Black Ops Cold War Standoff, Die Hardpoint, More Release in Midseason 3 Update

by in Call of Duty | May, 19th 2021

Treyarch has released the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Reloaded update for players to download and install right now. You can go ahead and install the update now, ahead of the actual release of the new content later this week, including the Black Ops Cold War Standoff map and more. 

The Season 3 Reloaded update is the standard midseason update that Treyarch has gotten into the groove of releasing. Basically, players are able to enjoy content not just at the start of the season, but a huge batch of new additions in the middle of the season as well, like right now. 

The new content that has been added in this latest patch version includes new maps for players to check out in the multiplayer portion of Cold War, some new game modes to enjoy, a new limited time event, weapon changes, and a whole lot more. Let’s take a look. 

Black Ops Cold War Standoff and Duga Maps Arrive

There are two main maps that players can check out this week, including the long-awaited arrival of the Black Ops Cold War Standoff map. Standoff is one of the most famous and beloved maps in the Black Ops series, and for good reason, and it is here now for players in multiplayer. 

When the update goes live at 9 pm PT on May 19 (May 20 for much of the world), players will be able to revisit this fan favorite location in an updated format. It is not only one a beloved location in the community, but Treyarch itself is proud of the iconic status of this particular map. 

As such, the arrival of the Black Ops Cold War Standoff map is exciting, with one of the best Black Ops 2 multiplayer locations now here. According to Treyarch, it plays just like it did back then and players will be able to enjoy the location in a variety of game modes. 

It will feature the standard six on six multiplayer from Cold War as players visit this famous destination that is also featured in the Verdansk 84 map in Call of Duty Warzone. The game modes that are available for the map include the standard ones of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint. 

In fact, to help players out there, there is going to be a limited time game mode playlist known as Black Ops Cold War Standoff 24/7 where you will be able to play exclusively on this map here. It will include that variety of game modes available for nonstop action on the map.

But it is not the only new map this week in multiplayer. The other one is known as Duga and this location may also be familiar to some players in Cold War. Duga already released at the start of season 3, but only for the Zombies side of the game.

Outbreak players could already check out Duga and see what this massive location is all about. But, now, it is also available for the standard multiplayer side in the Multi-Team Fireteam modes. It is one of the largest maps that Treyarch has ever created, so it will be a welcome addition to the Fireteam content. 

New Game Modes: Die Hardpoint and Multi-Team Elimination

Joining the new maps in this update, like Black Ops Cold War Standoff, are two new game modes as well. First up is a new game mode for Fireteam that is known as Multi-Team Elimination. This new game mode will be available for all of the existing Fireteam maps, including the new Duga one. 

This is only the third game mode for Fireteam and it is quite different from the more objective-based other modes. This one is solely focused on the eliminations side and staying alive for as long as you can. To be clear, this is almost like a mini-battle royale game mode, similar to Rebirth Island in Warzone. 

Taking place on the large Fireteam maps, 10 squads of four players each drop into this mode and have to survive to be the last team standing. There are respawns in this mode, but they are severely limited to ensure that death is going to be a bit more permanent in this mode. 

In addition, your loadouts will be restricted in this mode, so you will need to search around the map for weapons, scorestreaks, armor, and other items to use to combat against the enemy. On each map, there are going to be radiation zones, like usual, but they will be expanding throughout the match. 

You will have to combat the dangerous areas of the map while dealing with the other nine teams that are competing against you to win. As for how you win in this intense new game mode, it is mainly up to two main methods: being the last team standing or the alternative solution. 

If you don’t want to compete against the other teams to be the last one standing, your other method of winning is to board the chopper that appears in the final safe zone of the match first. If you are able to do this, it doesn’t matter how teams are left as you will automatically win. 

We expect this new Fireteam Elimination game mode to be one of the most exhilarating and crazy ones to date, blending together the maps from this side of Cold War with the survival mechanics of Warzone in a way. It is not at all what we expected from Fireteam Elimination, as we thought it would be a take on Team Deathmatch, so players should keep that in mind. 

There is a new limited time 80s Action Heroes event that is happening in Cold War with the launch of this update. With it comes the release of the crossover characters in this and Warzone, and a whole bunch of challenges and rewards for players to collect. 

As part of this event, there are two new game modes that are launching, starting with one this week and another in the near future. The first one up is Die Hardpoint, celebrating the crossover with the Die Hard series of films. This is going to be a special take on the standard Hardpoint game mode. 

