Black Ops Cold War Nuketown 84 Easter Egg Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 23rd 2020

As of right now, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has not yet added a brand new map since its initial launch, but that changes this week with the release of the latest version of the fabled Nuketown map. Even though the map isn’t out yet, a Nuketown 84 Easter egg has already been revealed.

Nuketown 84 Map Visited Early by Player

As noted by IGN, a user in the community recently discovered the Nuketown 84 map that takes place in 1984 and changes up the well-known location with some new sights and sounds. As always, that also means that there are some new Easter eggs and secrets for players to discover.

One such player discovered what’s coming to the Nuketown 84 map, including the newly found Easter egg before it has even released to the general public this week. That is because they encountered a strange bug that allowed them to figure this out early.

The Reddit user posted a YouTube video on the Black Ops Reddit page that went over the glitch they happened to run into. The very lucky player was checking out a custom game in the newly released Black Ops Cold War when they encountered a glitch of some sort.

The glitch allowed the player to glitch into the Nuketown 84 map in the online multiplayer title’s custom games section, even though the fan-favorite map has yet to be released. This allowed them to see the new map before anyone else was able to.

Nuketown 84 Easter Egg Found Through This Glitch

Of course, they didn’t waste this opportunity as they then recorded the gameplay of the new map and then posted it to YouTube for everyone to see. Not only were they the first one to reveal the new map and what it looks like to the community but its Easter egg as well.

The player revealed the Nuketown 84 Easter egg during the one match to explore the new map. The iconic map has had several iterations across the various Black Ops games that it has been in. Several of them have had secrets sprinkled throughout.

It looks like that trend will not stop as there is a Nuketown 84 Easter egg to check out. Of course, this is for a game map that hasn’t even been released yet and will release later this week, so if you are averse to spoilers, this is your chance to turn away now.

If you don’t mind spoilers, then continue onward. It looks like the Nuketown 84 Easter egg is all about changing up the map’s visuals to make it look slightly different for you. As part of the map, there are various mannequins that you can find all around it.

How to Activate the Easter Egg

According to this leaker, there aren’t too many. What you need to do to activate the Nuketown 84 Easter egg is find all of the mannequins and shoot the heads off of them. If you can do that and take out all of their heads, you will unlock a unique look for the map.

The map will then apply a blue 80s-themed filter to the graphics to make it look a lot more funky and exciting than usual. This could be annoying gameplay-wise if you aren’t a fan of the look, but it is rather cool and unique in practice, at least.

It is uncertain if this change will happen for every player in the match when the map releases, but this is likely so, so players should keep that in mind, especially if they aren’t fans of this weird filter. Or, make sure not to let anyone take out the heads on these mannequins.

Keep in mind that this Easter egg is based on one video and what one player has done, so this isn’t fully confirmed as of right now. There is a chance that there is more to this secret than just shooting off the heads, but the user didn’t know that.

When You’ll Be Able to Play Nuketown 1984

Or, it could even be that there will be a change to the map when it releases later this week. Regardless, it is hard to confirm for ourselves as we and others in the community have not been able to replicate what this user could do in the game by accident.

They can’t even replicate it themselves. According to them, they haven’t been able to reproduce it after it happened the one time, so they have been unable to make a tutorial on how to access the map in the custom games section early before it comes out for everyone.

But you will not have to wait long to see the map for yourself and check out the new Easter egg that it has. The Nuketown 1984 version will release on Tuesday, Nov. 24. That is likely less than 24 hours from the time you are reading this.

You are potentially reading this with the map already available. If you want to practice with it before jumping into an online match on Nuketown, you can always do what the user did and play it in the custom games area with bots.

This user could access it because the map was, technically, already added to the game with the most recent update that brought with it some significant changes to guns across the board.


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