Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Is Here: Collateral, Sat-Link, More

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 17th 2021

As revealed by the Summer Game Fest, it is finally time for a new season of content for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Black Ops Cold War Season 4 is here. It comes with a lot of new content, including new multiplayer maps, game modes, operator skins, and so much more. 

Black Ops Cold War Season 4: New Operators, Weapons

To kick off the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 patch notes that we have assembled, based on the announcement by Treyarch, there are new operator skins that are coming in this season. Once more this season, the operator leading the battle pass is none other than a villain character known as Jackal.  

Yet another operative working for Perseus is arriving with his menacing metal mask equipped and ready to fight. You will get him immediately upon purchasing the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 battle pass and can unlock the ultra-rare version of his skin at tier 100 (ultra-rare skins will be revealed soon).

Next up is Salah, part of the NATO faction, dropping later in the season. The Egyptian operator will likely be part of a bundle in the store and not the battle pass later in the season. The other new operator is Weaver for the NATO faction, who will drop later in the season. 

Five new weapons will launch in Black Ops Cold War Season 4. It all begins with the long-awaited release of a new LMG: the MG 82. This is a fully automatic LMG with the highest rate of fire in the class and great aiming speed. 

It has only moderate recoil and damage with a large magazine. You will be able to unlock this weapon for free through the season 4 battle pass at tier 15. This is available to everyone, so you do not have to purchase the premium version to get the new LMG weapon. 

Then there is the C58 assault rifle that is also part of the free battle pass version and available at tier 31. This new assault rifle is a fully automatic one with high damage at closer ranges but with a slower fire rate than others. It has fast bullet velocity and not too much recoil but not a lot of ammo, either. 

It sounds like the C58 is a pretty weird gun as it could have been a tactical rifle-like AR, but it sounds like it is more focused on close combat. However, the problem with that is that it does not fire that fast, making for a really weird weapon overall. 

Then there is the return of the nail gun from Black Ops 3 with this retro version of the special SMG weapon. It will be available at launch, but given the special nature of this weapon, we do not expect it to be available in League Play. 

Next up is another SMG, but a more traditional one, with the OTs 9 arriving later in the season. It has an excellent rate of fire and some moderate recoil, but the damage and speed it has will devastate opponents. However, the catch is that it only has 20 rounds per clip, so it will be a risky weapon to use without the right attachments. 

And last but not least, there is the Mace melee weapon. It will come later on in the season with a seasonal challenge to complete to unlock this latest iteration for instant kills up close. 

Four New Multiplayer Maps

Certainly, one of the most important parts of the new Black Ops Cold War Season 4 is the release of four new multiplayer maps. First up, we have the brand new map in the form of Collateral. It will have two versions, Collateral for 12 on 12 matches and Collateral Strike for normal six on six matches. 

Taking place in the desert in Algeria, a CIA satellite has crashed into an abandoned village. It is now time to take the fight there. This is only the second new desert map in Cold War after the ill-fated satellite that is not that good of a map, so it looks like Collateral could make up for that. 

The village in the desert has various buildings that you can visit, plus the large oil drill operation and the surrounding desert dunes. It is a decently large map in the normal version with even aerial vehicles included, but the Strike reduces it to a more core gameplay experience. 

It will be available in the core game modes for Collateral Strike, while the normal Collateral will be available in the Combined Arms game modes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the new map of Amsterdam. This is a smaller locale that is meant for the Gunfight game modes. 

Two on two and three on three matches will be played here in this close combat location on the rooftops of Amsterdam featured in one of the main story campaign missions of Cold War. Fans of the smaller, competitive Gunfight experiences will likely enjoy what Amsterdam has to offer this season. 

Next up, we have another six on six map and a fan favorite from Black Ops history: Hijacked. The beloved location from Black Ops 2 is making its long-awaited return in this remastered version. Taking place on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, the entire map includes, well, the whole boat. 

It is a close combat frenzy with tight sections and the ends of the ship where there will be lots and lots of fights over objectives. Hijacked is only the fourth map originally released in Black Ops 2 to appear in Cold War thus far, so we expect Treyarch to do a lot with it. 

