Blazt Retires From Call of Duty Esports to Be a Full-Time Streamer

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 4th 2021

With the Call of Duty League inching its way ever closer to the start of its second season with all of its groundbreaking changes and revisions, some massive changes are happening for its pro players. One such player who has been affected by all of this considerably is Blazt. 

Blazt Retires From Call of Duty Esports

Blazt is one of the players who was part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas during the inaugural season of the league and revealed his future plans. Since he does not have a place in the Call of Duty League main teams this year, it looks like he is headed in a different direction. 

Instead of being a pro player, Blazt is retiring from professional CoD esports and turning to an adjacent avenue for his future career. The former Guerrillas player noted on his official Twitter account the switch that he is making in his life. 

He noted on Twitter that he has decided not to compete in the Challengers division of the Call of Duty League this year, even though he could certainly do well there, given his time in the big leagues during 2020. Instead, he will be switching up his career to focus on a different Call of Duty side. 

Instead of playing Black Ops Cold War professionally for a new team in the league, he will be switching to playing Call of Duty Warzone more. The battle royale game has been quite popular since its release in early 2020. There have been plenty of pro players and streamers for it. 

He Will Be a Full-Time Streamer

Blazt may be retiring from Call of Duty esports but will join an ever-growing list of CoD Warzone players as a full-time streamer starting this year. He will be a full-time player and streamer for the battle royale title starting now, instead of returning to the Call of Duty League in any capacity. 

He noted that it was a “tough decision to make” but that he is “confident” that he will become one of the top Warzone players and streamers out there in the community. He concluded his message by stating that he still loves his fans who support him through this significant change.

The 21-year old now former pro player was one of the lead players who led the Los Angeles Guerrillas’ charge during their first season in the Call of Duty League last year. He was originally signed as a substitute for the team and not one of the starting members. 

However, when the group started to falter considerably and it was clear that it wasn’t doing well, there were frequent times that Blazt was one of the starting players on the Guerrillas’ roster during the 2020 season. He was able to compete a good bit this way in the inaugural season. 

Blazt Was Previously Part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas

However, the Los Angeles Guerrillas did not work well as a team and failed quite a bit during the 2020 season. Overall, they were one of the worst teams in the business—depending on who you ask, the worst one overall. 

However, they didn’t do quite as bad as the Seattle Surge overall and at least tried to put up a fight during the Call of Duty League Playoffs last year. In the end, it was clear that the organization needed to fix its problems in time for the 2021 season.

Early September saw the release of all but one player on the entire team, including Blazt. Everyone but Vivid left the organization while the team decided to start mostly fresh for the upcoming season. It led to the pro player having no team to go to in the Call of Duty League. 

Like some of his fellow players, he could always turn to the Challengers division for semi-pro and amateur competitors, but it looks like he is heading in a different direction, instead. He will now use his skills and experience to try and be one of the top Call of Duty Warzone streamers around.

He Will Stream Warzone Rather Than Cold War

Interestingly, he is jumping to Warzone rather than Black Ops Cold War as that is the new Call of Duty title that the league will be using to compete in for the 2021 season. This decision is likely due to Warzone’s popularity when it comes to Twitch and other platforms. 

Like the best Black Ops Cold War streamers list that we tried to do recently, we found that it was somewhat difficult to find quality, popular, and talented streamers out there who mainly play the latest Call of Duty game. That is because Warzone takes up much of the conversation on Twitch.

You have a much better chance of finding someone to watch online streaming for Warzone than you are for Black Ops Cold War or its predecessor Modern Warfare. That game has climbed through the ranks to become one of the most popular streaming games currently. 

It likely has to do with a couple of different factors: a battle royale game and the fact that it has the Call of Duty branding behind it. Battle royale games are all the rage these days. Warzone represents one of the finest entries in the entire genre. 

With Blazt’s skill and expertise, this should make him one of the most interesting and fun-to-watch streamers for Warzone this year. Blazt hasn’t made it clear if he will ever return to CoD esports after he retires, though, so there may be a chance he could return later down the road, but we will have to wait and see. 


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