Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Is Here: Yamantau, Diesel, More

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 21st 2021

It is time for the new season of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. This is only the third season for the game thus far, but joining the other two brings a ton of content. As such, we have our Black Ops Cold War Season 3 patch notes to let you know everything you need to know about it. 

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Start Date and Time

Kicking off the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 patch notes is when you will be able to play the new season. At the time of writing this, the new season is not out yet, but we know the full details surrounding what will be included in the massive new update. 

The new season will begin later today, Wednesday, April 21, at 9 p.m. PT so it will be later tonight before most players can check it out. Unfortunately, this does mean that it will be Thursday, April 22, for much of the world when the new season drops with its content. 

There will always be a new battle pass this season, with free and paid content available through the 100 tiers for both Cold War and its battle royale companion Warzone. Right at tier zero for players who purchase the paid version, you can get the new Wraith Perseus operator. 

Once again, we are getting a more villainous main skin for the new season focused around the Perseus organization at the heart of the Cold War storyline. She is a pretty great skin and arguably the best of the three villain operators we’ve had to date. 

Through the paid battle pass, players will also get various new weapon blueprints, other operator skins, vehicle skins, and much more throughout the 100 tiers of content. Furthermore, six new weapons are coming this season. 

Two of these weapons are unlocked through the battle pass. The other four have unique challenges for them. The first of these is the PPSh-41, a very familiar SMG weapon to veteran players unlocked in the battle pass for Season 3. 

The other weapon that is unlocked through the battle pass is the new sniper rifle known as the Swiss K31. This comes just after the release of another sniper rifle in Season 2, so snipers are getting a lot of love this season. The other four weapons are unlocked through various event challenges. 

Some of them will release later in the season, but all will release at some point in few months. There is the ballistic knife at launch, the CARV.2 tactical rifle, AMP63 machine pistol, and baseball bat that will come later on in the season. 

Four New Multiplayer Maps

It wouldn’t be a new season and Black Ops Cold War Season 3 patch notes without some new multiplayer maps for players to check out. There are a total of four new maps that are coming this season. As we saw in the last two seasons, some will come at launch, but others will come later. 

The first of these is the new Yamantau multiplayer map. This is a brand new location set in the USSR’s frozen mountaintops, with six-on-six gameplay matches used here. This will offer a new snowy area that will complement the popular Crossroads map that we already have. 

It will be available at the launch of the new season alongside another brand new map known as Diesel. Diesel is a unique location, taking place in the hot desert of New Mexico near a gas station. Diesel is also built for six-on-six matches, but it has something unique about it. 

Both Yamantau and Diesel are meant to be smaller maps built for fast-paced gameplay, but Diesel, in particular, is small enough that it is actually going to be a Gunfight and Face Off map well. Those of you who love the two on two and three on three game modes will also see this map there. 

As such, we wouldn’t be surprised if either Yamantau or Diesel (probably the former, depending on how good it is) joined the League Play and potentially even the Call of Duty League maps in the future. But that honor may go to something even more popular. 

The third map that will be released this season, but later on, is none other than the beloved Standoff map. Standoff is one of the most popular multiplayer maps to ever come out of Black Ops 2. The players who have been asking for it will finally see it released this season for Cold War. 

The fourth and final map is known as Duga. It is going to be one of the huge multi-team maps. This is for the Fireteam game modes, but it will be coming out later in the season. In the meantime, Outbreak Zombies fans will be able to check it out first in that mode. 

Sticks and Stones and New Gameplay Additions

Speaking of modes, there is only one new game mode that we know of at this time in the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 patch notes. That is pretty slim compared to other seasons thus far, but there is a chance that more modes will come as the season continues onward. 

With the addition of the ballistic knife at the start of the season, it should come as no surprise to veteran players that the new game mode is the beloved Sticks and Stones mode. It just saw its debut in Call of Duty Mobile, so this release is not too surprising. 

The general premise is simple: your loadout is restricted to melee and ranged physical weapons, like the various assortment of melee weapons and the crossbow. Players can show off their tomahawk skills here and go for the assassination in this fan-favorite party mode. 

