Blizzard Tries to Block Diablo Trademark Application from Fox

by in General | May, 4th 2021

Wanting to merchandise on an intellectual property is not out of the ordinary, especially for Blizzard entertainment. With multiple types of merchandise like Overwatch Halloween costumes to World of Warcraft slippers and onesies, many gamers want to bring their love for their favorite titles into their everyday lives when not grinding on the computer. Surprisingly, Blizzard has discovered that a new contender is attempting to trademark the name of one of their most popular franchises, Diablo.

Fox Wants to Trademark Diablo for a Dog

The company in question who wants to take the name Diablo, is none other than Fox Media. Many are familiar with its cavalcade of animated sitcoms such as: Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, and some lesser-known shows. Fox is aiming to add to their cartoon collection with a new show entitled Housebroken. The premise is about a therapy dog who meets with other house pets in the neighborhood to work through issues, as well as solve any shenanigans that might occur. The reason they’re attempting to trademark the name Diablo, is that one of the characters in the main cast just so happens to share the name with the game franchise.

Fox’s aim is to use the trademark to bring about merchandise based on the character from Housebroken. According to the application this includes glass and dinnerware, toothbrushes, cookie jars, pet bowls, lunch boxes, and pet food and treats. Blizzard however is against the use of the trademark.

Blizzard’s Response

Blizzard has officially put out a notice of opposition showing that Blizzard has held 3 different Trademarks for the Diablo name since 2000, with their ownership of the name lasting just over 20 years. Blizzard has claimed that not only will Fox Media be negatively impacting their business as they believe that by using the trademark of Diablo for Fox’s cartoon dog, but consumers will also believe that any sort of material related to the show will be mistaken for merchandise or sponsorship from the Diablo game series created by Blizzard Entertainment.

With a remaster of Diablo 2, and work continuing on Diablo 4, Blizzard seems to want to keep the diablo namesake to themselves. Fox Media has not responded to the notice of opposition yet, however with the show releasing this summer, many are curious if Fox Media will go through with the trademark if the show fails to meet expectations. 


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