Black Ops Cold War Zombies Reveal Date Announced for This Week

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 28th 2020

Activision has revealed when players will finally get to find out about the new Zombies experience. The Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal date has now been set. It will have a full-length trailer for players to check out to debut the new Zombies mode in it.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Reveal Date Announced

The Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal date was announced by Twitter user NoahJ456 and not necessarily Activision or Treyarch. The popular content creator posted a short video clip on social media, revealing when we will see the full trailer and teasing us in the meantime.

Noah posted the teaser trailer after working together with the Call of Duty community to reveal details regarding the new Zombies experience. We have gotten teases and little hints at what could be coming to the new version of the undead mode in the future through it.

Today’s augmented reality puzzle was solved. It seems that it revealed the teaser trailer for the upcoming Zombies mode and the supposed full Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal date. That reveal date is coming relatively soon and will happen later this week.

According to the content creator, the Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal date is this Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 10 am PT. At that time, Activision will fully reveal the new Zombies experience through what seems to be a full-length trailer.

Teaser Trailer Released Today

It is uncertain if there will be more than just a trailer showing off the new Zombies mode or if there will be a livestream of sorts that will show off the first footage and maybe even show some gameplay. For now, though, we do know that there will be at least a trailer this week.

Alongside the Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal date, the puzzle today also showed off a quick glimpse of the trailer that we will get later this week. It is a very short teaser trailer that Noah showed off. It only covers roughly seven seconds or so of the new game mode.

It seems to be mostly a cinematic trailer, at least from the short teaser footage that we got, so it is honestly hard to tell anything from the teaser trailer other than it will be wild. It looks to be a cutscene mainly, showing off some intense undead action.

The players are shown fighting off the zombie horde with quick shots moving around and obstructed for the most part during the short clip. It is hard to see what all is going on or who exactly you will be playing as, but it is very gory and bloody all around.

Zombies Mode Seems Potentially Scarier Than Past Versions

The lighting is dark and spooky, and the zombies themselves seem scary compared to previous iterations. Overall, it is a rather horrifying trailer that feels more like a creepy horror film than in past Call of Duty games. It gives off a distinct vibe that we can only hope will translate to the game, too.

It would be exciting to see if the new Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War had a more horror-like feel to it that is terrifying and fun to play. Throughout the previous iterations, fighting the undead hasn’t been too scary outside of the sheer overwhelming nature of it at times.

If the creatures were made scarier like Resident Evil-style or something like that, it would certainly elevate the experience and make it truly unique compared to the modes we’ve had in the past. If you are interested in finding out more ahead of time, we already know some details about the Zombies mode.

Some rumors recently leaked details about the new Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War. Of course, this leak is reportedly true, so anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled should turn away now. It seems that there will be at least five maps for Zombies.

What Leaks Have Told Us About the Zombies Mode

The first of these is the return of the original Zombies map from World at War known as Nacht der Untoten that will be available in two different versions. There will be the original one that will look and play much like it did back then, but there will be an updated one, too, to make it more Cold War-centric.

There is also the rumor that the controversial TranZit map will be returning from Black Ops 2 for the first time. It made a massive departure from the past games, basically implementing more than one map into a large world connected by a bus transit system.

Though this author loves that Zombies map, many don’t like it, so it will be interesting to see how Treyarch brings it back and, hopefully, changes it some to make it more appealing for other players. The last returning map we know about Der Riese.

There are two original maps reportedly in Zombies, including Firebase Z based in Vietnam and a Berlin map. It also seems that players will have the chance to select operators as their characters for the experience, similar to Call of Duty Warzone and the usual multiplayer modes.

However, take all of this with a grain of salt since this is just a leak for now. It could be wrong. That said, we won’t have to wait too long to find out what the Zombies are all about since the Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal date is Sept. 30 at 10 am PT.


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