Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded Revealed: Rush, Capture the Flag, More

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 12th 2021

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is getting ready for the next iteration of content with the Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update release. This new patch will bring with it tons of new content, almost on par with a brand new season, including new maps, game modes, and much more. 

The Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update will arrive on July 13 before the start of the actual season so that players can prepare ahead of time and have enough time to install the patch. The actual season will begin on July 15, where the new content will drop

Keep in mind that the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update will be a significant one, clocking in from 11GB all the way to well over 20GB and more if you include the actual space you need open to start the process. You can find the full list of download sizes for this update below:

  • PS5: 17.9GB
  • PS4: 14.5GB
  • Xbox Series X/S: 21.3GB
  • Xbox One: 11.4GB
  • PC: 13GB without the HD pack or 21.2GB with the HD pack
  • Also, PC players require 63.2-111.5GB of temporarily free space that will not actually be used

Cold War Season 4 Reloaded: Mauer der Toten Finally Arrives

The Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded content begins with the most important part for many players: a new Zombies map. Cold War launched with only one traditional Zombies map, and that was Die Maschine, and we have only had one addition to that number since then. 

The number of round-based maps is just appalling in this game compared to past Zombies modes in the franchise, and that number was not made up for with the Outbreak and Onslaught game modes, either. Fortunately, that is being rectified here with the new Mauer der Toten map

The third round-based Zombies map looks to potentially be the best one yet as you and your squad are taken captive by Kravchenko, and you need to follow his orders. This new map is the latest part of the Zombies storyline, taking place after the Operation Excision mission in Outbreak. 

Mauer der Toten takes place in a war-torn version of Berlin in the 1980s after a zombie invasion has taken over the entire city. There is a lot of new content on this massive map, including the neon streets of Berlin at night, various landmarks, and buildings that you can explore.

One of the most notable features of the upcoming Mauer der Toten Zombies map is the U-Bahn train that will carry undead passengers to areas unknown, hinting that you will possibly ride it, too, and give off some Tranzit vibes for sure.

However, the players will not be alone in this new map as you will have the unique option to activate the robot companion Klaus to help you out in your fight to survive in Berlin. You will also see the long-awaited return of the Mule Kick Perk-a-Cola machine.

This machine will allow players to carry around three weapons instead of the usual two available in Zombies. Fortunately, Mauer der Toten will not be the only one to benefit from this returning vending machine as it will be releasing the other round-based maps and Outbreak, too. 

But the Mule Kick does not end with just adding a third weapon slot to your inventory, as you will be able to upgrade it through five skill tiers for new equipment and ammo benefits. The Mule Kick is sure to change up Zombies gameplay considerably as teams can now have more guns to switch through in difficult firefights. 

A new tactical equipment item will be available in Mauer der Toten and all of the other maps at the crafting table known as the LT53 Kazimir grenade. This classic weapon will open up a black hole and suck in any unfortunate undead enemies who are too close. Players can jump in, too, if they want to find out where it leads. 

A new wonder weapon will drop in this Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update, too, known as the CRBR-S. It is an energy-based pistol that has an extra shot when you fire. But you can upgrade and customize it into three different variants. 

There are new Requiem Advancement challenges that will be released in this update, including some unique to Mauer der Toten. These include rewards like new calling cards and more. 

PlayStation players who like the Onslaught mode have a new map that will be dropping for it, apparently the Collateral one. The actual map was not confirmed, but the screenshot shown looks to be the Season 4 Collateral multiplayer map destination. 

Beyond that, there is also a limited-time game mode and a new legendary SMG weapon blueprint coming to Onslaught. The new map Rush (more on this in a moment) is also coming to the game mode and the Onslaught Accelerated version. 

Multiplayer Content: Rush Debuts

If you are not a Zombies fan, you will be happy to know that there is plenty of new multiplayer content in the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update, too. It all starts with a single new multiplayer map coming to the game, and it is the latest remastered one from Black Ops 2. 

We already got Hijacked at the start of the fourth season, but the nostalgia train is not stopping anytime soon with the release of the beloved close quarters map Rush. Rush is unique as the maps from Black Ops 2 to date thus far in Cold War have been among the base maps, whereas Rush is from the Vengeance DLC pack. 

