Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Release Date Delayed

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 4th 2020

Activision has revealed that there is now officially a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 1 delay. This surprising delay comes suddenly as we are less than a week away from the release of when it was initially going to happen, but that is pushed back now. 

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Delay Revealed

The Black Ops Cold War Season 1 delay means that players will now have to wait a little longer to enjoy the first season of content for the 2020 Call of Duty game. This is unfortunate since the community was looking forward to it, but fortunately, the wait is not going to be too long.

The Black Ops Cold War Season 1 delay moves the release date back from Thursday, Dec. 10 to Wednesday, Dec. 16. That is almost a week delay, which isn’t too bad since we will have the new content release this month and this year, rather than next month and year.

To help ease the troubles for fans since we weren’t getting the new season when we thought we would, Treyarch was great about revealing some of the content we will get when the first season drops after this short Black Ops Cold War Season 1 delay. 

Season 1 is touted as the single largest free content drop in Black Ops history, which is, arguably, not too hard to beat as much of the sub-series has had paid content as part of its post-release plans. This even includes a lot of free content for those of you who like Call of Duty Warzone.

Warzone and Gunfight Content Announced

If you are a fan of that game, you will be happy to know that this first interconnected season with Black Ops Cold War will mean that you will get a new Warzone map and mode at launch to enjoy. This will likely be tied around Cold War, so we will have to wait and see.

There will also be more than 30 base weapons from the latest Call of Duty game that will make the jump to Warzone along with any blueprint variants. This is the more controversial part as it will be interesting to see how this new arsenal of weapons work in a game built differently. Lastly, there is a new Gulag experience of some kind coming for Warzone. 

On the Black Ops Cold War side of things, many free modes and playlists will drop. Some fan-favorite six on six modes will be reportedly coming to the game with no details shared just yet about what those game modes will be. 

But we do know that Gunfight is coming back from Modern Warfare to join Black Ops for the first time with its classic, highly competitive two versus two game mode. It will launch with four new maps. Players will also be able to check out a massive new map for Fireteam. 

Raid Is Coming Back From Black Ops 2

Only one new multiplayer map has been teased, but we know it is an exciting one, for sure. Raid, the popular map from one of the famous Call of Duty games, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, will be joining the game with its Hollywood Hills complex. 

There will be new weapons added to the game as well. They will all be free to unlock in the game, but you will likely have to complete some challenges or other content to get them. Season challenges will debut in Season 1, along with the official launch of the seasonal prestige system. 

If you are like us and were disappointed with the amount of content in the Zombies mode at launch, you might be happy to know that this could be changing in Season 1. It looks like there will be new Zombies modes of some kind but no mention just yet of new maps, which is the main concern that we and others have had thus far.

The reason behind the short Black Ops Cold War Season 1 delay is to make sure that the team has a few more days to finalize everything and prepare for the biggest Season 1 launch week the series has ever seen. Fortunately, Treyarch isn’t leaving us in the dust to wait for this new content.

Double XP and Freebies Are Here to Make Up for the Delay

In the meantime, there is going to be more double XP to enjoy in the game starting next weekend on Saturday, Dec. 12, at 10 a.m. PT. This will last until the launch of the first season on Dec. 16. The double experience will include weapon XP and normal account XP to get you ready. 

Furthermore, two free bundles will release for all players who own the game currently. But the only way to get them is to log into the game before the new season launches. The timeframe is between Dec. 8 at 10 a.m. PT and 11 p.m. PT on Dec. 15 to get both of them by just showing up online in the game.

The first bundle is the Field Research one and comes with the epic operator skin for Park, an SMG weapon blueprint, a reticle, calling card, and rare weapon charm. The other bundle is the Certified one, and it also comes with an operator, but this time, it is Garcia. 

You also get the rare assault rifle weapon blueprint, reticle, and a weapon charm. There are a few updates between now and the launch of the first season, so we recommend that you prepare for that. The download sizes are currently unknown, but Activision warning us about this tells us that they will likely be substantial enough to be mentioned. 


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