Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Free Access Week Announced

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 17th 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been out for a little over a month now. There are millions of players around the world who have picked it up for one of the five different platforms. That said, some players still haven’t played it, and the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer free access period is for them. 

First-Ever Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Free Access Period Announced

That’s right, the first-ever Black Ops Cold War multiplayer free access period has been announced. This allows anyone worldwide to pick up the game for a little bit and check out the online multiplayer side. If you haven’t bought it yet but are interested, this is likely for you. 

The first-ever Black Ops Cold War multiplayer free access period will be available on all platforms, including both the previous generation of consoles and the new one that just launched. PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S owners will enjoy this time at the same time. 

More importantly, this will be a rather lengthy period of free play for the online multiplayer game. Players will have the chance to check it out for a full week. This is much longer than anticipated since this sort of thing typically only happens for a weekend. 

But Activision is exceedingly generous in this Black Ops Cold War multiplayer free access period, giving you a full week to see what the game has to offer in its multiplayer. This is a great way to check it out if you haven’t played the game or since it had its alpha and beta testing before the official launch last month. 

Schedule for the Free Access Period

While the event will last for a full week, it is broken up into two halves that will determine what is available during that time. The Black Ops Cold War multiplayer free access period will last until Dec. 24. 

In this way, it is like a holiday gift from Activision, allowing players to check out the latest Call of Duty game for free for a fair bit of time. With students out of school for holiday vacation and many workers taking some much-needed days off, this is the perfect time to host this free access period.

The first half of the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer free access period is live though Monday, Dec. 21. During this time, there are five main playlists and game modes to enjoy for free, even if you don’t own the game already. 

You will be able to check out Team Deathmatch, Domination, two on two Gunfight, the Nuketown Holiday 24/7 playlist, and the Raid the Mall playlist for free. Team Deathmatch and Domination are no surprises since they are standard game modes, but the other three are interesting. 

What Game Modes Will Be Available

All three game modes and playlists are new ones launched with the first season of content for the game. So, you cannot only jump in and experience the game, but you can check out the latest offerings of new game modes and maps. 

Gunfight comes over from Modern Warfare, while Nuketown Holiday is a special take on the fan-favorite map. The Raid the Mall playlist includes the new Pines mall map and the returning Raid map from Black Ops 2. This is followed up later on next week by the second half of the event. 

The second half of the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer free access period will be Dec. 21-24. During that time, players will be able to check out all stage one modes and playlists, Prop Hunt, Combined Arms Hardpoint, and Fireteam Dirty Bomb.

We take the stage one modes to mean all of the game modes and playlists available at the launch of the game plus the Fireteam mode. You will also check out the new Prop Hunt version in Cold War and the Combined Arms larger take on Hardpoint that are both new this season. 

Double XP Is Also Coming at the Same Time

Overall, this is a substantial selection of game modes that will essentially let you check out everything the game has to offer over the week, minus a couple of things like the other Combined Arms modes, but that is likely about it. 

But the fun at the end of the year in Black Ops Cold War doesn’t end there, as there is double XP for well over a week that will happen to celebrate the holidays. The double experience for weapons, your normal level, and the battle pass will happen simultaneously as the free access period.

So, you will be able to check out the game and enjoy double XP, which the latter is great for veteran players who already own the game. Double XP will start a day earlier on PS4 and PS5 today, Dec. 17 through Dec. 21 for normal experience and weapon XP. 

For the other platforms, it will begin on Dec. 18 and go through Dec. 21. This will be followed by double XP for the battle pass this season from Dec. 22-28 on all platforms. On Christmas through Dec. 28, the double battle pass XP will extend to Call of Duty Warzone on all platforms as well. 


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