BLAST Announces BLAST Rising CS:GO Tournament

by in CS:GO | Apr, 24th 2020

Sounds like there’s another CS:GO tournament on the way by tournament organizer BLAST. Fantasyexpo, a licensee of BLAST Premier’s Polish broadcast rights, is going to produce the new event called BLAST Rising.

So, the next big question to ask is “What can we expect with BLAST Rising?”

Question Asked, Question Answered

BLAST Rising will have 16 CS:GO teams from across Europe, of a varying degree of skill doing battle for a prize pool of 30,000 euros. But this isn’t just going to be the titan teams of CS:GO, not at all. According to BLAST, they’re going to seek out teams that are outside of the upper reaches of rankings.

It could potentially be an amazing stage for the would-be greats to show that they have what it takes to be serious threats in the overall CS:GO scene. On April 28, the teams will be revealed and will feature 48 best-of-one matches and seven best-of-three series. This is just the first move by BLAST to show off teams that aren’t in the top of the CS:GO rankings.

“At BLAST we love the elite and allow everyone to be a part of Premier through the Qualifier Series and the Race to the Global Final, but have created BLAST Rising to support teams and players at all stages of their careers,” said Nicolas Estrup, director of product and experience for BLAST, in a press release. “By giving teams and players more opportunity and exposure in the way only BLAST can, we want BLAST Rising to be a platform that drives forward their personal and team growth.”

This may be a pretty good time for CS:GO to start having more tournaments, too. With Valorant showing up in its closed beta state, players are starting to give it the side-eye. With the tournament organizer pointing out that they’re looking to host this style of event around the world, it could be the shot in the arm that the CS:GO scene needs to shake things up. We don’t want the game to become stagnant thanks to Valorant being a new kid on the block, after all.

Krzysztof Stypułkowski, co-founder of Fantasyexpo, also commented. “BLAST Rising tournament will be an amazing experience for esports fans as well as the players, who will participate in. The structure of the tournament is organized in a way so it can provide a lot of emotions from the first matches until the very final. Mixing the teams from different HLTV levels will spice things up and allow lower-ranked teams to fight with those better than them, which can bring a lot of surprises and game-changing action. I am very happy that we are organizing this tournament together with BLAST.”

Just because these teams are “lower-ranked” doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills to pay the bills. Those teams in question could use this to show what they can do, or prove that they might have what it takes to take their team to the next level. Perhaps bigger organizations could pick up some of these teams.

It will be interesting to see how many eyes are on this tournament, what teams are represented, and if BLAST is serious about offering more tournaments like BLAST Rising in other parts of the world. We imagine CS:GO’s pretty big in Europe, so let’s see what other regions obsess over the game, and bring BLAST’s tournaments there.


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