Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt Reportedly Leaks for Season 1

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 10th 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is getting ready for its very first season of content that will also coincide with its full joining with Call of Duty Warzone battle royale. While we will have to wait a few more days to find out about it, it looks like Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt might be part of the season.

Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt Reportedly Leaks

That’s right, the fan favorite and beloved Prop Hunt game mode could be coming to Black Ops Cold War with the release of Season 1. It isn’t guaranteed at this time but it does look like this will be the case, at least according to a recent rumor that is being shared.

The supposed leak came about because of the Twitter leaker account Modern Warzone. We have covered this account several times in the past and they have been usually right about the leaks that they post about. That said, this is a strange rumor that isn’t necessarily a leak at all.

The Modern Warzone account simply came out and tweeted in breaking news fashion that the beloved Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt game mode is coming out with the launch of Season 1 in the game. They noted that it is “100% coming” with some very confident words.

It is strange, too, given that Modern Warzone didn’t give its source or at least mention that they found it in the backend of the game. The whole situation is weird, to say the least, as leaks like this at least usually have some evidence to back it up or mention how they found this out.

Prop Hunt Would Be Welcome in Cold War

But given the track record of the Modern Warzone Twitter account, it is possible that they are right on track nonetheless. If so, this would be a really happy moment as the Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt mode would probably be one of the most popular in the entire game to date.

With the exception of the brand new game modes that it launched with, Cold War has been pretty standard when it comes to the returning modes. You have the basics like Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Domination, and the like but little else beyond that.

The only real surprising return was Assault but, other than that, it is all up to the new game modes, most of which are pretty great so it isn’t that much of an issue. But for those players who like the older game modes, it could be somewhat disappointing so the addition of Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt is very welcome indeed.

What Prop Hunt Is All About

If you have never checked out this fan favorite party game mode, it is all about picking a random object in the match like a bottle or box or something and then selecting it to transform into it. You then have to hide as that object in a good enough way to avoid being found by the opposing team.

The other team are the hunters who must then look around the map for the objects, chase them down, and then take them out to win the match while the props team must stay alive long enough for the time to run out. It is an elaborate and very fun game of hide and seek in a Call of Duty style.

There is good reason why the Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt would be so popular as it is a great mode on its own for solo players but it is especially fun with friends and it will likely do quite well for streamers and content creators on Twitch, YouTube, and the like.

The history of Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt is synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise, but it hasn’t been in every game thus far. It only started springing up around Black Ops 3, and it wasn’t even featured in the most recent entry: Black Ops 4 for some odd reason.

There Haven’t Been Almost Any Limited Time Modes Thus Far

Fortunately, it looks like Treyarch is quickly remedying this problem by adding it to Black Ops Cold War very early in its lifecycle. However, the question remains of how it will be implemented into the game. For the most part, there haven’t really been any limited time game modes in Cold War.

There have been some limited-time game playlists like Nuketown 24/7 when it was first introduced so that players could play it easily without having to look for that map in matches but it wasn’t an actual game mode. And the other modes to have that sort of focus like VIP Escort was because it is a permanent, new mode.

However, there haven’t been limited time modes like Prop Hunt in the past so it makes us wonder if this will be a permanent addition or will it only stick around for a limited time? The latter is how Modern Warfare handled the fan-favorite mode and Cold War could follow suit.

But given the immense popularity of the mode and how Treyarch generally does things differently than Infinity Ward, there is the chance that it could become a permanent member of the mode roster if enough players in the community regularly play it and want it to stay.

For now, we will have to wait and see as we likely won’t find out more about the Black Ops Cold War Prop Hunt game mode until next week when we get closer to the launch of Season 1 on Wednesday, Dec. 16, so stay tuned.


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