Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Fully Unveiled at The Game Awards 2020

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 11th 2020

Activision has formally unveiled everything you need to know about Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 1 during The Game Awards 2020. The game’s first season is massive, adding more content than we even predicted, from a ton of new game modes to maps to Warzone content and more. 

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Fully Detailed at The Game Awards 2020

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 received its immense, full detailed look at what’s to come at The Game Awards 2020 last night on Thursday, Dec. 10. It was the biggest night of the year for video games. Activision showed up in full force, revealing everything about the new season.

This upcoming season has been touted as the largest free content drop ever in the history of Black Ops. Now that we know what’s coming, we can fully agree that this is insane. It is possibly the biggest possible free single content drop in the history of Call of Duty, at least from its looks.

Players will get an insane amount of content soon as the first season of Cold War drops for it and Warzone next week. It was initially supposed to be out on the day of The Game Awards but recently delayed, so this full unveiling makes perfect sense now.

Instead, players will now have to wait until next Tuesday, Dec. 15, when the season drops at 11 p.m. PT. For most of the rest of the world, that will be Wednesday, Dec. 16, when you will be able to enjoy everything that is going to be offered then. Here’s what’s coming next week to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. 

Everything You Need to Know: New Operators and Weapons

To kick things off, we will have the first battle pass for Black Ops Cold War in Season 1. This first battle pass is all about the Stitch operator trying to get revenge against Russell Adler, one of the main stars of the singleplayer story campaign, for what he did to him. 

The backdrop for this new season means that you will be able to play as Stitch himself in the upcoming season. He is the first new operator who will drop in the season as part of the battle pass. Players who purchase the battle pass will get him for free at tier one immediately for the Warsaw Pact faction in multiplayer.

The former KGB chemical weapons expert also has a legendary operator skin that you can unlock later in the battle pass at the max tier 100. Later down in the season, the second operator will be released: Bulldozer. A US Marine, Bulldozer will be part of NATO and be released in a store bundle. 

Also released in a store bundle later in the season is another NATO operator: Zeyna. This DGSE Mobility and Heavy Weapons specialist will be available for purchase sometime in Season 1. If the three operators aren’t enough, there will be a whopping five new weapons this season. 

The first of these is the new MAC 10 SMG released at the start of Black Ops Cold War Season 1. It will have a fully automatic fire rate with a slight vertical recoil and moderate damage to balance it. You can get it for free through the battle pass at tier 15.

The second weapon at launch is the new Groza assault rifle available at tier 31 in the pass. This fully automatic rifle is a strong contender for the best in class with excellent handling speeds, solid damage, a fast fire rate, and impressive damage range. 

Later on in the season, players will be able to get the Streetsweeper shotgun. It has the fastest fire rate for a shotgun and a larger ammo pool, making it a fully automatic shotgun you don’t want to mess with.  

The fourth weapon is the Sledgehammer melee one introduced later on. This massive hammer will let you smash enemies apart. If that isn’t the melee weapon for you, maybe the Wakizashi sword is. This lightweight sword, along with the shotgun and hammer, will be all three released later in the season.

You’ll be able to unlock them through either their respective free challenges or by purchasing one of the blueprint bundles when it drops in the in-game store. 

Four New Game Modes

All of those new weapons in Black Ops Cold War Season 1 will need some places to use them. You’ll be able to do just that with the four new game modes that are dropping almost all at launch. First up is one that we knew about already, and that is Gunfight 2v2.

The fan-favorite, highly competitive Modern Warfare game mode makes its first Black Ops appearance in Season 1. This newfound Call of Duty staple pits two teams of two against one another on tiny little maps where every team has the same set of randomly chosen equipment.

You have one life per round and either win or lose by both players being defeated or taking the overtime flag when the time runs out. The first team to win six rounds on one of Gunfight’s four new maps will win the entire match. 

Joining it at launch is the Prop Hunt game mode. The beloved and heavily rumored fan favorite makes its long-awaited return. Two teams alternate between the props and the hunters, with the former trying to hide as random objects, like an arcade machine, and the latter trying to hunt them down.

It’s hilarious and chaotic, and it will be there right from the start of the new season of content. It doesn’t mention that this will be a limited-time mode, so it may be a permanent addition since later content we will get to mention being limited time only. 

Later in the season is a brand new game mode called Dropkick, which will be six on six. This new mode seems like a mix of the VIP Escort mode and a mobile Hardpoint situation. Two teams are battling for control of a briefcase. 