This remastered version of the close combat paintball location will feature six on six matches. It mainly focuses on those short-range conflicts, but there is room for longer-range fights with some of the exterior structures. Rush will have an assortment of game modes available for it. 

These will include the usual core game modes of Domination, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and the like in most other six on six multiplayer maps. However, it will also be featured in the Hardcore variant of Cold War for players who like that more stripped-down, hardcore experience. 

It will also be available in private game matches for those players who want to hang out with their friends and get some practice for the public matches. Unfortunately, it does look like Rush will be joining Hijacked as the only two Black Ops 2 remastered maps not featured in League Play. 

New Game Modes

This new Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded patch would not be complete without some game modes. There are two of them that you can look forward to. The first is a tried-and-true classic finally making its debut in Black Ops Cold War: Capture the Flag. 

Capture the Flag is the original multiplayer game mode that so many associate with objective-based modes. Dating back to the first Call of Duty multiplayer experience, CTF will debut in Cold War with the same general gameplay that you would expect here. 

It is a competitive objective mode where the two teams have a single flag that is at their home base on the map. The idea is to go to the enemy base, take their flag from them, and deliver it to your home base. However, it is not just a game of attacking but defense as well. 

After all, you have to not only worry about grabbing the enemy flag from the other team’s base but protecting your flag from being taken by the enemies who need it. This dual system of having some players attack the enemy base and take their flag while some are playing defensive and protecting your base. 

To help with this method of objectives, no team can score with the enemy flag at their home base until their flag is returned. This could lead to situations where both teams have the enemy flag in their possession, and neither can score until someone tracks the enemy down and takes them out. 

There is a short respawn timer to make every life count in the Capture the Flag game mode. This should discourage players from recklessly charging into the enemy base as they will be out if they die for several precious seconds. 

The next new game mode in Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded is the Paintball Moshpit. Rush is the paintball multiplayer map, so it stands to reason that we should finally get a game mode that is all about turning Cold War into a different type of experience. 

The new Paintball Moshpit will take Rush and some of the other maps from the game and turn multiplayer into a mash of paintball visual effects and impact sounds. It will be across different maps and game modes alike, adding a cartoonish but fun style to the already existing content. 

Some new playlists will drop this season as well that are not necessarily new game modes but bring together content that we already know and love. For starters, Rush 24/7 will arrive to offer you the chance to check out this new map nonstop while the limited-time playlist is around across different game modes. 

Cranked Moshpit is the other new playlist that will arrive soon, offering a mix of Cranked game modes in one interesting and crazy experience. Players will have various maps chosen for the three Cranked game mode options of Cranked Hardpoint, Cranked Team Deathmatch, and Cranked Kill Confirmed. 

Two New Weapons

Making Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded seems even more like a full-on new season because two new weapons will be dropping as well. The first of these is the brand new SMG weapon offered in the category for players to test out: the OTs 9. 

The OTs 9 is a fully automatic SMG weapon that is powerful and impressively fast, even when compared to its competitors in the category. What players will find is that it is closest to the Bullfrog in its use, but some slight differences set the two close combat weapons apart. 

It has similar damage and fire rate, though it is more powerful and slightly faster than the Bullfrog; what players will find is its extremely low magazine capacity. It only has 20 rounds per magazine by default, which is not a lot but enough to deal with a couple of players. 

However, if you want to get more firepower out of this weapon, you may want to attach some magazine mods to get it to 30 or even 40 rounds per magazine clip. The OTs 9 is geared up to be among the best SMGs in the game, so players should beware of its power. 

You can unlock it through an in-game challenge (we’ll be sure to have a guide for it soon) or by purchasing one of the weapon blueprint bundles that contain it in the store. 

The other new weapon in this update is the Mace melee weapon. If you did not have enough melee options already, this is the newest one. It features, well, a mace that you can use to bludgeon enemies instantly to death. It will also have an in-game challenge to unlock it, or you can purchase the Mystic’s Scepter bundle in the store to get it instantly. 


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