Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Zombies Map Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 15th 2021

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are getting ready for the release of Season 4 later this week, and new details are being shared about what’s to come in the new season. This includes the new round-based Zombies map known as Cold War Mauer der Toten and more. 

Next Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map Revealed

Developer Treyarch tweeted earlier today, noting that the next chapter in the Dark Aether storyline is coming soon. In Season 4, players will experience the release of the Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Zombies map and much more. 

As expected, this confirms that we will see the next main Zombies map release in the next season of content, as was teased in the past. However, with the recent news that it would not be there at the beginning of the season, concerns about when it would release. 

Fortunately, we know that it is coming at some point in Season 4, but just not at the initial launch of the season that is scheduled to happen later this week. That is a bit disappointing, but, thankfully, the wait will not be too long for the new Zombies map that players have been asking for. 

Though we already have Outbreak at this time. It continuously expands with new maps. That game mode is something that not every Zombies player wants. For those looking for a more traditional survival wave-based experience, the Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Zombies map is for you.

Mauer der Toten Zombies Map Release Window

Better yet, Treyarch has announced that the Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Zombies map release window is sometime next month in July. It will come in the middle of the new fourth season, rather than launch with most of the other new content. 

We expect that the new Zombies map will likely release in the Reloaded update for Season 4, which acts as the mid-season update to celebrate the halfway point of the battle pass. These happened in the three past seasons, and we do not expect that to change in the next one. 

Sometime in July, players will be able to check out the new Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Zombies map. Fortunately, Treyarch has shared some minor details about the location and what players can expect from it. Like Firebase Z before it, this will be a brand new map from what we can tell.

It is not a remake of an older map like Die Maschine, but rather, a brand new locale in the 1980s in East Berlin. The next entry in the Dark Aether storyline will feature players visiting the middle of an urban city after the zombie hordes have invaded East Berlin. 

Mauer der Toten Will Take Place In East Berlin

The single screenshot that has been shared from the new Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Zombies map shows the streets of the city lit up with street lights and neon signs. While there is beauty to be found in that, there is also destruction in crashed cars and messy streets. 

Not much else is known about the new map at this time, but we do know that Treyarch is planning to have “plenty of new twists, turns, and terrifying undead threats for players to conquer” when it releases. The more and neon urban environment should be a nice break from the usual places in the middle of nowhere like Die Maschine and many Outbreak maps. 

While the wait for the new Black Ops Cold War Mauer der Toten Zombies map is still a month or so away, some new content is coming this week to tie players over in the meantime. As revealed previously, there is a new Zombies Prologue experience coming to Cold War this week.

The launch of the fourth season will see a new prologue mission that is known as Operation Excision. This will be offered in the Outbreak game mode for Zombies, where you will be able to experience the first narrative teaser for the next round-based map.

Other Zombies Content Coming in Season 4

This should give some nice lore details about what is happening next in the Dark Aether storyline with this new main quest. I know that some players are not huge fans of Outbreak, given its very different style, but it is optional and is not a requirement for playing the new round-based map.

But it is there for those players who enjoy the lore of the Zombies story and want to see what is next for it. After completing Operatsiya Inversiya in Season 3 and taking down the Legion, it is now time for the community to gather together for another mission and complete it. 

If that is not enough, there is even more Zombies content for fans to enjoy in Season 4. Sadly still exclusive to the PS4 and PS5 versions, for the time being, the Onslaught mode will include some updates to add two new maps to the experience. 

Duos will now enjoy the brand new Collateral map that is launching with the start of Season 4. And later down the road, Onslaught will also get the addition of Rush, the popular map from Black Ops 2 when it releases likely around the midway point as well. There will also be a special Onslaught Accelerated game mode and much more to come in this jam-packed fourth season. 


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