Black Ops Cold War Zombies Reveal: Cross-Play, Shared Progression, More

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 30th 2020

The time is finally here for the last piece of the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War puzzle to arrive. We already know about the singleplayer story campaign and the multiplayer, but we didn’t know about Zombies until now with the Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ release.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Reveal Detailed

The Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal is live now through a roughly eight-minute or so video showcase that Activision posted on YouTube. If you are interested in checking out the trailer and commentary for yourself, be sure to check out the YouTube video.

In the Black Ops Cold War Zombies reveal, developer Treyarch goes to work explaining what it is doing for the upcoming release of Zombies and how it will be different from the ones that we had in the past. The majority of the showcase focuses only on one map, so that is the only map confirmed.

That map is none other than Nacht der Untoten, the original Zombies map that debuted in Call of Duty World at War and started it all. Players will return to this classic map and experience it in a new and different way with better graphics, an expanded area size, and new story.

Though players will be returning to this fan-favorite map from the Call of Duty past, it will feature a brand new story in the Zombies universe. The ending of the Black Ops 4 Zombies plot is still canon, and everything that happened there remains true.

Cold War Zombies Will Start a New Chapter

However, the Black Ops Cold War Zombies story will follow on that by starting a brand new chapter in the plot that follows what seems to be a new wave of undead that center around some machine. This machine is likely causing the undead to return, despite what the heroes of Black Ops 4 did to stop them from ever coming back.

Players will follow a somewhat familiar cast of characters as they battle it out on Die Maschine, which seems to be the name of the new version of Nacht der Untoten with its expanded visuals and design. The team is known as Requiem, led by none other than Grigori Weaver of the original Black Ops fame.

It will take place in the 1980s, much like the rest of the Black Ops Cold War game’s singleplayer and multiplayer portions. It will still feature the same four-player cooperative experience as you would expect as you survive round after round against the undead in an abandoned World War 2 bunker.

However, it does seem that Requiem is not the only group that you will deal with in this Zombies experience as the Omega Group is known as their rival organization. It is unclear how these two groups will interact in the Zombies mode and if you will play as both groups or just one of them.

Cross-Play Will Be Available for Zombies

What we do know, though, is how the online play and progression systems will work in the upcoming 2020 iteration of Zombies. In an unsurprising but very welcome change of pace, Black Ops Cold War will be the first game to cross-play the Zombies game mode.

We already knew that the multiplayer section would have cross-play available, but it is reassuring to know that Zombies will benefit from this feature. No matter what platform (or generation) you are on, you will be able to survive and die with your pals all across the internet.

This open freedom style for Zombies will extend to the progression system as well. For the first time, players will find that their Zombies matches will progress the battle pass alongside the multiplayer and Call of Duty Warzone modes.

Suppose you are a fan of the Zombies mode and not necessarily playing multiplayer. In that case, you can benefit from the battle pass by earning experience and going through various tiers to unlock the rewards each season.

Progression Is Shared Across Zombies and Multiplayer

This is great news since you will be rewarded for what you enjoy doing in Black Ops Cold War instead of being locked out of rewards and items each season. Also, Treyarch promises that there will be free post-launch content added to Zombies over time.

If that isn’t enough, the freedom of this new Zombies experience will extend to even the loadout that you use in every match. Since the battle pass and general account level will work with Zombies, too, you will be able to choose your loadout at least somewhat when you join a match.

You will not start each match with a pistol and have to buy weapons to replace it quickly to survive, as you will start the match with apparently whatever weapon you want and already have unlocked in the game. If you want to start with an assault rifle or SMG, you are free to do that.

There seems to be a bit more welcoming to newcomers in Zombies with the Exfil option in matches. If your team isn’t going to win the match and survive, you can request extraction via a helicopter still to earn some rewards for your efforts on the map.

The return of Nacht der Untoten partially confirms the massive Zombies leak from before, so we fully expect this to be only one of several maps in the game. Other maps include the rumored return of Der Riese, a couple of new maps in Berlin and Vietnam, and much more.


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