Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Is Here: Deprogram, Amerika, More

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 6th 2021

The end is nigh with the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 6. The final season that is connecting the fifth mainline Black Ops title with Call of Duty Warzone is here. It is time for what is possibly the final batch of major new post-launch content for Cold War in its lifecycle. 

Cold War Season 6 Is Here: New Weapons and Battle Pass

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 arrives on October 7, likely in the evening on that day, or perhaps at midnight local time on October 6. Regardless of when it drops, players will have the chance to check out what could be the final bit of content, or at least the start of it, for this immensely popular game. 

Call of Duty Vanguard is just around the corner, with less than a month to go until its release, so many players are looking towards that game. However, if you are still playing tons of Cold War, you may be happy to know that this is one of the most jam-packed seasons of content to date. 

The Black Ops Cold War Season 6 patch notes begin with the new battle pass that players will progress through with 100 tiers of content in total to unlock. There are new characters, skins, weapons, cosmetics, and more that you will be able to receive, including both free and paid items. 

On the paid side of the situation, if you pick up the premium version of the Season 6 battle pass, you will receive the new and long-awaited operator, Alex Mason, as soon as you purchase it. You can then go through all 100 tiers and receive items, including weapon blueprints, Call of Duty points, other operator skins, and much more. 

However, if you do not want to spend your money on the new battle pass, that is alright, as you will still enjoy a breadth of free items available to you, including some new weapons to unlock. As always, two new weapons are in the battle pass this season. 

The first is the .410 Ironhide shotgun that is dropping in the game, finally giving players a new way to blast opponents in close and personal situations. This powerful new shotgun will be unlocked in the new season when you reach tier 15 of the battle pass, regardless of whether or not you own the paid version. 

Next up, the Grav assault rifle will be available to players at tier 31 in the battle pass. It will be a little bit of a grind to get there at first, but it will be worth it for what looks to be a strong new addition to the already insanely packed AR category in Cold War. 

The third weapon available at the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is the battle axe melee weapon. This new weapon will be a fan favorite for its wild and brutal nature, and you can unlock it at the launch of the season through the in-game challenge for free or by purchasing the weapon blueprint bundle for it. 

Then, later on in the season, two more weapons will arrive for players to check out. Starting on October 19, there is a new The Haunting event, which will allow players to unlock the new LAPA SMG, plus the Hammer & Sickle melee weapon. 

And for those of you who happened to miss out on the last weapons that were unlockable, like the EM2, Tec-9, and Sai, you will be able to get those through some in-game challenges this season. There are also four new prestige levels that you can unlock at launch for the diehard players out there. 

New Multiplayer Maps

There are three brand new multiplayer maps at the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 6 that players will be able to visit, which is quite impressive on its own, but there could even be more down the road. What is fascinating about the maps this time around is that they are all brand new ones. 

Treyarch has mostly done throughout the seasons thus far by introducing new maps, like Apocalypse and The Pines, and throwing in some fan-favorite classics to join them. This time around, though, the grand finale means it is time for Treyarch to make some brand new originals. 

The first one is the Deprogram map, which is by far the most bizarre and interesting of the bunch. It is touted as a medium map that takes place inside Adler’s brain as he is being stabilized by Alex Mason and Hudson, as seen in the trailer for the Season 6 release date

Taking place in his mind, this means that Deprogram will be a pretty unstable map that you will be visiting. Treyarch is describing it as a unique multiplayer experience in Black Ops history. It sure sounds like it, too, as the map takes place over different areas. 

Taking The Red Doors feature to a whole new level, this map will feature them and allow players to teleport in and out of the action instantly. What you will be switching in and out of, though, are the actual memories of Adler, including his time in Vietnam and his encounter with Stitch at The Pines. 

This tells us that it is likely that Deprogram will feature multiple different areas that are separate from one another and chaotic that you will visit through the doors. Deprogram is a fascinating new locale that players will be able to try out later this week. 

Next up is Amerika, a map that I am surprised took Treyarch this long to release. I remember playing the level of the singleplayer campaign that is likely based around this locale. It seemed perfect for a multiplayer map, and not only that but one that would be at the launch and a mainstay. 

But we are finally getting Amerika with the Soviet training facility used in the campaign. You will see familiar locations, plenty of references to American culture, and more at this new multiplayer map that should have been in the game before. 