It will follow the same general rules of Hardpoint where you want to control the point to earn a score for your team to then win the match if you have the most at the end, or you reach 200 (instead of the usual 250) first. However, there is a huge twist here that shakes up the normal formula for this mode. 

It will be similar to another explosive limited time mode in that capturing a point will grant you a movement speed boost, but it will set a timer to 30 seconds. If that timer hits zero, you will explode. Fortunately, you can pause and extend the timer, depending on the actions that you do. 

For every elimination that you get in Die Hardpoint, you will get 15 seconds added to your timer for a max of 30 seconds. Furthermore, defending your team’s point will also pause the timer so that you are able to stay alive while you are still defending the location. 

But the buffs do not end with just the speed boost that you get from capturing a point. You will also get up to four other buffs from any kills that you get after that initial one, including a boost to your weapon handling, ADS speed, slide speed, and a larger explosion when you die.

There are some changes for other game modes as well in this update, including the new Black Ops Cold War Standoff map, The Pines, and Moscow being added to the 12v12 Moshpit mode. When it comes to Control, the default overtime rules now use the objectives captured to determine who the defending team will be. 

For Search & Destroy, the bomb site letters on the Raid map have been swapped to match the letters for Control. The locations themselves have not changed at all, but the letters have. As such, you may want to look carefully before you call out for your team to head to site A and so on. 

Weapon Balances

While you are out and about on the Standoff map or checking out the new game modes in Cold War, you should know that this update contains some of the most extensive weapon balances that we’ve seen. In fact, it is so crazy that weapons are having their own entire changes in Zombies alone. 

But, when it comes to multiplayer, one of the key weapon changes has to do with the sniper rifle category. All sniper rifles have been changed with the goals of better defining them. To do this, there is a custom flinch created for snipers that happens when hit while using the weapon. It is more pronounced when you are aiming down the sights with the rifle. 

Momentum has been adjusted for each rifle as well to give them all their own unique feel. This is felt when you are quickly switching between aiming down the sights and not, but before you fully return to the hipfire position. Heavier sniper rifles will have a slower return to ADS.

The Tundra is the baseline weapon for the category, being flexible and capable of one-hit kills but being pretty fast in terms of aiming as well. There are stat changes to it, too, increasing the bullet velocity and decreasing the ADS momentum at the same time. 

When it comes to the Pelington 703, this is the fast moving rifle for players who want to keep moving at all times. To help with this, the sprint to fire speed has been increased, but the reduced bullet velocity and increased time to aim down the sights will nerf it some. 

From there, we come to the Charlie sniper rifle that is a semi-auto. There are some changes here to really define what this weapon is, with increased potential for one-hit kills to the mid-torso, increased ADS speed, increased momentum for ADS, reduced momentum in, and reduced firing speed. 

ZRG 20mm is the immensely powerful rifle that is also one of the latest in this category. But it also means it is slow and that is only amplified some here, with the reduced ADS speed and reduced bullet velocity. But it does have increased ADS out momentum coupled with reduced ADS in momentum. It will also deal extra damage, within a huge range of 1100-2200 damage, to vehicles and scorestreaks. 

Then we come to the Swiss K31 that now has 25% less flinch than the other rifles and slightly reduced bullet velocity to make it the quick handling sniper rifle. From there, we come to the assault rifle guns, starting with the popular Krig 6. 

The Krig 6 has been boosted in this update with increased bullet velocity and some minor changes to a couple of attachments. The AK-47 now has an insane boost to bullet velocity while the FFAR 1 has increased damage, but reduced velocity. 

The Groza now has a reduced headshot multiplier but increased bullet velocity. For the QBZ-83, the bullet velocity is simply increased some. For the FARA 83, there are several changes, like increased headshot, increased bullet velocity, reduced max damage, and reduced min damage. And lastly, the XM4 has significantly increased bullet velocity. 

For the LMGs category, you are going to see increased bullet velocity for them as well. For the three pistols, they have increased bullet velocity, too, to boost them. The R1 Shadowhunter crossbow is the final weapon in multiplayer to get some changes and it now has sniper flinch, being the only weapon not a sniper rifle to have this. But this should help balance out this powerful killer weapon. 

That is for the main new content and changes in the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Reloaded update. The midseason update is still jam-packed full of other minor changes and content for Zombies, multiplayer, and more, so be sure to check out the full patch notes here if you would like to see everything that is new. 


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