Black Ops Cold War Zombies Will Be Free for a Week

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 12th 2021

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is one of the biggest games of 2020. It is already making waves in 2021 as well. At this point, if you wanted to check out the online multiplayer segment for free, you could have, but what about a Black Ops Cold War Zombies free access? 

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free Access Announced

Fortunately, it looks like you will be able to do that. A Black Ops Cold War Zombies free access period has been recently announced. Soon, players worldwide will be able to check out the beloved undead wave-based gameplay in the latest Call of Duty title. 

The announcement was made on the Call of Duty website, noting that this is the first time that Activision, Treyarch, and the franchise gives players the chance to check out Zombies for free without purchasing the full game or borrow it from someone else.

You don’t have to spend anything at all on Black Ops Cold War. You will be able to enjoy the Zombies mode for free for a limited time only. The Black Ops Cold War Zombies free access period will only run for a little while, giving players a taste of the next chapter of the undead experience. 

After uncovering the initial secrets about the Dark Aether arc that has now begun in Cold War with its release last year, the Requiem organization will call on recruits to come and reinforce at the heart of the new undead storyline the team as they fight back against the zombie horde. 

Schedule for the Free Access Week

For the first time in the history of the Call of Duty franchise and the Zombies game mode that has been chugging along for more than 10 years since World at War, you will be able to check out the Black Ops Cold War Zombies free access week. 

For only a single week, Zombies in Black Ops Cold War will be free for everyone to try out and see for yourself how it holds up in 2021 on the latest game in the series that is barely coming on being two months old. The period will take place Jan. 14-21. 

During this time, there will be a few different game modes and experiences that you will check out in Zombies. Keep in mind that this is only for the undead game mode and some of the surrounding content; nothing from the online multiplayer or campaign will be available as free online multiplayer access has already happened before

That said, there are a few different game modes that you can check out during the Black Ops Cold War Zombies free access week, including the Die Maschine map that is the main focus of the mode thus far. This is the single new map that was released for Zombies so far in Cold War. 

Players Will Have Die Maschine in Free Access

Die Maschine is a remake of the original World at War map that started it all. It only makes sense to start back over with a brand new storyline there. In this abandoned World War 2 lab in Poland, a massive particle collider has opened a rift to the hordes of monsters and undead creatures who roam the area.

As part of the Requiem organization, you have been sent there to infiltrate the location and survive through the various waves of zombies long enough to uncover Die Maschine’s secrets or escape earlier on with your life and rewards intact. 

Up to four players can check it out online, using scorestreaks, Cold War weapons, equipment, and more to stop the undead from taking you out across numerous waves. The best part is that you can create your loadout that you start with in this mode.

If you do end up purchasing the full game in the future, that same loadout (with a few minor tweaks) can be used in online multiplayer as well, gun attachments and all. If that isn’t enough, there is a new game mode that launches in Zombies soon, and you can check it out there. 

Cranked and Onslaught Will Also Be Available

Cranked is a new mode for the experience, taking the normal game mode and adding a much more intense and stressful twist. The moment that a zombie enters the wave, a timer starts for every player in the match. When the timer hits zero, you are dead and out until the next round, so long as someone lives and beats the wave, of course.

To ensure that the timer doesn’t reach zero, you will have to kill a zombie or look for a unique power-up item. Lastly, the final mode that will be available is Onslaught, which is a PlayStation exclusive. Unfortunately, only players in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies free access period on PS4 or PS5 will be able to check this one out.

In this special Zombies experience, you can battle against the undead on the various multiplayer maps in Cold War. The catch is that you can only do this in duos, for some odd reason, and you’ll need to stay inside of an orb where it is safe from the damaging regions outside of it. 

Should you end up liking the Zombies mode in Cold War once the free period is up after a week, you can feel free to purchase the full game. The best part is that the progress you made during that time will carry over, so your level, camos, unlocked items, stats, and so on will remain. You can download the free Zombies experience right now on your platform of choice ahead of its start on Jan. 14. 


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