working with 50+ people on the game, alongside 10 people who work at Blue Box. Fans wonder how an independent developer making a game with Sony has access to this kind of money. As well as the fact that Blue Box has never made a game before, with Abandoned for the PS5 being the first title in their lineup of games. Looking into their site, a lot of the images are also stock images, which increases suspicion. 

On Top of all of this, Kojima Productions has also hired someone who has experience making ARG games, stories that are told in the real world and involve puzzle solving. Which many fans are convinced that Blue Box is part of this, seeing that the release of P.T. was not made by Hideo Kojima, and rather, a shell company that he used to upload the game onto the PlayStation store. 

The Plot Thickens

After coverage from multiple journalists, as well as their recounts calling the creator Hasan Kaharaman “fishy, and strange”. Which then fuels the flames even more. This culminates with the announcement that Geoff Keighley is going to take part in the announcement for the game, however, Geoff is helping dispel rumors about the link to Kojima Productions, as Hasan is sending him some images to prove the legitimacy of the game, as well as prove his identity. However, these images never come, and the rumors start up again as Keighley uses the phrase “Hasan has kept me waiting”, which is the same phrase that Solid Snake uses in Metal Gear Solid, the phrase being “Kept you waitin’ huh?”

Another Journalist Mark Delaney speaks with Hasan and ensures fans that the rumors are false, even though Blue Box has little online presence, and is unwilling to post verification to their identities. Blue Box then continues on Twitter dispelling the rumors that They’re secretly Kojima in disguise, however, their use of double negatives and changing their wording without giving a concrete answer. This largely convinces fans that Blue Box isn’t Kojima, and is just a developer who overpromised. 

The Playable Teaser for Abandoned for the PS5 then gets delayed to June 25th, and a tweet is made, however, it’s deleted shortly afterward. 

A few days before the demo is released, Hasan uploads a video where he denounces the rumors once more, stating that he’s not Kojima in disguise, this is combined with the fact that Hasan looks very upset in the video convinced people that this is the end of the conspiracy. And Kojima Productions liked this tweet, however, they unliked it around 20 minutes later, which then started the rumor mills once more. 

On the date of the release, the playable teaser is delayed once more to August, and Hasan uploads a video discussing it

Later that same day, Blue Box Changes its banner image to a blurry forest. Fans also noticed that Hasan’s PSN is playing a game entitled “Telling Lies” which is made by one of the creators of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Hasan then Privates his PSN, most likely due to the fact that he doesn’t want people looking into his PSN for clues. 

What’s New

Blue Box seemingly added more fire to the flames when on July 27th they posted an image teasing the playable teaser launching in August, and while this may be the case two things stood out to fans. The most important being that the face in the middle of the screen behind the text is wearing an eyepatch. With fans still reeling from the conspiracy, many pointed out that this could be a direct reference to Metal Gear Solid, as Big Boss wears an eyepatch on the same side of his head, as well as Solid Snake in the later titles of the game. The blurred text on top of the screen also made fans wonder if it says anything about Kojima at all. However Blue Box hasn’t been doing too much to stop the rumors from continuing, and now with the reveal of a character wearing an eyepatch, seems like a direct message to the people who are holding out hope for the title. With Blue Box seemingly appearing out of nowhere and jumping right into an exclusivity deal, as well as working with outsourcing companies who are known for working on AAA games, as well as information about the game being sparse since its initial reveal, there’s plenty of wiggle room for the Kojima in Disguise theory to continue.

It does seem that only time will tell what’s coming next for Blue Box, and what Abandoned for the PS5 has up its sleeves, as August rolls ever closer, the game’s teaser will come out, and hopefully, all will be revealed. Will Blue Box Actually be Kojima in disguise? Or did a conspiracy theory send Blue Box a lot of PR?


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