Black Ops Cold War Weapon XP Rates Permanently Increased to Address Concerns

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 1st 2020

Treyarch, the developer of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, has announced the latest update for the recently released game. Though it has only been out for a couple of weeks now, it has had many updates. The latest one is all about addressing the Black Ops Cold War weapon XP rates.

Another Patch Is Here for Cold War

Players can check out the latest downloadable update for the game right now on all platforms, both last generation and the new one. The update is one that you won’t find when you boot up your system ready to start downloading as it is a much smaller update.

This non-title update requires the player to hop into the game whenever they want. The game will quickly update the backend to ensure that you have the most up-to-date files. For us, it didn’t take too long at all to update the game this way since it was inside of the game itself.

Though this is a much smaller update that doesn’t require anything on your end other than waiting for a moment for it to finish, it brings some interesting changes to the overall Call of Duty gameplay experience to make it, hopefully, much better.

There are changes for the Black Ops Cold War weapon XP rates and some additional adjustments for Zombies and one of the multiplayer maps in particular. There isn’t a lot happening in this update, but everything changing and being updated is an integral part of the game.

Black Ops Cold War Weapon XP Rates Increased

It all starts with the Black Ops Cold War weapon XP rates adjusted in this minor update. One of the complaints that we have seen and experienced ourselves is that the Cold War weapons can level up at some rather slow rates overall.

There are two main level progression systems that you deal with in Black Ops Cold War: the overall account level you have and the individual weapon levels that all guns in the game have. Every single gun that you have has its unique level that goes up as you use it.

The account level is separate from your weapon level and has been mostly fine since the game came out. Still, the weapon progression has been something that many in the community have lamented for having less than stellar Black Ops Cold War weapon XP rates.

This is something that Treyarch has recognized and finally addressed in this update for the game. Players should now experience increased Black Ops Cold War weapon XP rates permanently across both the online multiplayer and the Zombies modes of the title.

This is a permanent change that will stick around for the game’s duration so players will be able to enjoy the improved weapon progression system. This will ensure that you can level up your favorite weapons much faster than you were able to before.

For instance, I played some Cold War last night and already experienced some of these changes firsthand. I had a secondary weapon that was a bit lower leveled in the teens range. It took me quite a while to get to that point since I didn’t use it often.

After only a couple of matches, it was already level 24 and had gone up more than six levels in a time that was unheard of before this change. The Black Ops Cold War weapon XP rates increase seems substantial and should help address the players’ concerns.

Other Changes in This Update

But this update wasn’t only about the increased Black Ops Cold War weapon XP rates. It also changed up Zombies and addressed two significant issues that players were having with this game mode. The first has to do with the weapon XP as well, but specifically for Zombies.

Many players were experiencing lowered weapon XP rates from doing Zombies matches that kept them from leveling up their weapons fast enough, especially when it comes to playing matches solo or dealing with the later rounds.

According to Treyarch, this issue has been fixed, plus the overall increased weapon XP, so Zombies should be a more viable way of leveling up your weapons now. The other fixed Zombies issue has to do with fixing the Napalm Burst ammo mod not consistently awarding weapon XP when you have it equipped; that should be taken care of now.

Finally, the final change in this update has to do with the recent Nuketown 84 map in Black Ops Cold War as the first post-launch new map. There was a problem with a specific location on this map that players could exploit.

Players were able to head to an unspecified out-of-bounds area on the Nuketown map that had a gap in which you were not forced back into the match like you usually would and could keep you safe from the other players.

This area wasn’t too beneficial in most game modes except for stuff like Search & Destroy, where you have only one life to live. You want to take out all of the opponents when possible. Fortunately, with no Infection game mode, it couldn’t be too useful for now. Regardless, it has been subsequently fixed and should no longer be a problem for players on the Nuketown 84 map.


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