Black Ops Cold War Zombies Content Teased for Season 3

by in Call of Duty | May, 14th 2021

Treyarch increased the Zombies hype with a Twitter post featuring a letter from what many fans think is Samantha Maxis, a key player in Cold War’s Dark Aether story. Previously, Treyarch has posted blueprints to a device that nobody has seen before, with both tweets holding the hashtag “Zombies.”

The Teasers

With the previous map Firebase Z being released during the second half of Season 2 in February, many fans have been wanting to get their hands on a new Zombies experience. While Outbreak did launch during Season 2 Reloaded, it didn’t live up to the expectations of the greater Zombies community, specifically with the fact that the areas players explored were reused from the Fireteam multiplayer mode.

The first teaser is a blueprint of a Beacon communications receiver. The image in question shows an orb-like device that seemingly plugs into the Dark Aether Beacon, which spawns in at the end of the main objective in Cold War’s Outbreak mode. With the confirmation that Cold War’s Outbreak mode was supposed to get the main quest this season, it seems clear that the teases from Treyarch’s Twitter hint at the reveal of an Outbreak Easter egg.

However, things become a little more muddled in the second teaser for Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Posted on Twitter, Treyarch released a letter written by Samantha Maxis, a key player in the Zombies story this game and a character player rescued during the Firebase Z main quest. 

The letter reads as follows: “He told me he was doing this for the motherland… For the good of us all. Omega is not who he is. He is alone, with no one to turn to. He found something in the mountains… a new operation. It scares him. He wants to meet, but I’m still here under observation. He fears the requiem’s “bureaucracy” will slow their response… and that it will come too late. I made a promise to him… for the good of us all. Requiem is not who I am. I am alone, with no one to turn to. This is the only way.” 

Treyarch also emphasized the “this is the only way” in their Twitter post showcasing the letter. Some of the lines in this post managed to stick out to players, mainly the “new operation” line and the “this is the only way” line, as a previous Zombies character, Richtofen, had said the line during the main quest for Black Ops 3’s Der Eisendrache. While this could be chalked up to the fact that the last proper Zombies map was in February, many expect a new map aside from the main quest promised for Outbreak.

Possibilities for the Main Quest & More

While many are speculative for what the main quest might hold for Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, some key clues can be deciphered through the teasers given to players by Treyarch. The communications receiver in the first teaser mentions being attached to the Aether Beacon in Outbreak. 

The wording on the bottom of the blueprint states that the receiver can pick up otherwise inaccessible frequencies. It’s more than likely that the receiver will be one of the earliest steps in the Easter egg for Outbreak, meaning that players will have to find the receiver, pick it up from a specific location, or even kill a boss zombie for it. And then attach it to the Beacon to properly start the Easter egg. 

Treyarch has also mentioned that exclusive Zombies Outbreak locations will make their way into the game mode soon. This could mean a proper location for the main quest, rather than complete the main quest on one of the several Fireteam maps that changed to accommodate the new Zombies mode. 

The new Outbreak location could also be taken from the letter in the second teaser, with the “new operation” line. However, the same could also be said with the round-based maps such as Firebase Z and Die Maschine. While some players are wary of Outbreak as a map, many wonder if the second teaser could also hint to the next Zombies map in the series that would possibly launch in conjunction with Outbreak as a map in the game. 

Some evidence to back this up is Ravenov’s mention of a new operation in the Ural mountains. It ruins the ongoing theory that players will see fan-favorite character Edward Richtofen in Cold War. He was confirmed to still be alive in some capacity at the end of Black Ops 4, which the Cold War is continuing its story. 

Ravenov’s mention of the Ural mountains is also the location of Ruka, the Fireteam and Outbreak map. If that happens to be the case, then the quote from Ravenov in Firebase Z would have confirmed this single mention of this location. The letter also mentions another operation in the mountains, while one could say that this is where the next Zombies map could be. However, thinking about the timeline between Firebase Z, the letter, and the upcoming content, the truth might just as well be that the upcoming content is the main quest for Cold War Zombies Outbreak. 

Players of the game have voiced their concern over the content given to them during the time Outbreak has held the spotlight, but the game has yet to get the main quest. With three months since the previous map, many are wary of the game mode and are holding out hope that fresh content will keep the game alive. The release schedule of maps has been significantly longer than any other Zombies content drops in the game’s history. 

Hopefully, on May 20, players will be happy with what Treyarch offers for Cold War Zombies Season 3 since there has been no actual mention of a new round-based Zombies map since the release of Firebase Z.


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