Black Ops Cold War Ranked Mode Teased to Return

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 9th 2020

As we are still a month or so away from the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, more and more information is coming out about the title. The latest bit of news is not confirmed just yet but seems to be a tease that there will be a Black Ops Cold War ranked mode of some kind.

Black Ops Cold War Ranked Mode Teased

Usually, in a video game like this one that is focused so much on online multiplayer, the question of whether or not there would be a ranked game mode would be pointless. Unfortunately, though, the last game in the Call of Duty franchise has made that not be a guarantee anymore.

As such, it is welcome to know that there is the chance that there will be a Black Ops Cold War ranked mode when the game launches or soon after that. The tease this time around comes from a Treyarch employee who hinted at the return of the fan-favorite game mode soon.

That employee is none other than David Vonderhaar, the design director at Treyarch, the main developer behind the upcoming Black Ops title’s multiplayer segment. The team had also worked on every Black Ops game to date, which makes this hint even more substantial.

Vonderhaar appeared as a guest recently on a livestream with the popular content creator Goldglove. During the stream focused on several guests appearing, Vonderhaar was but one of the several that showed up. During their segment together, the design director hinted at a ranked mode.

Ranked Mode Basically Confirmed at This Point

The Black Ops Cold War ranked mode was brought up while the Treyarch employee was on the stream and a clip was then shared on Twitter by CDL Intel. In the clip, Goldglove brings up the ranked mode and asks whether we will get it in the next game.

Vonderhaar replies with a cryptic answer that doesn’t give anything definitive at this time but certainly paves the way for what we expect to be a yes in the future. The design director fired back at Goldglove with a question of his own about the possibility of a ranked mode.

He asked if the content creator knows of any Black Ops game that didn’t have a “hardcore competitive agenda” and then proceeded to answer the question for him. He can’t think of an entry that didn’t, which is true since the past four main Black Ops games have all had ranked mode.

Furthermore, he concluded his thoughts on the subject. He noted that there is the answer he was looking for in the initial question without telling him anything. Basically, he was confirming the Black Ops Cold War ranked mode without actually confirming it.

Modern Warfare Didn’t Have Ranked Play

This is likely just a technicality case since the PR or marketing side might not be ready to talk about something like that, so Vonderhaar couldn’t actually come out and directly say it, but given his position, he can tease something like that for the community.

While we aren’t going to go right out and say that there will be a Black Ops Cold War ranked mode for sure now because of his answer, we can expect it at this point. It would be an unsurprising but still welcome addition to the growing multiplayer suite.

After all, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019 did bother many community players by omitting a ranked game mode for whatever reason. Though the game had an official esports league in the Call of Duty League, there was no actual ranked mode of any kind.

Sure, there were other forms of progression and systems that allowed players to keep playing repeatedly, but the lack of a ranked mode bothered many and was contrary to many Call of Duty games in the past, including all of the past Black Ops titles.

Ranked Mode Is Important to a Competitive Multiplayer Game

The ranked mode is so important to the livelihood of an online competitive multiplayer game like Black Ops Cold War since it provides options for those who wish to test their skill truly. When you are just hanging out in casual play, there is the chance you will match with people who aren’t around your skill level.

You could be a newer player and matched with someone who has been playing for months and is max ranked, and vice versa. It is great for those who want to switch things up and see what it is like to play with random people online, but it isn’t good in the long term.

Without a ranked mode, that is all that you can do. In ranked play, you will match up with those around the same rank as you. You climb through the various ranks as you do better and fall when you are performing worse.

No matter what, there is more challenge, which is integral to a strong multiplayer suite. It is worth noting that the teased Black Ops Cold War ranked mode isn’t present in the current beta on PS4.

At the time of writing this, the beta began yesterday in early access for PS4 players only. There are some new game modes and maps that you can check out, but no ranked play is offered or even seen in the menus. However, that makes sense for a beta. We fully expect there to be a ranked mode at launch or soon after that. Stay tuned for the official announcement in the future.


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