Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle Released: How to Get It for Free

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 20th 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War ensures that players have plenty of reasons to keep coming back to the game repeatedly with a new map and bundle that are on the way soon. The new Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle has been officially announced.

Nuketown Weapon Bundle Announced

This bundle is one of the first bundles to ever release for the latest mainline Call of Duty game since it has only been out for a week now at the time of writing this post. There hasn’t been much released in terms of extra content with such a short time under its belt.

If you were to head to the in-game store right now to pick up some new skins, operators, weapon blueprints, and the like, you would find that there isn’t anything at all available. That is because the game is so new, and there will likely be cosmetic bundles in the future.

But for now, players can look forward to the Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle. In fact, by the time you are reading this post, the new weapon bundle has already been released for the Call of Duty game.

The weapon bundle will come out later today in just a few hours, at the time of writing this, around noon PT. The Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle will contain some special items for players to collect and use in the online matches.

What’s in the Bundle

There are a whopping 10 items in total that you can get through this new weapon bundle that is themed around the Nuketown map that fans of the series will likely know well. These 10 items are mostly cosmetic ones with a single weapon blueprint thrown in there, too.

The Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle contains the Last Stop epic shotgun weapon blueprint that you can get that is a special version of one of the only two shotguns in the game. It is tricked out with some excellent attachments and a unique design.

This Last Stop shotgun has a Paratrooper barrel, six RND Tube magazine, a Milstop Reflex Optic scope, and a Commando Assembly Stock. Overall, these attachments together should make the shotgun have a faster fire rate, a longer range for dealing damage, and more ammo.

Those four attachments are pretty solid in this new weapon blueprint, plus you will be able to have room for one more attachment, if not more, if you have the wildcard for that. There aren’t too many weapon blueprints at this time. These are a great way to trick out your loadout when you are still in the game’s early levels with little to use.

How to Get the Weapon Bundle for Free

But the Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle doesn’t end with the special shotgun blueprint, either. You also get six weapon charms that you can attach to your favorite guns and make them look even better. The six charms you get in this bundle are the Chad, Thad, Vlad, Karen, Sharon, and Bobbi McDaren ones.

You will also get the Test Subjects sticker that you can use to make your weapon look even more unique. And last but not least, you will get the Nuketown Legend emblem and the Omnibus calling card. That is 10 items that you will get in this upcoming weapon bundle.

But the best part is how you get this weapon bundle in the game. You can get this bundle for free if you are a certain player. Any player who has logged into the game since the launch on Friday, Nov. 13 will be able to pick up this bundle for free automatically when it comes out today.

Even if you bought the game after its initial launch, you would still be able to get the bundle for free on all of the various generations and platforms. And if you are reading this but don’t currently have Black Ops Cold War in your possession, you still have time to buy the game and get this bundle for free.

Every player who picks up a copy of the game and logs in between now and Dec. 4 will be able to get the Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle for free. So, if you haven’t received your next-gen console yet or are waiting for some Black Friday deals this season, you should still be able to get these 10 items without spending any extra money.

Bundle Arrives Just Before the Nuketown Map

The new weapon bundle comes at an interesting time, too, for those of us who already have the game since it releases before the actual Nuketown map makes its debut in Black Ops Cold War. That isn’t supposed to happen for a few more days, so this is a nice little teaser for then.

Treyarch already announced that the first post-launch map would come out before the release of season one and be the Nuketown 84 map. This version of the map will take place in 1984 and feature a different style for the fan-favorite, classic Call of Duty map that we haven’t seen before.

We don’t know too much about how it will look, but we know that we won’t have to wait that long to play it. It releases for free for all players on all platforms on Tuesday, Nov. 24.


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