While holding the briefcase, the player has only a pistol but is scoring points for their team. You lose respawns while your teammate holds the briefcase, with the item dropped when the carrier dies. The first team to reach 200 points from holding onto the briefcase wins the match. 

Lastly, for the new game modes in Black Ops Cold War Season 1, there are Combined Arms: Hardpoint at launch. This third addition to the Combined Arms family is what you expect but with a twist of more players. Two teams of 12 players each battle for control king-of-the-hill style of a point that moves every so often around the large map. 

Miami will join as the fourth Combined Arms map with an expanded version when Season 1 drops. 

Eight New Multiplayer Maps

Speaking of maps, Miami might be expanding in Season 1, but it isn’t new. But that’s fine, though, as there will be an unbelievable eight new multiplayer maps in Black Ops Cold War Season 1, as revealed at The Game Awards 2020. No matter what game modes you love, there is a new place to explore for you. 

First up is the launch multiplayer map known as The Pines. Teased previously, this brand new map takes place in a New Jersey shopping center. It is a medium map with several levels to it, with lots of interior space. There are side lanes for intense close combat fights and more longer-range spaces in the middle of the mall. 

Also joining The Pines at launch is the return of a favorite Black Ops 2 map: Raid. The legendary map that features a Hollywood Hills complex will come back for more. This classic three-lane design will work well with six on six matches, with an excellent selection of varied spaces to fight across.

Next up at launch is a particular version of Nuketown 84 Holiday edition. The map will light up for the holidays and offer some festive cheer, despite just releasing for the game a couple of weeks ago. For Gunfight fans, there are four maps to choose from at launch. 

First is Game Show, a studio where you can weave around equipment and the stage to find your two opponents and take them down. Next is ICBM, a remote launch bay under a missile with plenty of cover options. Third is the KGB map, the ornate hallway of a KGB building with some cover.

The last Gunfight map is U-Bahn, taking place in the underground tunnels beneath West Berlin. There are parked train cars, pillars, and more that you can use as cover in this underground map. And the final new map is for those of you who like the Fireteam game mode. 

Sanatorium will be the new third Fireteam map and will come later on in the season. In the Ural Plains, where a Soviet Union retreat is located, there are many structures, some hills, and plenty of areas in this larger map meant for up to 40 players. 

New Zombies Content and Items

To help your arsenal out, there are some new items that you can get, like the new HARP scorestreak. This stealth flying aircraft will show you the enemy positions and their directions on the minimap, making it a perfect choice for a match’s endgame moments. 

There is a new vehicle that will come later in the season known as the tactical raft. This fast boat allows for quick movements and transferring players. It has only been announced for the new Sanatorium Fireteam map at this time. 

Zombies players will get two unique game modes in Season 1, starting with Jingle Hells. This launch limited-time holiday mode will turn the Die Maschine map into a winter wasteland. Snowballs will join the new holiday decorations to freeze zombies, dropped presents, and special surprises found inside snowmen.

Later in the season, Zombies players will get their version of Cranked for a limited time. This mode will feature a countdown timer, like its multiplayer variant that is strangely not in Cold War yet, that twists the Zombies formula with a bomb inside your character. Go too long without killing the undead, and you will blow up.

The seasonal prestige system will begin at Season 1, offering challenges and impressive rewards every 50 levels up to 1000 (please play safely and moderately). Your current seasonal level will reset back, but you will keep everything you have unlocked through the initial 55 levels of Cold War.

New Warzone Content

If that isn’t somehow enough, there is still the new Call of Duty Warzone content available in Black Ops Cold War Season 1. Having shared progress with Cold War, a brand new map will debut at launch known as Rebirth Island. 

A remake of the Alcatraz Blackout map, this map is part prison and part facility with dozens of locations to explore around the island. It will have much more intense, close combat than Verdansk and come with smaller player counts to match that. Only trios and quads were mentioned in the announcement. 

Verdansk will be getting a new Gulag experience with a one on one battle in a Nuketown-like facility. The Gulag for Rebirth Island will be different, featuring a chamber with two hallways. Going down one of them will activate a metal detector sound to give your position away, so be careful.

There is a new game mode for battle royale as well known as Resurgence. This mode will feature Rebirth Island, where the Gulag is no longer the respawn method. Instead, you will go back into the game after a countdown runs out so long as a teammate is still alive. 

But to counter this, teams who take someone out will see their other teammates’ locations for a moment, so it is easier to track them down. There is so much more that players can look forward to for Warzone in Season 1, so be sure to check back here closer to launch for our full breakdown of new battle royale content. 


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