Black Ops Cold War RC-XD Removed From League Play in Update

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 15th 2021

The latest update for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is here. Players can enjoy the latest changes for the game that will, hopefully, make everyone’s experiences much better. There is one particular significant change, too, which has to do with the Black Ops Cold War RC-XD scorestreak. 

New Black Ops Cold War Update Drops

The new Cold War update is live right now and allows players to check out everything new in the game. If you are reading this, it is live right now on all platforms, so you can get to downloading and installing it. The update is all about addressing some significant problems in the game. 

Some of these have to do with specific maps in the game, while others have to do with game modes, including the recently released ranked playlist known as League Play. Fortunately, the game mode has only been out for about a week or so. Developer Treyarch is already addressing major issues.

The update is a pretty small one overall, so players should have no issues downloading it and having it installed on their game in a relatively short amount of time compared to past updates. With this update, we now know that the double weapon XP weekend is continuing for a little longer. 

Perhaps as an attempt to make up for some of the issues that have been in the game lately, the double XP will continue through Tuesday, Feb. 16, instead of ending on Monday, Feb. 15, like it was initially going to. Here’s everything that we know about in this new update. 

Cold War RC-XD Has Been Removed From Ranked Play

First and foremost, there is a massive change for the Black Ops Cold War RC-XD scorestreak. This remote-controlled bomb car is one of the most popular scorestreaks in the entire multiplayer game, and for good reason. It has also made a massive splash in the League Play game mode. 

I have been one of the many players who used the Black Ops Cold War RC-XD to make some power plays in the ranked matches. With this scorestreak alone, if used correctly, you could easily take out an entire squad of enemies in one go and possibly turn the tides of the battle. 

I have seen it clear an entire objective or push back an enemy team that has been moving up too much. It can be a valuable asset, so it is understandable that most players likely had it on their scorestreak list. However, that is now changing for the future. 

As of this update, the Black Ops Cold War RC-XD scorestreak is now banned from the League Play game mode. Players who had it equipped will now need to go into their scorestreaks and make sure to change them as you will be down a streak until you have another one added in. It is a tough decision for Treyarch to make and one that will likely be controversial, but it is understandable for a fair experience. 

Friendly Fire Is Fixed and Other Changes

This update is not just focused on the Black Ops Cold War RC-XD, either, as there are other changes, too. One of them has to do with fixing an issue where the League Play button would show up in the Barracks’ combat record when it was not supposed to. 

Another fix is for the problem where the non-Master calling cards would display negative values for the player when they definitely shouldn’t be in the Challenges menu. There is a fix for an exploit on those of you who are fans of the recently released Express multiplayer map. 

Players will no longer capture a Hardpoint location outside of the actual Hardpoint zone on this map. Furthermore, another significant change has happened to the League Play mode that I am, personally, pleased to arrive. 

The other significant change for League Play is that friendly fire has mostly been fixed and adjusted here. Unfortunately, friendly fire is still around in the game, but it is being changed so that it, hopefully, won’t allow for griefers as there could be in the past. 

For one, I experienced two matches where there were trolls on my team who would kill their teammates and force us not even to have a chance at competing against the enemy team. Hopefully, this will no longer happen with this friendly fire change. 

With this update, friendly fire will now convert to ricochet damage after the second team kill that a player does. This means that the attacking team traitor will then have the damage they are inflicting returned to them from the third kill onward, instead of damaging their teammates. Players will furthermore be kicked after two additional attempts at killing their teammates. 

There are some new menu items like the new results processing display, improved visuals on the ladder results, a fix for incorrect details displayed from the previous League event, and a fix for where players could not scroll up and down in their ladder. 

In addition to those changes, there are some changes for the Zombies game mode as well. There is a fix for the issue where a player could be teleported out of the map when other players have interacted with the teleported in the village area on the recently released Firebase Z map

And the exploit used to allow the player to stand on the crafting table has been removed. There is also a fix for where the upgrade icon would be grayed out when the player had enough to upgrade. There is now a seasons icon in the Firebase Z challenges for players to check out. 


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