Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend Begins

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 23rd 2021

The long-awaited launch of Season 3 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is finally here. With this release, players are now able to check out the new content and battle pass for the third season. To help with this launch, Treyarch has revealed a Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend.

First Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend Announced

This Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend comes literally a week after the release of the last double experience weekend that was there to say goodbye to the previous second season. Now that the new season is here, it is time for another one to happen to say hello to this new content.

The Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend is going to begin today, Friday, April 23, and will go through April 26 at 10 am PT. That means that players have a fair bit of time to enjoy the double experience weekend, as it will last for around three days in total.

By the time that you are reading this, the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend will have already begun, so you can jump into the game and take full advantage of the extra experience. Better yet, this is a double double experience weekend with two different types offered.

Players will be able to, first, get double the normal XP in the game for your standard account level. It is a new season this time around, so that means that your prestige level has reset. It will continue from where you last left off but you will be back to square, or level, one in this case.

Two Types of Double Experience Is Available This Weekend

Since that is the case, it is time to start charging ahead towards the new prestige levels, keys, and more that are available in this latest season. The double experience for levels is great as it will ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck this weekend.

The second part of the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend is that you will also be able to get double the weapon experience this weekend, too. This is especially notable for the fact that the new season contains several new weapons for players to collect.

There are six new weapons in total that are coming this season, half of which are already in the game at the launch of Season 3. If you are someone who has already maxed out all of the pre-existing weapons in Cold War, this is a great chance to maximize your leveling of the new weapons.

It also works well for those players looking to try out a different weapon or two this season and level it up quickly. It is worth noting that this Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend also applies to Call of Duty Warzone, so battle royale players there can enjoy all of this at the same time.

Tips for Taking Advantage of This Weekend

Overall, this is wonderful news for players as the launch of Season 3 can be an overwhelming one with all of the new content. There is so much to grind for, in terms of the new prestige levels, and the new weapons that are available this season.

With so much going on, it can be difficult to figure out where to pinpoint your grind focus and level that up. With this double XP weekend, you can know that you are quickly progressing through anything that you participate in.

Overall, though, there are some tips that we have for what you should do this weekend to get the most out of your double XP opportunities. For starters, there are the new maps that are here this season. In general, I always recommend that players take advantage of double XP by playing what they love and/or are best at.

So, if you are great at Domination, stick to that and you will get good scores, leading to even higher XP gains. But if you are unsure of what to do or don’t care, it is always great to check out the new maps and modes in this season, like the Yamantau and Diesel multiplayer maps.

Zombies Is Great for Grinding This Weekend

If you are a Zombies fan, the experience for that mode has been boosted overall this season and players can take full advantage of the double XP weekend there as well. There is a huge new Outbreak map known as Duga and it is available only in that mode at this time.

This would be a great time to gather some friends and check out the Duga map alongside them and the doubled experience in Zombies, too. Then there are the weapons. Even if you have maxed out everything in Cold War in the past, there are new weapons for you to check out this season.

There are two new weapons that are available through the battle pass this season, free to everyone without having to purchase the paid version. They are partway through the pass, though, so you might not unlock both of them before the end of the weekend, especially since battle pass XP isn’t included in this double XP event.

But if you are able to unlock them or the new ballistic knife this season before the weekend is up, be sure to equip them in your loadout and then use them in matches so that they can level up extremely quickly in the limited time Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Double XP Weekend. After all, it is only sticking around until 10 am PT on Monday, April 26.


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