After all, the first three — Raid, Express, and Standoff — are major parts of the competitive experience as useful maps in League Play and the Call of Duty League. Hijacked will be available for the core six on six game modes. We expect to see it possibly show up in ranked play as well, though that has not been confirmed yet. 

Those three maps are available at the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 4, but there is one more coming later on down the road: Rush. Another Black Ops 2 map will release midway through the season as a remastered version of the classic paintball-inspired location. 

Given that Rush will come later down the road, I do not expect it to be in the Call of Duty League so late into the season, but I could see the close combat arena come to League Play at the very least. It will be available for traditional six on six multiplayer game modes when it releases. 

Some Brand New Game Modes

These new multiplayer maps would not be complete without some brand new game modes to play them on, and that is what is happening with Black Ops Cold War Season 4. Three new game modes are coming out this season, and the first is for the Fireteam mode. 

Though it looks like there is no new Fireteam map this time around, there is a new game mode known as Sat-Link. This multi-team mode will see 10 squads of four players each battle it out as they try to upload some crucial data to the satellites in orbit above. 

The game mode works because the teams will appear on the map and have a place marked for them to go. There, they will find their Sat-Link that they will need to power up and defend. Keeping your satellite online will earn you points that will go towards winning in the match. 

Not much else is known about the mode other than that, like if every team will have a satellite or if some teams will compete for the same point. Regardless, it is nice to see another objective-based mode join Fireteam for the next season. 

The next new game mode is more of a party one that will be available at launch: One in the Chamber. This classic game mode is what it sounds like, with every player being given either a 1911 or the Magnum pistol in this free-for-all mode with only one bullet. 

That bullet, though, is guaranteed to take another player out if you can land it anywhere on their body. The only way to get more bullets is to take someone out. You do have the option of melee fighting someone, of course, which will probably happen a lot when two players engaged in battle use up their only bullet. 

This will be a great place to check out and use the new scorestreak available in Season 4, known as the Hand Cannon gun. This new scorestreak has players grabbing the very powerful revolver that has only eight bullets to its name but the ability to eliminate players with a single shot. 

It also deals some serious damage to enemy vehicle scorestreaks, so it will be a solid defense against other players and their scorestreaks. It will be a really interesting addition to the few weapon scorestreaks currently available in the game. 

Beyond that, there is one more game mode scheduled to arrive later on in the season. We are honestly surprised that it took this long to release, and that is the Capture the Flag game mode. One of the original objective-based multiplayer shooter game modes, CTF is finally making its Cold War debut. 

The experience is fairly simple: your team has a flag at your base while the other team also has a flag of their own. Your goal is to defend your base flag while capturing the enemy and returning it to your base to score a point. 

However, the catch is that you are unable to capture an enemy flag at your base if your flag is not present there. This could lead to a situation where you are standing there in your base with the enemy flag while the opposing team has your flag in their base. No one can score until the flag is taken back. 

Capture the Flag will arrive later on in the season, like around the midseason Reloaded update. It will be available in its featured playlist for many of the six on six maps in the game, likely including some new ones. 

All of the Zombies Content Coming This Season

Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War has a pretty big focus on Zombies, with a good amount of content coming to it in the future. Unfortunately, not a lot of it is coming at the launch, though. What is coming at launch, however, is mainly focused on the Outbreak side. 

For Outbreak fans, there will be a brand new region for you to check out deep in the Ural Mountains, where the zombie horde has overtaken a zoo. This is where you will find the bulk of the new Zombies content at the start of the fourth season.

There, you will be able to complete the new Dark Aether story content, objectives, and World Events. You will have the new main quest in Outbreak for the storyline known as Operation Excision that will be there to tease players as a prologue for the next main Zombies map. 

That main map has already been announced and is known as Mauer der Toten. Set in East Berlin, this city has been overrun by the undead and will be only the third round-based Zombies map to date. But it will not be released until next month, likely with the midseason update. Stay tuned for more details about that soon. 


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