Black Ops Cold War MP5 Quickly Nerfed in Patch

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 19th 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been out for not even a full week just yet, and Treyarch already has to nerf one of the weapons in the game. That weapon in question is none other than the overpowered Black Ops Cold War MP5 that has been the topic of many conversations about the game lately.

Treyarch Nerfs the Black Ops Cold War MP5

Since the launch of the game last week, it didn’t take long for players in the community to quickly figure out the best weapon in the entire game. Of course, that weapon is the MP5, which continued the tradition from Modern Warfare of having an overpowered SMG in the game.

But, thankfully, Treyarch did not let the Black Ops Cold War MP5 fiasco continue for too long in the metagame as the weapon has officially been nerfed in the latest patch for the title. It looks like no patch notes were released for this particular update, which is weird.

Instead, Treyarch posted about the changes made in the update on the official Twitter account. This is likely because the patch isn’t necessarily one that you need to download on your particular system of choice, as it just downloads and applies when you log into the game.

The next time you log into the game (if you haven’t already), the title should update when you are trying to reach the home screen for the different game modes available in Black Ops Cold War. It shouldn’t take long at all or be a stress on your storage space and the internet.

Damage Range Significantly Nerfed

It also means that there is likely not much else to this update besides the nerf for the Black Ops Cold War MP5 SMG. In this particular nerf, the weapon has significantly reduced in damage and its range.

The actual damage output that the MP5 has is now 33% less than it was before this update for the base effective damage range. This means that the damage you had before will now be a third less effective at a certain range than at the launch of the new Call of Duty game.

The range of the MP5 has reduced not to be as strong as it was before. This will make it less of the close and mid-range beast that it was before and make it more of the close combat SMG that it was supposed to be like the others in its category.

This is especially important because there were many matches I was in where someone who was pretty far away from me in the more assault rifle or LMG range would take me out. Then I would see on the killcam screen that they had the MP5, which was shocking for what was supposed to be an SMG.

Recoil Also Changed for MP5

It was not only a powerful weapon capable of taking someone out almost instantly, but it could do that at longer ranges than you would expect from a weapon of its class. But the nerfs for the Black Ops Cold War MP5 do not end there as the recoil was changed.

Treyarch gave less detailed info about this change, but we know that the initial recoil for the MP5 has somewhat adjusted. Presumably, it has been adjusted to have more recoil to make it harder to control the weapon, but that hasn’t been announced by the developer yet.

Regardless, this should make the MP5 more in line with its SMG counterparts and less of the overpowered weapon that it was before. It remains to be seen how effective this change is or if it is even too effective to the point where the SMG is no longer worth using.

But what we find funny about this update for the Black Ops Cold War MP5 SMG is that Treyarch itself noted that players can now “get out there and try the other four” SMGs in the category. That is pretty hilarious that the developer knows that no one used SMGs outside of the MP5.

This Quick Change Bodes Well for the Future of Cold War

Since the weapon was the best in the game and the default SMG that you unlocked for your class, there was no reason to. You didn’t have to grind or anything to already have the best weapon in the game available to you where you could stand toe-to-toe with the other players you’ll meet weapon-wise no matter what level they are.

The MP5 is the first major weapon change in Black Ops Cold War since its launch. It proves the style and importance that Treyarch puts on the balance of the game. The MP5 was overpowered in Modern Warfare, but it took a very long time before it was truly adjusted to a balanced point.

Meanwhile, Treyarch ensures that it is balanced and normal now instead of waiting for months down the line. This shows a good move on the developer’s part and gives us hope that if this nerf isn’t enough or other weapons need a nerf later on (which is likely to happen), it will happen sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, there is no fix yet for those players like us who are unable to play the PS5 version without a hard reset of their new console. But that is more in Sony’s ball court for fixing than Treyarch, so stay tuned for more news on that, hopefully, soon.


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