Black Ops Cold War Snipers Only Moshpit and Other Playlists Drop This Week

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 29th 2021

Treyarch, the developers behind the online multiplayer segment of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, has announced the latest additions to the game for this week. Some new and returning playlists this week in the game, including the new Black Ops Cold War Snipers Only Moshpit. 

Latest Weekly Call of Duty Playlists Announced

With the latest weekly playlists, players know what to look forward to in the game. Treyarch has always revealed this information on its Twitter account rather than making a whole blog post or press release for just the new modes this week. 

There are two main new playlists this week, while the rest of the special playlists are returning ones that we have had for a little while now. The two new ones aren’t ground-breaking, but they will be favorites automatically for a couple of different groups of players. 

Following the trend that has been used for a little while now, the new playlists are dropping in the game towards the end of the workweek, giving players something new to look forward to as we head into the weekend and many players have some time off to check them out. 

If that isn’t enough, this week is pretty impressive, given that we are going to get a massive new update for the game next week that will bring with it some new game modes, new maps for players to check out, including the Firebase Z Zombies location, and more. Until then, here is what’s new this week in Black Ops Cold War. 

What You Need to Know About Cold War Snipers Only Moshpit

The first of the two new playlists available this week is the new Black Ops Cold War Snipers Only Moshpit one. We have had sniper rifle-focused game modes in the past with Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War, but this one might be the best one to date. 

In the past, we had Snipers Only Gunfight, where players could play this competitive mode with only sniper rifles in the pool of available weapons, but that isn’t the case this time around. Many players don’t like the fast-paced or smaller nature of Gunfight, so this might be for you.

In the Black Ops Cold War Snipers Only Moshpit, you have a particular group of game modes brought together with a common theme: sniper rifles. You’ll find the basics here like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and the like that you would find just about anywhere else in Cold War. 

But the catch is this: you will only be able to use sniper rifles in the new Black Ops Cold War Snipers Only Moshpit playlist. It means that no matter what game mode you are in, you are restricted to these types of weapons. 

So, fans of sniper rifles will likely find a lot to love in the new Moshpit game mode as it puts the focus solely on that. It means that you will likely have to either pick a different loadout or form one from scratch that will meet this playlist’s requirements. 

How the Black Ops Cold War Snipers Only Moshpit playlist works is that it has Team Deathmatch and Domination together in one group with a ton of different six on six multiplayer maps in the game. The game mode and map will be randomly chosen and voted on by the players in the lobby. 

Then you will hop into the match and either go after kills and/or objectives, depending on which game mode and map is chosen. But your only weapons of arsenal in doing so are the sniper rifles. This is especially great since the rifles are amazing in Cold War.

While sniper rifles weren’t the best in Modern Warfare, Treyarch could reel them back in and make them viable again in multiplayer settings. We can see that in the immense focus on them in unique game modes like this one. This mode will make Domination enjoyable as that is generally pretty close-ranged, so be prepared for some crazy sniper fights in this new playlist.

Sanatorium 24/7 and Returning Playlists

Let’s say that you are someone who doesn’t like sniper rifles all that much. Well, fortunately for you, there is another new playlist that is available this week: Sanatorium 24/7. It is the latest map that dropped a couple of weeks ago for the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode. 

The third map in that playlist has been a fan favorite, but it has been hard to get in matches for some players even though it is brand new. Fortunately, the Sanatorium 24/7 is here to help with that as you are guaranteed to be thrown into a match that is on that new map so you can play it to your heart’s content. 

Beyond that, other returning playlists will be sticking around in the game for the next week at least. There is the Raid plus Crossroads Strike 24/7 playlist where you can check out two of the best multiplayer maps available at this time, so you can’t go wrong with it.

For those Nuketown fans, there is Nuketown 24/7 for playing various game modes on that map nonstop. There is Gunfight, of course, for those of you who like this aforementioned mode, Face Off for playing other game modes on the Gunfight maps, and Prop Hunt that feels like a permanent game mode at this point. 


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