Black Ops Cold War New Year’s Double XP Weekend Announced

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 30th 2020

The main developer of the online multiplayer segment of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch, has announced that more double experience is coming to the 2020 game. We have had double XP several times already since launch. Another is coming with the Black Ops Cold War New Year’s double XP weekend. 

Black Ops Cold War Double XP Weekend Announced

Treyarch has been very communicative lately on its official Twitter account about the new updates, playlists, and changes in Black Ops Cold War. Like with the playlists released this week, the developer has already sent out another update, but this time about XP. 

A new double experience weekend will be happening again, and it is starting very soon. Players can look forward to a new Cold War double XP weekend, but this time in celebration of the new year and the holidays about to happen. 

We’ve already had Christmas and other holidays in which double XP was available for a good time, but that doesn’t mean that it is over. Treyarch keeps the goodwill flowing with the Black Ops Cold War New Year’s double XP weekend that will begin later this week. 

As you likely already know, the end of 2020 is (finally) going to happen this week. That is when the Black Ops Cold War New Year’s double XP weekend will begin. Players will be able to enjoy the double experience before 2021 starts and several days into the new year as well. 

Double XP Weekend Schedule

The Black Ops Cold War New Year’s double XP weekend begins on Thursday, Dec. 31, at approximately 10 a.m. PT on New Year’s Eve and will go throughout the next several days into the new year. It will come to a halt on the following Monday, Jan. 4, at 10 a.m. PT. 

That is about four days or so of the Black Ops Cold War New Year’s double XP weekend, which is a fair amount considering that we have had double experience so often recently. In celebration of the new year that is looming ever closer, players will be able to have the double XP in both Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone. 

So, even if you aren’t a huge fan of the latest Call of Duty mainline experience, you can still enjoy the double XP in the battle royale phenomenon called Call of Duty Warzone. Players in that free-to-play game will be able to enjoy it, too, likely because of the shared progression and items between the two titles. 

Everyone will get double XP in those two games during that time. Still, the problem you should keep in mind is that this seems to be only relegated to just the normal general experience you have for your account level and not anything else. 

Double XP Weekend Doesn’t Seem to Include Weapon and Battle Pass XP

The tweet from Treyarch only mentions double XP and doesn’t go into details about the other types of experience like weapon and/or battle pass XP. These are usually mentioned together with the normal level XP, so the failure to mention them tells us that they aren’t likely included. 

This would be unfortunate since you will not be able to level up your battle pass further as quickly as possible, and the same goes for your weapons. Thankfully, you can at least do your average account level to benefit those who haven’t unlocked everything there is to get in the first 55 levels of the game. 

Regardless, this is undoubtedly welcome since we’ve had a lot of double XP lately. It was there to celebrate the end of the launch period before starting the first season of content. It also came in full force during the holidays for around a week, in which players could enjoy it around Christmas time. 

With so many players off from school and/or work right now, it only makes it even better that players can now enjoy some more double XP during this time. Many players will still be away from their normal activities and responsibilities in life. 

Playlists Available During the Double XP Weekend

This is also a great time for players since there are so many new playlists and game modes for players to check out in Season 1. The new playlist update this week has introduced the Snipers Only version of the popular three on three Gunfight game mode, for instance. 

In this version, players can enjoy a take on the fan-favorite mode where all players have one life per round and the same equipment used in each fight but with a twist. The twist is that players only have sniper rifles in the loot pool for each match.

Fans of sniper rifles in Black Ops Cold War can enjoy this, but players who don’t like this mode have many options beyond this one. There are the Raid 24/7 and Nuketown Holiday 24/7 playlists for fans of those maps and the normal Gunfight and Face Off versions. 

Then, the Prop Hunt game mode has been around since the launch of Season 1 and will continue to be here, at least for the duration of this Black Ops Cold War New Year’s double XP weekend. Of course, there are also the regular game modes that have been there since launch if those limited-time engagements aren’t your thing. 


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