Last but not least, this week, we have Gluboko making its debut. This is a much smaller map that is meant for Gunfight and Face Off as one of the tinier maps out there. Taking place in a KGB headquarters vault, Treyarch is teasing that this map is insane with six players on each team in Face Off, so get ready for that. 

To help players get adjusted to the new destinations, some new multiplayer playlists in Black Ops Cold War Season 6 accompany them. Oddly enough, there are no new game modes this season, but that is ultimately alright given the rest of the content in the season. 

Deprogram 24/7 will arrive for players looking to check that out. Face Off Gluboko 24/7 will also be here for Gunfight fans and other new playlists. There is also The Haunting event that you can look forward to on October 19, including more game modes and a spooky Halloween version of a classic map. Is it Nuketown? Raid? Something else? We will have to wait and see. 

Cold War Zombies Finale Is Here

For Zombies fans out there, everything is lining up for Black Ops Cold War Season 6 to be the best one for you potentially. Given that this is the spooky season and the final Zombies map that Treyarch will ever create for Cold War, it is a great time to be a fan of this game mode. 

The Requiem and Omega groups are facing off in a showdown in the map known as Forsaken where players will encounter the final round-based Zombies map in this game. It is also the conclusion to the opening chapter of the new Dark Aether story arc that began with this title. 

The general story is that Omega has attempted to lure the Forsaken into this dimension, using a test site in Ukraine that will be the center stage for this fight. You will use some new additions to the Zombies experience to stop the Omega group and win the showdown. 

This includes the latest Wonder Weapon and one of the most unique in history with the Chrysalax. It comes in two different forms, depending on what situation you may want to use it in. The first is the Chyrsalax Savager, an axe that can launch a spinning energy blade into the air. 

However, you can also transform it into the Storm version, which will let you use it as a rapid-fire energy weapon. There are two new support weapons, too, with the Hand Cannon and ARC-XD making their debuts. Zombies fans will also enjoy the 10th and final Zombies perk with the classic PhD Slider.

For those unfamiliar with this beloved perk, the base ability is that you can slide into enemies to trigger an explosion that will increase in size and damage the farther you slide before crashing into an enemy. Upgrading the perk will reduce damage to yourself, increase your slide speed, and much more. 

This new round-based Zombies map will also come with new challenges, new operator missions, and some seasonal challenges. The main quest for Forsaken will drop soon after the launch of season 6, so you will not have to wait long to find out the end of this storyline. 

For PlayStation users, the Onslaught exclusive game mode (but not exclusive for too much longer) will be amped up with the addition of Deprogram as a new map and the new Onslaught Elite game mode, where you will be able to unlock a new weapon blueprint. 

Weapon Balancing Changes

There is also some weapon balancing changes to Black Ops Cold War Season 6 that will shake up some of the recent meta in the game. Starting with the very popular EM2 gun from last season, this weapon is being nerfed considerably, including reduced damage, increased vertical recoil, and nerfs for the Task Force Barrel attachment. 

The C58 is mainly changing up some of the attachments for this weapon to make them more useful in battle, especially for the STANAG 60 round drum attachment. Like the EM2, last season’s TEC-9 was a very popular weapon that has dominated the meta. 

It is being nerfed some, too, with reduced aiming down the sights speed, reduced sprint to fire speed, weapon swap speed, and an increased penalty for using the Burst Fire Repeater muzzle attachment that allows you to take full advantage of the versatile SMG weapon. 

The KSP 45 has reduced headshot damage now, but it has increased damage when using the Task Force barrel attachment. For the LC10, it also has its headshot damage multiplier reduced. On the pistol side, the Marshal has, thankfully, been nerfed considerably. 

The max damage range is much lower, the firing speed is slower, and the range penalty on the Dragon’s Breath attachment is increased, hopefully fixing one of the more problematic weapons in the game right now. 

On the shotgun side of gameplay, all shotguns now have increased effective damage range bonus on the Ranger Barrel attachments, potentially to counter the Marshal some. For the Hauer 77, specifically, there is now a slightly longer visual shake for the gun after you have fired. 

And last but not least, for the weapon changes, the Nail Gun now does double the damage to the head and neck. For the Streetsweeper, there is more dramatic visual weapon movement when you are firing this weapon. For more on the Black Ops Cold War Season 6 patch notes, be sure to check right here for the full list of changes and smaller additions. 


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