However, with the release of Sticks and Stones, this does mean that, unfortunately, the long reign of Prop Hunt will come to an end. Fortunately, it won’t be for too long as Prop Hunt will return later this season with the addition of Yamantau and Diesel to its map selection.

On the gameplay side, there is a new scorestreak this season with the Strafe Run ability. This one is great since it is one of the few defensive scorestreaks to date in Cold War. It provides ground cover and anti-aircraft fire from a pair of jets, great for protecting teams that are holding or capturing a point currently. It takes 5000 points to use it, which is quite a lot. 

For the multi-team and Outbreak modes, a new vehicle will be joining the roster on the massive maps with the cargo truck. This new truck is bulky and huge, carrying your full squad while protecting you with a mounted turret that one of the players can control while riding along. 

On the competitive side, there are some minor changes to League Play that will probably affect the CDL. Combat Record tracking support has been added there, but there are some restrictions on the thermal optics that were pretty popular in the mode as they are gone now. 

What’s New in Zombies

There is plenty to love for Zombies fans in the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 patch notes, too. As mentioned already, the Dark Aether storyline will continue this season with the addition of the Duga region. This new area will be available in the Outbreak game mode first at launch. 

Duga is a versatile region that is complete with a huge Soviet radar array tower that you can climb while fighting off the undead. It has a zipline that can be used to escape quickly, or you have the option to glide your way out of there with the parachute. 

How the story will continue, there is through the new in-game intel that you will pick up in Outbreak. They will set up the events of the main quest that will come later this season. It will tease the next part of the narrative that has to do with the next Zombies map.

We know that some players prefer the traditional feel of the round-based Zombies maps like Die Maschine and Firebase Z, and, thankfully, another one is in development, but it won’t be releasing at this time. No word was given on it, so we don’t expect it until next season at the earliest. 

For Zombies fans this season, there is a new Toxic Growth field upgrade available. It creates a patch of wild growth that will slow down and deal some toxic damage to enemies that pass through it. This is a great way to buy your team sometime in those crucial moments in the match. 

Onslaught will now be updated for PlayStation players to allow for the new Yamantau map. More is coming later in Season 3. Furthermore, all Zombies players will benefit from the increased experience and match bonus XP available across all modes. You will also get 20 new season challenges to get more experience and an exclusive calling card. 

Weapon Balancing Changes

Finally, there are some huge weapon balancing changes in the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 patch notes. The weapon meta in Cold War has been messy at times and constantly changing, and it looks like this will continue even into the third season of content. 

It starts with the light machine gun class that has some major adjustments and nerfs this season. For the alpha LMG, the max damage reduced from 42 to 38, the max damage range is considerably lower, and there is a slight increase to vertical recoil. 

The aiming down the sights speed is slower now, too, and a couple of the attachments adjusted. For the RPD LMG, the opposite has happened because it now has more damage but less damage range, less ammo, and some attachment changes. 

For the M60 LMG, the max damage range considerably dropped, the ADS speed is a bit slower, and a couple of the attachments for this weapon adjusted. Like the LMG class, there are some huge changes for the shotgun weapon category as well. 

The Streetsweeper is incapable of one-shotting now. It has decreased damage, less mid-range damage, and more. The Hauer 77, meanwhile, has a slightly better range and some attachment changes. The bravo shotgun has its damage reduced, but the mid-range and overall damage range are better. 

On the assault rifles, there are some mixed changes for the FFAR 1 and Krig 6. Some parts increase the value of the weapons, like more headshot damage for the Krig, but reduce overall damage for the Krig 6. When it comes to the tactical rifle Charlie, it has some mixed changes, too, boosting some parts like damage but reducing others like the damage range. 

Finally, the sprint speed of all SMGs reduced, making pistols the fastest base weapons to sprint with. However, certain attachments can make sprinting with SMGs the same speed once more as the pistol class. 

That is only a taste of what’s to come in the new Black Ops Cold War Season 3 patch notes. There is so much more beyond just these major changes and additions, like bug fixes, other minor adjustments, and more. If you are interested in seeing everything in this update, be sure to check it out here at the official blog post. 


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